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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Mikie - I am like you and not used and cannot take the cold. It is 50 now but is supposed to go to possibly 60 today we will see. There is no sun and it is drizzling out so it may not get up there. The past few days it was about 40 and that is bad for me. My body just cannot take the cold at all. So, I am happy to stay in the warm house when it is COLD out . It was 26 the night before and low 30's the night before, warmer, 50 or so I think, maybe some lower last night. Hope you are feeling better !

    Diane - Did you read that I was doing my happy dance. The stupid computer is finally sending correctly. I wrote a separate post/thread to let you all know, if you want to know about it. Glad that is finally doing OK. What a headache !!

    Frieda - Hope you are feeling better today and have at least a little bit of NRG. I don;t have much myself and have to push myself up from (usually)the computer to get anything done.

    Rock - where are you my friend? Haven't heard from you in while on either thread.

    Jole - Hope you and family are OK !

    Sorry if I did not name everyone.

    Love to AWL,

    How nice of your neighbor to snow blow your front walk for you. It is so much easier that way. I think we bought one but didnpt get much chance to use it and gave to my parents I think, since we were moving down south with DH's work.

    You made cookies. Oh that sounds really good but I am so lazy and achy I am lucky to get much of anything done. Also, DH is trying to be good and not eat much if any sweets even though he may give in if it is choc. chip.
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    After I wrote here, I got hit with that "lie down or fall down" thing we all get. So, I went to my warm bed, turned on the TV and started reading. Well, of course I fell asleep and slept like a log for hours. Finally got up and paid my bills online and called HSN customer service. I had bought two sonic toothbrushes in a pack; I also got extra brush heads. The post office sent them back the same day they delivered my brush heads saying they had the wrong address. Huh! In the meantime, the brushes have gone up in price. They are sending another set at the old price and no S&H. Those guys are great! It was good to get those two things taken care of. I don't feel as though the day was a total loss. I HATE bill paying so it's extra good to have it done.

    It's ugly gray out and we are supposed to get rain tomorrow. We can always use it during the "dry" season. According to the experts, it's going to be a cooler and rainier season this year. Geez, the Snowbirds and tourists come here to get some sun.

    I'll just have to wait to box up Mom's things. The condo is a mess and I'm not up to doing anything about it. Ooh, just heard thunder outside. The rain may be coming today. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Nice to see you both and to hear about what has been going on or not.

    Diane - your kittie escapades and gifts sound like so much fun. I'm sure they were a lot of fun to watch when they got them. I was thinking about you when they were talking about the snow storms up east. I know how they can be but it has been such a long time and my body doesn't really like it any more ( the cold weather) and SNOW !! It is very pretty but that's it for me. Wow another scratching posts for those kitties for New Years Eve. They are some lucky kitties for sure.

    Jole - Sorry you were not in the spirit this year but I do understand what you mean. It is nice that the kids and GK can come for New Years . I was semi into the spirit and didnpt put up the tree since no one was coming, and I had been sick and little NRG and all that stuff. Hope you have a wonderful time with everyone on New Years Day.

    We are just going out to dinner with some friends but that is it. None of our kids live that close to us and it would be hard for them and we dont have many ooms for them to stay the night . They also have their own plans and so NYE we usually don't do much, maybe church and watch some of the parade.

    Well, I guess I will sign off for now. It is chilly here today as it has been for a few days and is supposed to be in the 20;s tonight I think but warmer supposedly tomorrow. Maybe we will be lucky and see some SUN. I have sweats on and a turtleneck shirt underneath but the arms are 3/4 sleeved. I am still COLD !!

    Love to everydobby,
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    Tweety has learned to Tweet;
    I think that is just so sweet.

    She types with one paw,
    and didn't know I saw;

    Her sitting at my computer seat.

    Love, Mikie
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    We have so much to do today or whatever is on the list. I just finished putting everything in the crock pot for a 3 bean soup. I will let you know how it is. It also called for carrots which I didnpt put in as the carrots I had looked old . I have some canned which I mady hadd later on if I think it is needed. It called for ground turkey, canned tomatoes, black, great northern and kidney beans. The meat was browned first and chopped onions and green pepper and some garlic plus seasonings. I hate having to brown it all first . I am trying to eliminate work and not make more :)!! Actually I probably didn;t have to as there was little fat in the meat. They also say drain before putting in the crock pot. He went to the store to get french bread - mmmm good.

    Will let you know when the soup is done and how it tastes. DH chopped down some small trees and branches before as the squirrel s and other critters were hopping onto our roof and we hope others are not in the crawl space upstairs. DH is home but he said we may skip going out to work out, mostly treadmill for me. That's fine with me but now have to go and fix lunch. Whoops he now changed his mind as says we can go later. However, I have to go and fix lunch. Just some canned soup most likely.

    Diane, do you have any recipes for using ground turkey. I think you said you didn;t particularly like groud turkey but just asking. We are trying to eat more healthy. DH is a big meat eater and it is not an easy task. We also have a bunch of meat in the freezer to use up.

    Sorry gotta go for now. Lunch time and DH needs help :)!! Poor guy that is what happens when you are an only child andhis mother doted on him. However, I love him anyway. I almost lost this so I need to send.

    Also sorry not to mention everyone. Those kitties esp Rosie sound hysterical !!!

    Love to awl,