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    Hey there, I know it's been long time but I talked to my sister not too long ago and thought maybe I'd peek in here and check in.

    Things in my life are super busy. I'm almost done with my first semester of paramedic school, kids are doing pretty well and well the husband still is on my list. I'm doing well in school, it's a struggle trying to find time to study but it helps working on the road and I have good partners to help me with things that I get stuck on. I finally got accepted into the nursing program here, but I am holding off on that until next January, so I can take a break from school and work as a medic for a little bit first. I do really enjoy my job, I think I would get rather bored just working in a hospital on a regular floor. I can only explain working as in EMS as a sort of drug. You have to think fast, be resourceful and have that epi running when things are not going so well that you almost are still high when it's done and over with. My sound goofy, but that's the only way I can think of it.

    Brooklynne is doing well in kindergarten. She LOVES going to school and comes home singing songs all the time. She is so artsy and I think she will be very involved in plays and such when she gets older. I'm going to take her to Grand Rapids to the Ballet for the Nutcracker. I have been feeling super guilty about all the time I am away with school and work and she would love it. She saw an ad for it on TV and mentioned wanting to go, so I picked up some extra hours last week to pay for it.

    My poor little Brayden is having serious dental issues and has to get crowns and his front teeth fixed from decay on them. Other than that he is doing really well too, growing like a weed.

    My health has been about as good as expected. I'm having issues with my left shoulder, MRI showed nothing, he put a shot in it thinking it's impinged. It helped the pain in my shoulder blade but not my shoulder joint. He mentioned pt, but I told him honestly I wouldn't be able to go because I couldn't afford all the co pays and it would be pointless because I can't take off work and working would just undermine the PT with all the stretchers I have to lift all the time. He actually was very understanding about that and said to call when I need more help with it, so we'll see.

    The weather here is yucky but my daughter is all raring to get out in the snow and play. We were supposed to get a big snow storm but only ended up with a few inches. I can deal with that. I bought new long johns though so I'm prepared!

    Well kids, I just thought I'd peek in and say hi! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, I'll try to come on here soon! 2 more weeks and my first semester is over so I'll have more time to play then:)

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    Good to hear from you. Going to the ballet sounds like fun. Do you have a recording of the Nutcracker? You might want to play it before you go so the music will be somewhat familar to Brooklynne.

    One of my nurse friends told me some folks who work in surgery or the emergency room get addicted to adrenaline. She said it would take her hours to calm down after a shift.

    Give my regards to Jodie. Hope Cody is doing well in school.

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    So glad to hear from you and to see that all is going pretty well with you and the family. They are so cute (the kids) when they are young and go to kindergarten. Now I have youngest grandson almost that age. However he has slight to moderate autism and so he may be dlayed. We will have to see. He is doing much better at speaking now and doesn't shut up (better than the alternative). .

    Hope you had a nice holiday . Getting ready for Santa (-: ??

    Do not really have time to write now but did want to pop in. Miss you and Jodie. Hope to hear from you again soon.

    Hugs and blessings ,


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