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    Hold Tight to Hope

    You are my strong refuge. Let my mouth be filled with Your praise and with Your glory all the day. (Psalm 71:7-8)

    Fear is an emotion we've all encountered. It's wondering what might happen. It's knowing things are out of our hands. It's losing control. It's experiencing the worst. It's having the jitters. It's losing our appetite. Queasiness. Sweating palms. Jangling nerves. Furrowed brow. Trembling hands. Pounding heart. Shortness of breath. Butterflies in the stomach.
    When we worry, anxiety, fretting, and fear overwhelm our hearts and minds, we tend to forget everything else. But God wants us to remember one very important thing---HIM. When fears press in around you, cling to God. Hang onto His promises for you. Hold tight to hope. Trust God with your very life, and your faith will drive out the fears.

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    Love that Psalm verse!

    So thankful that God is with us through everything, in everything, in ourselves - doing his transforming work faithfully.

    It's wonderful having you here, Shirl. Thank you for posting these scriptures and devotions.

    Sometimes I can't think of a response, but the words I read stay with me.

    God's blessings to you and all,
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    A young man came to fix my propane tank, turned out he was a very devoted Christian. Part of his private ministry is sending out devotions daily. He asked if I would like him to send them to me, I said sure I would appreciate that.

    So I get one each morning, they do help me a lot. If they are especially good, I share them with you all.

    I am not doing all this work myself, its him. He is a great young man, and in my opinion he would be a wonderful minister, which I told him.

    I am glad some of you enjoy them, I don't put them all up, it would be too much, so I pick out the ones I think you all will enjoy, and will help you with you walk with the Lord.

    Yes, the words do stay with you, they stay with me too.

    Don't worry about a response if you don't feel up to it. God knows you read them!

    Shalom, Shirl