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    My husband is in Baghdad as well, but he is returning in a week. I know exactly what you're feeling b/c I've already been there the last few months....

    I hope you'll see this post b/c I'd really like to talk to you about what you're feeling. My husband and I got married one week before he left and planned our wedding in four days! It was a wild ride and needless to say when he left I was totally deflated....

    I know that it's hard for you and you wrote that you need to get through a few more months. I don't know how long he's there for, but know that he'll be home before you know it. Everyone told me that in the beginning and of course I didn't believe them, but now looking back...the time flew by.

    You're lucky like me that you get to talk to him through e-mail. Do you guys get to talk on the phone often? My husband was able to call me rather often and it helped tremendously. I hope that you have the same opportunities.

    As for your friend or roommate who told your mother (?) that you were cheating on your husband, I think that is totally crazy. I know you're 19 and it's hard to see some things and I really don't mean that in any negative way. I'm only 26 myself and I remember my life very well when I was 19. It was insane! And I wasn't married...

    I know you need as much support as possible right now. Let me tell you there is a WONDERFUL group of women out there that supported me. They are the 'New Military Wives and Girlfriends' group at MSN. They ROCK and will be your rock! Try it out and if you need anything, let me know!