Holidays: Be extra careful in the parking lots

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  1. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ IT. It's the holiday season and be extra careful in looking around the store parking lots before getting out of your car and when exiting the stores. If you see people you don't like, drive to a different spot, or stay locked in your car and see if they get in a car and drive away.

    If you are coming out of the store and sense someone is following you, make a large U-turn and go back to the store and tell the store right away. If you are unsure or it is night, ask the store if someone would walk you out. Please be extra careful.

    This was the season where several times before I had people try to rob me in parking lots--unsuccessfully. I was dressed in a sweatshirt jacket and jeans--nothing fancy--but some robbers don't care. I scared them and I stuck my finger in my sweatshirt pocket and quickly swung the electric scooter around and deeply yelled "BACK OFF NOW". They thought I had a gun in my pocket and it worked. One man even put his hands up, said "okay, okay, okay" then took off running and screaming (figuring I was going to shoot him).

    I would then drive several miles away to another parking lot where I would feel safe, park and then break down crying so hard because it really scared me so bad. Then I would notify the police.
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    this is a good reminder for all of us. I used to live in a large city and when we moved to a small town it took awhile to relax a bit but now I've really gotten into some bad habits I should be more careful amount.
  3. victoria

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    That was quick thinking! VERY good.

    I had someone stalk me about 3 am coming home from the airport. I'd never have noticed he was pacing me on the expressway if I hadn't had one of those extra wide rearview mirrors. I slowly sped up and slowed down repetitively, by the time I realized it was really true I was in the country where there's nothing. I managed to make him think I was going to take one way where the expressway split, and at the last moment tore off the other way - he wasn't able to follow. (That said, I did have the gun from my glove compartment in my lap at that point (legal to do in GA), just in case).

    It really pays to be aware!

    Also, one year about 2-3 weeks before Christmas, I'd gone to downtown Atlanta and parked in the Art Museum's parking deck for several hours. When I drove my car out to the pay booth to leave, the attendant asked me if I'd noticed my hubcaps missing!

    NO I hadn't - hard to believe but I never look at cars to speak of, not even my own. Apparently I had just missed the guy(s) who'd gotten them, as the attendant said 'the culprit(s)' had just ripped thru the barriers without stopping about 5 minutes before I drove up! The attendant said it happened every year before Christmas!

    At first I was thinking, dangit-! Wish I could've caught them in the act!

    Then I had 2nd thoughts, and the loss of 4 hubcaps seemed like a pretty small thing - what did I think I was going to do anyway?

    Always beware... you never know.

  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    I'm glad you didn't catch the guys with the hubcaps, you could have been shot or killed. Just like me whipping around pretending I had a gun, I could have been shot, stabbed or any number of things. My best answer was to keep scootering and do a U turn back into the store and I realize that now.

    We always think it will never happen to us or our loved ones--WELL IT DOES. And we're in the season now and we need to be extra careful AND THAT INCLUDES BEING EXTRA EXTRA CAREFUL WITH OUR KIDS AS THEY GET TAKEN TOO.

    Take smaller pocketbooks that you can put over your shoulder then sideways over your body. Carry in the pocket book ONLY WHAT IS NECESSARY and no big pile of credit cards.

    And PLEASE don't let your kids go to the Toy Section and you'll meet them there in 20 minutes--NO, NO, NO--that's where the child predators hang out looking for kids they can take and they are VERY SMOOTH and convincing. Don't give them any chances and go with your child to the Toy Section and stay with your child.

    And don't let your child run in the parking lot (that I see so often) because some idiots always speed in the parking lots and the child is so far ahead of the parents--the child could be hit plus anyone could drive up and swipe the child. Parents just don't think.

    Make this a happy and safe holiday season and we can all report we were safe.
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  5. kjade

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    These are very important reminders....especially about letting your kids hang out in the toy section. Every time we go to a store, my kids always want to dart right over there. I never thought about predators possibly hanging around there. It is quite scary out there.
    Parking lots are scary too....I ALWAYS make sure my kids are right with me, and I tell them CONSTANTLY that they are little, and people just can't see them in the parking lot when they are in their cars. And people do drive like maniacs in parking lots!! It makes me so ANGRY!! They will be flying around like they are on a road, and it is so dangerous!

    My DH has always told me that if anyone ever attacks me (a person or an animal) that the first thing I should do is try to poke their eyes out. He says ANYONE will run away or grab at their eyes, which gives you a chance to run. It sounds like it would work, but I really don't think I would be able to do that.
  6. FibroFay

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    Let's hope we all stay safe.

    I'd like to add, especially for those who live alone, for heaven sake don't open your door to strangers. Make sure you know who is outside when you open the door. In this day of home invasions we all need to be careful.


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