Hollow feeling in the limbs and other problems

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    I am 20 years old and I have experienced a wide variety of problems that have stumped my family and my doctors. They tell me everything appears normal but weird and sometimes dangerous problems keep popping up. I'm going to list them so if any one has any idea of what might be happening to me or has any advice it would be much appreciated.

    Four years ago I got very, very sick. I was unable to eat or drink without throwing up for a week and it would have gone on longer if I had not gone to the emergency room. I never dry heaved during the time, there was always something (I believe it was stomach acid?) and I couldn't sleep. Even a tiny ice shaving made me throw up when my family and I were desperate to keep me hydrated. I lost a lot of weight but after spending time in the hospital I got better. The doctors did not know what had happened to me and no one else in my family got sick.

    The very next year, around the same time, I got sick again with something slightly similar but it wasn't as serious. This one lasted for about am month. I could eat and drink regularly but every little bite or even a tiny sip of water would make me throw up a little (and also burp, which was weird). I recovered from that just fine and so far I have not had any lengthy relapses.

    Right after I recovered from that I had an infection (never pinpointed where it was, the doctor simply said I showed the symptoms and we went from there). I had already felt sick and tired for a long time so I was used to it so I wasn't aware there was a problem until my family pointed out I had been sleeping more often than I was awake and I was always tired. After taking my prescribed medication for about a month or so I regained most of my energy and felt well recovered.

    Before all of this I never really got sick. I would maybe get the flu that was going around but other than that and common colds I was very healthy. I often got sick as a baby, but as a kid and teenager I was as healthy as I could possibly be. After everything that has happened I now get sick very often. I catch nearly everything I come into contact with and my nausea randomly returns with a vengeance (though I have gotten very good at controlling it). I fall asleep easily enough but I always feel disoriented, heavy, and overall odd whenever I wake up (I used to sleep very well and I have never felt any of these things when waking up before). I had an internal ear problem that messed with my balance something terrible just last year and right afterwards I got the flu yet again. I have lost count of how many times I have been sick over these last few years.

    Six months ago I went in to see my doctor again because I wasn't having my period. It had been months and still nothing. I was given pills that helped and I am carefully monitoring myself but I passed my date last week so it may have just happened again. I am going in to see my doctor at the end of the month for this as well as everything else again but after so long of no answers I am not really expecting anything solid.

    There is also a recurring sensation in my arms and sometimes my legs. I am not sure how to explain it. The bones in my arms (rarely my legs but it does happen) will feel hollow. I know they are there, they just feel hollow and I suddenly become weak. I had been eating my favorite butterscotch candies and the feeling hit me and suddenly I simply couldn't open the flimsy little wrappers no matter how hard I tried. When my arms are relaxed they simply feel 'hollow' but when I actually tried to use any strength they ached and my arms felt scarily fragile. These little moments don't often last too long, I waited about five minutes before the feeling dissipated and I had my original strength back. These moments happen completely at random and then they go away as though nothing ever happened.

    I am sorry for throwing so much information out at once, and all of this may be completely coincidental and not related to each other at all but no matter how many times I go in I simply can not find an answer and my family is starting to constantly worry about me being on my own. I don't like jumping the gun on anything but no one else in my family has these problems and in such a short time span and now I am starting to worry too. I simply want some answers if not to all of these then to at least one. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.