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    Hi - I just wanted to say that I think that you should wait until you have a therapist to do any dialogs or anything that scares you! You have very good self-awareness to know that's what you need.

    Hooray - your social worker is trying to change your insurance so you will have a therapist! Now we know just what to pray for!

    You've been through so much, physically and emotionally. I hope that you will find some gentle things in life to enjoy for awhile.

    I purposely get a stash of light books from the library along with a few serious ones, and I read when I have emotional pain. It gives me a break from it.

    I really admire your courage, and also your wisdom which is telling you to go very, very slowly, and to wait for a therapist.

    God's strong and tender blessings to you!

    Love, Judy
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    I have been thinking about this a lot and I agree. I just feel that I need someone to "go there with me" . I can't take the journey by myself right now. With the major surgery coming up , I don't think that I can handle preparing for that and opening up my past sexual abuse for the first time without a counselor.

    Thank you so much for caring for me . I'm glad you brought this up because I feel even stronger about waiting now.

    Love, Holly