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    This is almost as bad as the closed captioning on TV LOL...

    Retranslations Of Translations For The Holidays
    By Robin Pearce
    (a psychologist with time on his hands)

    Yesterday I visited a translation website and translated some Christmas carols into other languages, then back into English. The results as follows:

    ("Jingle Bells," translated into German, then back to English)
    Jingleglocken, jingleglocken, jingle completely,
    Oh which fun it is to ride into a horse-opened sleigh.

    ("Winter Wonderland," into Spanish, back to English)
    Ring of sleighbells, are you listening?
    In the track the snow is shining.
    A beautiful vista, we are tonight happy,
    Walking in the country of the wonders of the winter.

    ("Frosty the Snowman," into German, back to English)
    Icily Snowman a lucky merry soul
    With one was formed from a key corncob,
    And the nose and two eyes, those from coal.

    ("Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," into Italian, back to English)
    Rudolph the red-nose reindeer has had a nose a lot polishes,
    And if you never saw it, you would even say that she emits light.

    ("Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," into Spanish, back to English)
    You would improve the clock towards the outside,
    You would improve not the shout,
    You would improve not the codfish.
    I is saying to him Papa Noel is coming to the city.

  2. Shannonsparkles

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    Translated literally into English, the title reads, "In the Kingdom of the Winter Snowman." Who knew? :)

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