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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Dec 20, 2012.

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    We have so much to do today or whatever is on the list. I just finished putting everything in the crock pot for a 3 bean soup. I will let you know how it is. It also called for carrots which I didnpt put in as the carrots I had looked old . I have some canned which I mady hadd later on if I think it is needed. It called for ground turkey, canned tomatoes, black, great northern and kidney beans. The meat was browned first and chopped onions and green pepper and some garlic plus seasonings. I hate having to brown it all first . I am trying to eliminate work and not make more :)!! Actually I probably didn;t have to as there was little fat in the meat. They also say drain before putting in the crock pot. He went to the store to get french bread - mmmm good.

    Will let you know when the soup is done and how it tastes. DH chopped down some small trees and branches before as the squirrel s and other critters were hopping onto our roof and we hope others are not in the crawl space upstairs. DH is home but he said we may skip going out to work out, mostly treadmill for me. That's fine with me but now have to go and fix lunch. Whoops he now changed his mind as says we can go later. However, I have to go and fix lunch. Just some canned soup most likely.

    Diane, do you have any recipes for using ground turkey. I think you said you didn;t particularly like groud turkey but just asking. We are trying to eat more healthy. DH is a big meat eater and it is not an easy task. We also have a bunch of meat in the freezer to use up.

    Sorry gotta go for now. Lunch time and DH needs help :)!! Poor guy that is what happens when you are an only child andhis mother doted on him. However, I love him anyway. I almost lost this so I need to send.

    Also sorry not to mention everyone. Those kitties esp Rosie sound hysterical !!!

    Love to awl,