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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

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    I thought with the holiday gift buying season in full swing, it might be a good idea to start a thread about shopping tips.

    I just heard a tip about shopping at Target. The prices start out with a number ending in 9. Like 7.99. Over time they will drop the prices. If you find something that ends in a 4, that is the lowest the price will ever go, and that's the time to buy it.

    I myself am an online shopper. Haven't set foot in the stores in years during the month of December. So here's a few tips for the online shoppers:

    Amazon is a great place to buy almost anything. If you search around, you can find free "super saver shipping" on items totaling over $25. You can combine several items (with the super save shipping) to reach the $25 if needed. If you are a few dollars short, use this link to find something cheap that will make up the difference:

    I like to put stuff on my shopping list at Amazon, to save it. I check back periodically and wait for it to get cheaper.... then buy it.

    When you shop online, ALWAYS check for coupons. Say, if you are shopping Macy's, Google "macys coupons" or "Macy's promo codes" to find deals on free shipping or a percentage off the total. Some places will let you use several. I bought a bunch of fragrances from Victoria's Secret last Christmas. The items were on sale already, but I was able to combine the sale price with THREE coupons for an incredible deal! They have a lot of cute clothes there too.

    Not everyone will let you use multiple coupons, but most places have coupons available for online shoppers. And they work with sale items. You just type the coupon/promo code in the specified box during checkout.

    Anyone else have any shopping tips to add?
  2. Granniluvsu

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    Hi 4everkid,

    I did want to say that I agree with you totally on shopping on line. So far I have bought most of my things that way and wait until they have clearances. You can check out almost any store that way. I have found many websites by just adding a .com or .org to it and then looking for whatever I am trying to find. Type in clearance under whatever catagory you have chosen (in the search box) to some of the sites and some will have the sales listed. Of course you can also check google for the websites.

    Shopping on line has surely helped me alot and is great when you don't have the energy and time to fight the crowds. I have bought video games, Lego building sets and clothes so far (for my granddaughter).

    Thanks for posting !


  3. TwinMa

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    Go to RetailMeNot.com for great coupon codes.


    Just about any store you can think of has coupons. Amazon, L.L.Bean, Ulta, Kohl's, PapaJohn, Safeway, Williams-Sonoma, Godiva Chocolates, and hundreds more. Some are on-line coupons and some are in store coupons. If you are going to an actual physical store, make sure you aren't printing out an on-line only coupon. They also list the expiration date and the success rate. This is handy information.

    Bed, Bath & Beyond always has tons of 20% off coupons in Sunday newspaper fliers and mailers. Linens 'n Things also has 20% off coupons. Both retailers will take each other's coupons. You can use up to 2 coupons per transaction. However, since LNT is going out of business, I guess this won't continue. Too bad.

    The same deal goes between Michael's and Joann. They take each other's coupons and they both have 40% off one item coupons in Sunday papers. I believe these can be printed from the computer, too.

    Keep a special box, drawer or unique place for coupons. You get a coupon, plop it into the coupon box. Then when you go shopping, just pull out the coupon box.

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