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    Just noticed that my last post on the old thread was #30 so decided to open a new thread. I hope it's a fresh start to a new day of wellness for us all. That would be the best Christmas/Hanakkah (sp?) present I could imagine.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you both for prayers for my rash. I had planned on ordering the coconut oil caps from PH and just got sidetracked with my car. I am also sick. I think I'll go back to taking the Acyclovir. I think the "whatever" virus is dragging me down, allowing this rash to spread. My zapper no longer works. Yes, it is the Hulda Clark model but she no longer sells them. Someone else takes care of that. He said mine couldn't be fixed. If my ex were here, I'm sure he could fix it. He helped build the electronics on the Space Station and other satellites back in the day. I can't afford $400 for the new Hulda Clark zapper and am skeptical of the other brands. I have a sore throat and headache so figure the virus is still after me.

    Wow, Rose is one well-built kitty. She is probably like Tweety. She is all muscle, which weighs a lot. I'm so proud of her. She walked down to the mailbox with me today and was so good about getting out of the street when cars came by. I even signaled to her to move over more and she did. I swear that cat understands everything I say and all my hand gestures. Sylvester is all hair. He looks like a huge cat but when you pick him up, there's nothing there. I just finished my Christmas shopping for them with the purchase of two lame collars with fake diamonds on them. Her's is pink and his is silver. They need to start out the new year with some bling.

    I knew that Hanukkah had different spellings so I just used the one I could remember :) When I lived in Denver, the big temple was in my neighborhood. They had a HUGE outdoor menorah (sp? again :) and I loved driving home and seeing each new candle lit. One thing I have never understood is why we Christians don't celebrate Jewish traditions since Jesus was a Jew. When my daughter taught in the after-school program, she had the kids learning about all different traditions and they loved it.

    I went to Target because they gave me a $5 coupon if I bought $30 worth of food. Of course, I bought $60 worth. I am having to cut out carbs for real so bought a lot of meat and veggies. I got some frozen shrimp and scallops. I am going to make seafood Alfredo for my Christmas dinner. I'm cutting out breads and pasta but will make an exception.

    Had a problem downloading apps from Amazon for my Kindle Fire so wrote to them I have to call them. The one I ordered from the device itself downloaded fine but not the ones I ordered from my computer. It's always something with these computer and electronic gizmos.

    Thanks again for the rash prayers. Well, not rash prayers but prayers that my rash clears up. Geez, what would a rash prayer be like. On the other hand, maybe I need rash prayers. Where's our wordsmith, Rock, when we need him? In any case, I really appreciate them and am keeping all y'all in my prayers too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Will be leaving to go soon to a 50th anniversary party ( like the one we can't afford most likely0. They have a group playing music and diinner. Not sure how many people will be there but it is in the big Room so it must be pretty big.

    Diane - Why are you guys getting the cocpnut oil caps? I have heard of coconut oil possibly for memory. Did you hear that or are there other reasons to take it too? I have been wondering aboutgetting it too. I know there is just regular coconut oil too. I'm sure the snow is pretty but hope there isnt to much of it for you all. We may have to be driving to DS's in a rain storm, no snow here I'm sure. Enjoy Christmas and your sweet kitties. Don't get to worn our running after Rosie :)!!! Your shrimp and other foods sound great. DH and I can eat a whole bag if we trried of cold cooked shrimp with red sauce ( with some horseradish in it and lemon juice, maybe some worchestsire sauce in the catsup). Great sauce !!

    MIKIE AND FRIEDA so glad to see you guys too. Hope your sore goes away Mikie and Freida gets a little more NRG, etc. I like Target to but it is much farther away than WM for us. So, I have not been there in some time. Hope you figure out about downloading your apps to your Kindle Fire. When DH got his new Samsung he gave me his old one. I need to figure out where and what apps I might want on there besides Face Book and e-mail. I don;t want to have to pay extra for texting !!

    I am trying to type some from my smartphone and I have to go so slow or make a bunch of typos. The letters are so so small for me. I don't type to much on it but am having some problems right now sending e-mails from my real computer so sent out an SOS to our DS who is computer whiz and does that for a living.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and does exactly what they want to do.

    Hope all is well with everyone including Jole, Rock, Pam and whoever else I forgot.


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    Well, I'm not the only one whose fingers are too big to type on my touchscreen phone. On my old one, I could use my fingernails; not the new one; I have to use my finger pads. Only my pinkie fingers are that small for the QWERTY keyboard. So, I'm using the phone pad on the screen like the kids do when they text. I haven't tried typing in the Kindle. I found my new apps. They were in the Cloud in the queue to download. I guess I was trying to download too much at once. I got a piano app and one called the Magic Piano. If I play the melody on the Piano and switch to the Magic Piano, it turns into a game with yellow and green balls which flow down the screen. Each one I touch is a note (green) or a chord (yellow) and plays back the song. Pretty neat. I can pick out a melody by ear and some chords but this is sooooo much fun.

    One of the apps I want is available for iPads. I hope it's available for Android. It's the one where you hold the tablet up to the heavens and it tells you what constellation, or satellite, is where you are pointing the tablet. We found the space station on my friend's iPhone. It works on GPS so even if it's cloudy out, you can "see" the stars.

    The KF screen lights up and is so much better for reading in bed. No more turning the light on and still having to use the Kindle light accessory just to read. I have to figure out how to get my app for transfering my "Vanity Fair" subscription to the KF. I can no longer read the small print in the mag. Half the benefit of the Kindle is being able to enlarge the print. I haven't tried reading outside on a sunny day with the KF. I'll bet it isn't easy. The old Kindle is likely better for that. All my books from the original Kindle which I put in the Cloud are available on the KF.

    I just realized I typed Rose instead of Rosie for your kittie, Diane. Just a typo. Between typos and trying to spell foreign words, Leah, I'm a mess. Good thing spelling, grammar and punctuation don't count here. Speaking of kitties--I finished shopping for the cats' Christmas presents. I put them in a cute snowman bag and will take them down when Jeff is home. Wish I could do something more for Simon. It's only 42 degrees out. I wonder where he sleeps when it's so cold. Jeff has some extra pads with cedar chips in them and none of the cats has fleas and none of them gets flea meds nor wears flea collars. Jeff works in a nature preserve and knows all this kind of stuff. He puts fish in our pond out back and has even put two turtles in there. It's a regular nature preserve out back. We have storks again and their number is increasong. They were almost on the endangered list.

    Family in Atlanta still isn't up to snuff. I'm just plain old sick. Don't know whether it's the Whatever Virus, the fungal infection, or both. I am throwing out my face creams and makeup. They are likely contaminated with the fungus. Good thing that the expensive creams are in capsules and are OK. As it is, so much of my face is infected that I'm not wearing makeup. Yikes!

    Well, Dear Ones, think I'll go get the newspaper. I still enjoy reading a real paper newspaper with my morning coffee. There is an app to put it on the KF. Also, I can read it online but I prefer good old paper. I'm not sure I'm completely ready for the digital world. I have one foot in the future and one in the past when it comes to technology. Spiritually, I try to live in the present.

    Love, Mikie
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    We went to a party at a neighbors last night.Very nice but 7 at night which is hard for me.Lots of young people in a small house so us older folks went out back by a campfire.It was cold out fire or not.Fl.has had a cold snap.I stayed until back pain became to much for me then sis guided me back.She had to hold on because my balance can get really bad at times.Hus came back shortly after.I teased them both that I come in handy for a good excuse to leave early.Another get together tomorrow night then DD with Disney on Wed.A very long week to get through.
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    Yes, it was in the 40's even down this far south yesterday morning. I didn't bring in plants because most of them can tolerate cold as long as it isn't a hard freeze. Glad you got out even if you had to move outside. Yes, seven in the evening isn't my best time to party. Actually, I think my party days are over.

    Do they still have the Christmas parade at Disney on Wed? If they have Mickey's party at night with the parade all lit up, it's worth paying for. St. Agustine is beautiful at Christmas too, all lit up. You can visit the oldest settlement in the U.S., the haunted fort and the fountain of youth. Just don't drink the water from the fountain. It's ground water full of sulfer; smells like rotten egges.

    So, how goes the house? Are y'all taking pics as it goes up. It's so exciting!

    I just went to the store early to pick up last minute things I need. I'll be by myself but usually want to fix something special. This year, it's seafood Alfredo pasta with scallops and shrimp. I bought some frozen garlic bread which I can crisp up in my new little toaster oven. How did I ever manage all these years without a toaster oven?

    I usually watch all the old Christmas movies. Tonight, it's "It's A Wonderful Life." I'll watch one of the versions of "Miracle on 34th Street" and "White Christmas" for sure. I'll also watch the "Shrek Christmas Special." Part of the DVD is a fireplace one can let play if one lives in SW FL and has no fireplace. I may download some apps for the KF and play with them. Is there an Angry Christmas Birds app?

    Sending my best Holiday Wishes to all my Online Family. My wish for us all is good health in the New Year!

    Love, Mikie
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    When I've been home I haven't had a drop of energy to spare for the computer. It's been a mess with sister-in-law has been making everyone's lives miserable, including MIL. We were going to the hospital daily, which wiped me out. Now hubby goes every other day. She was to get out today, but SIL threw a fit and told them she needed more therapy. She simply did not want her home through the Holidays, and yelled I was NOT to have her stay here (would take away her glory of keeping her). She was also upset that the hospital has been in contact with me instead of her, and when they assigned her to a Home Health, she changed that also. What a mess! The sad thing is, MIL's sons sit back and say nothing!

    Sorry to rant, but I'm so upset that MIL has no say, and her mind is much sharper at 98 than my SIL's is!!

    We'll spend our day at the hospital tomorrow (Christmas), and eat with her. Can't wait on that lovely hospital Unfortunately, the trouble maker found out that's what we planned to do, so they're going to be there too. I have no energy left to do anything, and my mind is going 100 mph. Sad thing is I still haven't gotten a gift for her, and hope to go shopping today for a nice soft fleece pants outfit for her to wear at home. She gets cold easily, and the drawstring pants will help with the bathroom.

    I'm sorry I can't post to everyone today, but want you all to know how very special you are to've all saved my sanity more than once, and give so much support with all the problems we share physically, mentally and spiritually. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best in the New Year. Love you all....
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    Merry Christmas, happy holidays or whatever suits your fancy.

    Thinking of you and everyone and going crazy with my stupid computer that doesn't want to send e-mails except on here or FB. Supposedly is is not my computers fault so we will see. Somehow I am thinking this will take some time to fix. I wouldnpt care except both DH and I are e-mailers on different lists and it will put us in a pickle if doesnt get fixed soon.

    Love you all,'

  9. Mikie

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    Happy Holidays to everyone. Jole, you have soooo much on your plate. I'm so sorry you are having to put up with evil SIL on top of everything. Family crises often bring out the worst in some people and it sounds as though this is the case here. You are a kind and loving person and I hope and pray you can get through this with your sanity.

    Leah, I'm so sorry you have the double whammy and are not well. I hope there is sunshine for you today. It was gray and cold here yesterday. I got out to shop, did laundry and dusted my really dusty bedroom. I finally started to feel a bit better but still have the lovely polka dots on my face. Hated to go out in public with them. Told both clerks and the bagger to clean their hands when we were done. I cleaned off the counter where I ran my credit card. Don't want to spread this crud. There must be a connection between how I feel and the rash. Praying you feel better.

    Granni, read your post on the other thread. I'm so sorry you are having this problem. I don't get it. Hope someone can fix it for you. I just got an offer to install Windows 8 for $39.99. I think I'll do it. Just hate to install anything new. Too many chances for something to go awry. I still say we need a patron saint of computers.

    I fixed my pork loin, which I roasted in my little toaster oven, and stuffing for my Christmas Eve dinner. Had planned to fix seafood Alfredo for today but have so much pork left over that I think I'll save the Alfredo for New years. I am watching old Christmas movies and playing with my Kindle. It's soooo much fun. I want to get some new apps. Have a month of Amazon's Prime membership free and used it to borrow a book which I've already read. I can borrow books from our local library so don't know that this is such a big deal. I need to find out what other benefits the membership provides.

    Just went out, at 5:00 a.m., to put out Simon's Christmas breakfast. I put a few kitty treats on top so he would have a Christmas treat. I checked on my Christmas cactus and it is beautiful. The red blooms are opening up and there is white fringe hanging from them as they open. It's absolutely gorgeous. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Simon running over from next door so I came in so he could eat. I think he sleeps as Jeff's but Jeff gets up later than I so he, Simon, not Jeff, eats here first. It's like on a cruise ship with separate seatings :)

    I got a bag of food, two soft mousie toys, and four new collars for Tweety and Sylvester. I wish I could hug and pet Simon but he won't let anyone get close to him. Poor old guy must have suffered a horrible trauma to be so wary of humans, even those who feed him.

    Something good came out of my cold I got when I came home from Atlanta. I had to take Nyquil at night. I think it reset my sleep cycle which had gotten messed up from my head injury when I fell. I'm now sleeping til 5:00 in the morning instead of waking at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. Yea! Silver lining! I, of course, feel a bit better because I'm getting more and better sleep. Now, if I could just get rid of my polka dots on my face.

    The balcony is very quiet with Barb and our other neighbor/friend gone. Also, it's just too cold to sit out. It should warm back up this week. Also, two other Snowbird couples will be down the first week in Jan. Hail, hail, the gang's allmost here. Hope I feel up to getting this condo cleaned and organized so I'll have time to play a bit.

    Well, dear friends/online family, I will leave you with my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy, and Healthy, New Year!

    Love, Mikie
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    Our Christmas cactus is in bloom. Vivid pink flowers. But the other
    two, which bloomed in previous years, are doing nothing. Gordon
    says they've changed their religion and are now Easter cactus.

    We are doing what we do with all holidays. Ignoring same. Gordon is
    cooking something, but I don't know what. Zippy and I had our walk
    It was mid 60s here today; light breeze. Little foot or auto traffic.
    My "local news" today was from Bremerton, WA. And last week it was
    from some town in Nevada with a strange name. Arkada or something.

    Mikie, I had to laugh at "separate seatings" for the cats. Is there a table
    with the Captain and another with Tennille?

    Hope your computer heals up, Granni. Maybe some of that cocoanut
    oil Diana recommends would help.

    Sorry you're feeling punk, Freida. Best to you and Huz and Kitty.

    Jole, did you see the article on the ten worst Xmas songs? Half
    of 'em I never heard of it. But I agree with Feliz Navidad. (Aside)
    Jose Feliciano was a client of one of my law professors.

    Anyhoo some guy posted on that topic about the terrible dysfunctional
    Xmas dinner he'd just come from.

    Did you get all your cooking done, Diane? If you have any leftovers,
    send 'em over. BTW, Al Jolson used to sing a song about Rosie.
    Of course it's on Youtube.


  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So good to hear from you. I knew you would come through with a good joke or pun. I never understood that "Captain" thing with Tenille. He wore an outfit like the rich guy, Thurston Howell III, on "Gilligan's Island." His eyes were weird. They were so black and intense. Always wondered whether he was stoned. But, I digress...Simon was up about 5:00 when I put out his bowl for the first seating. Is your little feral kitty still coming around?

    It was so sweet yesterday. Jeff left a little gift for me from the cats. I've left a gift bag for them both Christmases they've been here. My gift had a beautiful tree ornament and chocolate. I'm like you; I don't celebrate the holidays much. I did go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and came home sick. We think that's how the fungus took hold on my face because we always have fungi and bacteria on our skin. It only causes problems if it gets into an opening on the skin or if we are run down. The virus, which made us all sick, keeps coming and going. It's the gift which keeps on giving.

    Talked to my kids and ex yesterday. I enjoyed the calls from the kids; the ex, not so much. DGS spent the morning playing with his new Wii and the Kindle Fire I sent him. He probably knows more about the KF than I do by now. DSIL said he read that Windows 8 isn't so great (ooh, ooh, a rhyme :) Guess I'll stick with Windows 7. If my laptop were a touchscreen, I think Windows 8 would be good but this is doing OK (knocking on wood here) so why fix what ain't broke.

    I overdid it on Mon. so rested all day yesterday. Ordered "Ted," the unedited (read, dirtier) version from On Demand and it wouldn't play. I talked to some guy in India and he couldn't help me. So, I've had the cable box unplugged on one set all night and will shortly unplug the other. I might as well replace the outlet while I'm at it. If that's all I get done today, it will be OK. I will try to take my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster. Need to check mail too as my new toothbrushes from HSN haven't arrived. The extra brushes made it. Glad the KF made it. I'm getting rid of these toothbrushes and brush heads as soon as my virus and fungus are gone. In the meantime, I clean them with hydrogen peroxide. Hope when I'm done, my On Demand will work again. On Demand is so iffy.

    I had so many Christmases with family when the kids were growing up that I'm now glad to spend them alone in peace and quiet. Only people with our illnesses would understand that. I'm looking forward to a quiet New Year's Eve too. I can usually hear the fireworks at midnight. I just hope this New Year brings all of us health, wealth and happiness.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

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    The edited or unedited version. I don't mind a little dirty humor but this had parts that were filthy and testeless. It's a frat-boy-level movie with no redeeming value whatsoever. Just thought I'd let y'all know.

    Love, Mikie
  13. jole

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    I'm so happy Christmas is over...just didn't get in the spirit this year. Maybe that's because we/kids/grands are getting together for New Year. And the fact that I can no longer go to church, which was always a huge part of the celebration for me.

    Leah, I wish you could have some really, really good days to get out and about. I think about you a lot when I'm curled up in bed with no energy whatsoever. We had the cold weather and blowing snow here the other day, and know how weather affects us. Winters are not good, are they?

    Granni, hope your computer issues have a quick fix. I'd be totally lost without mine. Have to say I've gotten pretty much off facebook. Look maybe once every 2 weeks now. Enough to keep up with family a bit, but don't respond any more. I just don't think FB is safe anymore, but just my opinion.

    Mikie, pork loin sounds good! Glad you had something a bit special, and the energy to fix it :) Good for you with the kitty gifts! We try to always have some little edible treat for our furries on Christmas too. Sorry to hear that fungus is being so stubborn, and know it has to be frustrating.

    I've also heard several times that Windows 8 is not nearly as good as Win 7. My computer wanted to upgrade, but I told it to settle down and work with what it

    Rock, love the plant changing religions! It seems strange to hear you talk of going for walks with Zippy, with it being in the 20s here during the day and down to 2 at night. I'll have to look up the 10 worst Christmas songs. I love carols and that sounds interesting...

    Today is a recouperation day for me. Not sleeping but 2-3 hours at night again, and dragging during the day. So it's between the bed and recliner again today. The Neurontin doesn't seem to be helping my sleep at all, but it's helping with the pain a bit this time.

    Our little ones called and were so excited over their Santa gifts, and the empty plate of cookies! Sure brings back good memories. Hugs to all..

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Soooo good to see you posting. I'm sorry that you weren't in the Spirit for Christmas but I get it; neither was I. I had my family time at Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy New Years with family. I'm sorry you are not sleeping. I was so exhausted after the fall when I wasn't sleeping. I know it's not recommended that one take something like Neurontin or Klonopin with things like Nyquil but I've done it when I've had a cold. This time, it reset my sleep cycle. I wonder whether you could ask doc about it or Zquil for just a couple of nights. When I don't sleep at night, I can sleep all day but it doesn't restore energy. I'm thankful that I'm sleeping better at night. The fungal infections take a long time to clear up but mine is getting better. I just hate not being able to wear makeup. I need it.

    I was stuffed up last night and took just a little bit of Nyquil and slept til 6:30. Poor old Simon must have been waiting because a few minutes later, all the food in his dish was gone. He's probably thinking, "Geez, when is that lady getting up." He's used to my setting out his bowl between 5:00 and 6:00. Hadn't seen either of the other two cats in days but when I was sick, I was inside a lot and it was cold out. When it's cold, they stay in Jeff's lanai or in their little fleece-lined teepees outside. I walked down to the mailbox and Tweety's head popped up from the bushes in front of Jeff's bldg. She followed me home and, after eating cat food, cream and shrimp, she curled up and slept til late last night. Most of her body must be bladder because she's never gone in my condo no matter how long she's in.

    Rock, the info which came with my Christmas Cactus says that the plants need to be in a cool place (60-75 degrees) with difused light where there is no light at night. If a cactus does not bloom, it can be forced by placing it in a closet or pitch dark place for 13-14 hours a day for 7 weeks. After blooming, they need a balanced fertilizer; time release capsules work well. I know, I know--they are more trouble than raising kids.

    Granni, hope you got your computer issues fixed. I've decided to stay with Windows 7, at least, for now. Like most of us, I have a love/hate relationship with my computer.

    Leah, I hope you are better. The days will be getting longer and, eventually, spring will be upon us. Time seems to be moving soooo fast for me. The seasons come and are gone in the blink of an eye. This is my favorite time of year, after Christmas when the Snowbird neighbors arrive. By May, I'm ready to see them go home. It's late summer/early fall which gets to me because it's the end of such hot and humid weather and high A/C bills. It's too hot for the pool or beach. Only saving grace is the beautiful early mornings and evenings and the rain almost every day.

    Pam, hope it's not too cold for you up there. It's darn cool down here this morning. Bet you never thought Florida would be like this. Hope all is going well with the house. It's a great time to go to Disney. Lines aren't as long.

    Barry, hope all is well with you.

    Oh, dear, I have a feeling I've left someone out. Not intentional, just faulty memory. When I'm run down, memory is kaput.

    I have to reorder my sonic toothbrushes from HSN. Post office sent them back as having a bad address. I don't get it because the same day they sent them back, they delivered my extra brushes. Oy! It's always something. I've had a string of large and small problems. Problems always come in groups. It gets old after a while. I'm waiting to hear from electrician to see when he can come out. I went to replace an outlet and didn't like what I saw in the electrical box. A mess of wires just taped together. I'm hoping once it's fixed, it will stop the lines on my TV. If not, I'll have to have the TV fixed or replaced on the extended warranty. The electrician also has to look at the fleurescent fixture on top of my cabinets which glows a sicly pink color. I changed out the fixture and it's still doing it so need a pro.

    OK, kids, gotta get going. Will see y'all here soon.

    Love, Mikie

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I know I left someone out. Sorry, not intentional, just faulty memory. I'm so glad you posted. What fun those kitties are. "My cats" don't like people food except for shrimp so I keep a bag frozen and thaw a few out at a time. I walked down to Jeff's place and tied yarn around the necks of the cats' mousies and other toys. That way, he can play with them without touching them; he's allergic to cats. I brushed Sylvester's stomach while I was there. His long hair gets matter on his undercarriage if not kept brushed. Finally, I put some fresh catnip inside their two little mousies so they could get high. Tweety got some yarn wrapped around herself and was dragging one mousie behind her. Sylvester was chasing it and her.

    Wow! Baking cookies. I just didn't have the energy. Had my usual quiet Christmas, just the way I like it. It's been cool, even down here in SW FL, too cool to sit out on the balcony. Think I'll go out there for a small glass of wine. I worked most of the day clearing out tubs of my Mom's things, mostly collectible plates which I think I'll donate to the church thrift shop. I kept two plates. It's been ten years since Mom died and it's time to clean these things out so others can enjoy them. I don't have room to store them and my kids don't want them.

    Electrician came and could not get my one fleurescent fixture over my cupboards to work. I replaced it when the old one gave out and I had wired it correctly. It was $100 for him to try to fix it and to rewire an outlet that had not been properly installed by the builder. I wouldn't have minded spending the money if he had been able to fix the light but $100 is a bit pricey to change out an outlet. I know he spent time and it was fair but I got very little bang for my buck. Just another is a series of expensive setbacks. Still, I feel blessed and won't stress out over it.

    Diane, so glad you, Kevin and the kitties had such a good time. One of Mom's plates that I kept was the Royal Copenhagen "Cat and Christmas Rose." Happy New Year to you and all our online family.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Now don't laugh, y'all. It's about 50 degrees out and I am freezing. We're not used to that. I'm wearing jammies with a hoodie and neck scarf inside. I have to go out later to find boxes so I can box up Mom's collector plates. I may try to find an antique shop which would be interested in buying them. Otherwise, I'm giving them to the church thrift shop. I think Mom would like that.

    I'm tired today so clearing out stuff and cleaning and organizing is going to go slowly Acturally, when doesn't it go slowly? I have an extra old TV I'd like to get rid of. If I put that stuff down by the dumpster, scavengers will take it. There is a place here that buys old electronics for the parts inside. There is a lot of valuable material inside things. If I can find them, I'll take some stuff there. Either way, it won't go to waste. The richest woman in the world is no longer Queen Elizabeth. It is, or was, a Chinese woman who has these things sent to China on a barge and she breaks them down and sells the valuable components inside. Smart!

    There is a beautiful full moon setting outside this morning. I watched it rise behind the pine tree outside my lanai last night. Being a Cancer, I wanted to howl at it but restrained myself. Simon still hasn't come up for his breakfast. After I slept so long yesterday, he probably thinks the first seating on this cruise has been set for later. Talked to a sweet neighbor yesterday. She works nights so don't see too much of her. She lives next to Jeff and helps take care of Tweety and Sylvester. She's been taking them inside during these cold nights. We were remarking on how big Simon has gotten. No wonder--he's eating two breakfasts. Actually, I think he eats here first and goes to Jeff's later on for another meal. Most cats graze but he probably doesn't have the security of knowing where his next meal may come from. Poor little, or not so little, guy; he's obviously been on his own a long time.

    Ah, here's the post I lost. Found it! I'll delete the one I replaced it with. Yes, Mercury must definitely be retrograde in the Zodiac.

    Love, Mikie

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I am like you and not used and cannot take the cold. It is 50 now but is supposed to go to possibly 60 today we will see. There is no sun and it is drizzling out so it may not get up there. The past few days it was about 40 and that is bad for me. My body just cannot take the cold at all. So, I am happy to stay in the warm house when it is COLD out . It was 26 the night before and low 30's the night before, warmer, 50 or so I think, maybe some lower last night. Hope you are feeling better !

    Diane - Did you read that I was doing my happy dance. The stupid computer is finally sending correctly. I wrote a separate post/thread to let you all know, if you want to know about it. Glad that is finally doing OK. What a headache !!

    Frieda - Hope you are feeling better today and have at least a little bit of NRG. I don;t have much myself and have to push myself up from (usually)the computer to get anything done.

    Rock - where are you my friend? Haven't heard from you in while on either thread.

    Jole - Hope you and family are OK !

    Sorry if I did not name everyone.

    Love to AWL,

    How nice of your neighbor to snow blow your front walk for you. It is so much easier that way. I think we bought one but didnpt get much chance to use it and gave to my parents I think, since we were moving down south with DH's work.

    You made cookies. Oh that sounds really good but I am so lazy and achy I am lucky to get much of anything done. Also, DH is trying to be good and not eat much if any sweets even though he may give in if it is choc. chip.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    After I wrote here, I got hit with that "lie down or fall down" thing we all get. So, I went to my warm bed, turned on the TV and started reading. Well, of course I fell asleep and slept like a log for hours. Finally got up and paid my bills online and called HSN customer service. I had bought two sonic toothbrushes in a pack; I also got extra brush heads. The post office sent them back the same day they delivered my brush heads saying they had the wrong address. Huh! In the meantime, the brushes have gone up in price. They are sending another set at the old price and no S&H. Those guys are great! It was good to get those two things taken care of. I don't feel as though the day was a total loss. I HATE bill paying so it's extra good to have it done.

    It's ugly gray out and we are supposed to get rain tomorrow. We can always use it during the "dry" season. According to the experts, it's going to be a cooler and rainier season this year. Geez, the Snowbirds and tourists come here to get some sun.

    I'll just have to wait to box up Mom's things. The condo is a mess and I'm not up to doing anything about it. Ooh, just heard thunder outside. The rain may be coming today. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nice to see you both and to hear about what has been going on or not.

    Diane - your kittie escapades and gifts sound like so much fun. I'm sure they were a lot of fun to watch when they got them. I was thinking about you when they were talking about the snow storms up east. I know how they can be but it has been such a long time and my body doesn't really like it any more ( the cold weather) and SNOW !! It is very pretty but that's it for me. Wow another scratching posts for those kitties for New Years Eve. They are some lucky kitties for sure.

    Jole - Sorry you were not in the spirit this year but I do understand what you mean. It is nice that the kids and GK can come for New Years . I was semi into the spirit and didnpt put up the tree since no one was coming, and I had been sick and little NRG and all that stuff. Hope you have a wonderful time with everyone on New Years Day.

    We are just going out to dinner with some friends but that is it. None of our kids live that close to us and it would be hard for them and we dont have many ooms for them to stay the night . They also have their own plans and so NYE we usually don't do much, maybe church and watch some of the parade.

    Well, I guess I will sign off for now. It is chilly here today as it has been for a few days and is supposed to be in the 20;s tonight I think but warmer supposedly tomorrow. Maybe we will be lucky and see some SUN. I have sweats on and a turtleneck shirt underneath but the arms are 3/4 sleeved. I am still COLD !!

    Love to everydobby,
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Tweety has learned to Tweet;
    I think that is just so sweet.

    She types with one paw,
    and didn't know I saw;

    Her sitting at my computer seat.

    Love, Mikie