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    i go tomorrow for a MRI and to have a 24 hour holter put on. Has anyone done these 2 tests?? and what did they find?? im pretty wary of the MRI cause of the stuff they shoot you up with. I dont need anything else to make me sicker thats for sure!! has anyone had a problem with this?? thanks
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    the monitor is nothing, just an inconvenience, Like wearing a walkman.

    As far as the MRI, I have had several and I'm not sure they even used a contrast dye. maybe it depends on what part of you is being viewed.
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    Hi Kat,

    I just had the cardiac MRI done last month. I was also afraid of the dye, since I am allergic to CT contrast dye. Just to be on the safe side, they had me take a steroid. I was fine, no reactions. The reason I did this test was because I wore the cardionet event monitor for 2 weeks and it showed one bout of Ventricular Tachycardia. They wanted to make sure that my heart was structurely sound, which it showed as being so.

    They also did a holter monitor last week, and I don't have the results of that thus far. Now, they want to take me off the Lexapro because it may have been a contributing factor to the V. Tach. Withdrawing is not fun. Plus, they have me on a small dose of Atenolol to keep my heart rhythm normal. Grrr. If it isn't one thing, it's another.

    The tests you are having are painless, just a little unconfortable laying on the table for about an hour.

    Good luck to you.

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    Hi Rene,
    you think they would check my heart with the MRI too, bu they were doing that for my lower back & brain to rule out MS, and the holter cause of the bad irregular heart beats & chest pain. wish they would have checked my heart with the MRI now:( i sure dont wanna be put in that tube again!! they did give me the contrast shot, after i grilled the guy who was doing it, he said the stuff they use now is way different than years ago, that one made me sick & made my heart about Jump out of my chest!! he said this one is water based & way safer and is out of your system in 45 min or so. so i let him do it. i told him Look i dont need anything thats gonna make me sicker thani already am!!
    6 months after a hysterectomy i am much sicker with the fibro/ cfids & it also did a number on my heart. cant win for losing :(
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    Hi Kat,

    So sorry I didn't get back to you quicker. I can't stand the way the boards are set up. Grrr. anyway, I specifically had a cardiac MRI because of the fact that when I wore the cardionet monitor for 2 weeks it showed one incident of non sustained ventricular tachycardia. They've scared me to death and wanted to make sure that everything structurally was fine with my heart (it is). Now they have me on a low dose of a beta blocker (atenolol) at only 6.25 mgs and I feel awful on it. To boot, they wanted me to switch back to the zoloft instead of the lexapro.

    I totally understand your frustration! I'm so sure (wish I could prove it) that the heart rythm is directly linked to this stupid fibro/cfs.

    Hang in there. we can't win for losing! Grrrrr.

    Take care, Kat.

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    Hi Rene,
    it's ok i know this new board is giving everyone a fit!!
    havent gotten any blood work or results back yet, but im betting it's gonna be beta blockers for me too, i was on them years ago and like you i felt worse on them, i may have a couple fast heart rates a year, but the rest of the time i think it just is irregular or slow, so thats where i think ill have probs with thebeta blockers, when my heart rate is slow anyway, the med will make it even slower! thats why they took me off them before.
    im just hoping it's not my mitral valve geting worse, thier gonna have a heck of a time getting me back on an operating table after my hysterectomy 6 months ago!! im hoping there will be some med they can give me to help the symptoms, just the waiting is the worse!!
    Have you founf the lexapro works better than Zoloft?? i take xanax for anxiety, but i feel i really need something for depression too, i tried celexa years ago & did ok on that. thanks for all your info{{Hugs}} Kat
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    i saw a specialist in l.a. who did the halter monitor on me. he said that what he's found (and i've read other articles about this) is that there is a certain pattern found with all of his cfs/fm patients. (this is similar to what's being done w/alzheimer's which is also an exclusionary disease. some researcher's have found that alzheimer's patients have the same pattern in their mri's. i know this b/c before i was FINALLY diagnosed i was even checked for alzheimer's lol)

    as for the mri i have had probably 7-8 b/c i have EXTREME head pain that has come w/my fm and every new doc just HAS to prove it's not a tumor. the mri's almost never show anything. i did have one while i was having my horrid pain and it finally showed that their is some problem but that was from the illness that caused my cfs. i've also read that doctor's are using pet and spect scans (again finding a similar pattern). so this is good. maybe soon we will have a test that PROVES we have cfs/fm

    good luck
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    I am assuming the halter monitor is for your heart. It is very simple procedure, they found that my heart rate was 140 and that my heart has aged more than it should have.

    I hope you get a better report.

    Where in your body are they doing the dye?

    I have had it done in a few places that is why I am asking.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

  9. I've been dx'd by numerous neurosurgeons, my PCP, etc with MS, because at the age of 22-23(?) I had an MRI done- believe it or not.... because the disability (SSDI) doctor just mentioned it, out of the blue- saying I did not have Fibro, because "people with fibromyalgia 'jump off the table when that's done' " (he pushed on my shoulders, in the front (??) I said.. uh, u do know that people have different pain thresh holds and, most people with fibromyalgia COULDN'T "JUMP" if they were on fire, right?

    He just asked if I'd ever had a 'head scan' done... I said no, but, I actually had, (a CT, not MRI, no contrast) that I'd forgotten, while in the military, after being hospitalized for a day, with dehydration, & migraine type headaches. I wasn't told anything abnormal back then, (1999)

    To my amazement, my PCP, upon my just mentioning the disability doc asking me that, ordered an MRI, with & without contrast, and..... lo' & behold, the first report found two lesions, and the radiologists report said " due to the patients age, and lesion location, Multiple Sclerosis should be considered"...

    I've had at least* 8 MRI's, of my brain, 4 or more CT scans (pre-surgery scans, mostly, for an excrutiating facial nerve condition, which also aided in me being dx'd with MS, called Trigeminal Neuralgia.. it's "unusual in people under 50, but, *especially in young women, under 30*, normally TN & MS go walking hand in hand" to quote one doctor, and two others said nearly the same thing, word for word...

    I had many other tests done from then on, my last brain MRI tho, was Jan 06' my neuro just said "some minor changes" and did not elaborate, LOL... we just focus on watching symptoms, managing the worst of them, and 99% of my appointments now, are centered only around the trigeminal neuralgia pain, as mine has been very difficult to treat, after 1 surgery went very very wrong, making it worse, & causing two additional procedures to be done, and a LOT of steroids, & pain medication, for the following 2.5 yrs after.

    I had SEVERE heart palpitations for over TWO months, before finally going to my P-Doc, after a despicable 'rheumatologist' put me on EFFEXOR ER, and DOUBLED the dosage, when I complained of : losing 26 lbs in the first 6 wks, tremors, & severe limb jerking, (throwing the remote acrossed the room, etc)... he doubled it twice over 3 months, and, when I 'asked" over the phone (he was 65 miles away) to his nurse, to stop the medication- she literally called me back, and simply told me "he said 'NO"... I was SHOCKED..

    After talking to my mom, she said, you need to tell them 'you don't plan on coming BACK to see him, and he NEEDS to call in the lower dosages for you to wean off safely'..

    I called, told the nurse, "well, YOU need to tell HIM, I'm not ASKING him, I AM TELLING HIM, I want OFF this drug, NOW... still answered me with 'he said no', then when I raised my voice MORE, and told her, "I do not plan on EVER coming back to see him again, SO- HE NEEDS to call in the da**ned prescriptions for me to wean down safely!"

    Even weaning correctly, I had the heart probs for over 2 mos.. my Primary doc, who had referred me there, was P.O.'d! She ordered the first holter monitor then, and found that also, besides skipping beats, & having couplets, etc etc etc, that my 'resting' heart rate, was 126! I was weak, shaky, short of breath, faint, etc... would break into horrible sweats, shaking, and have to lay down, wherever I was, when my heart got up that high- it was almost identical to the way I feel when my blood sugar drops quickly..

    Anyways, I had another one done last yr, and it had 'little' incidents of everything imaginable, lol- I'm not a cardio, but, didn't need to be a genius to figure out, there was way too much stuff on that one- which my primary paid NO attention to... or blamed on smoking/anxiety! I said.... hmm... when you ordered one 5 yrs ago, you didn't mention a THING about EITHER of those two things.

    They never pay attention to the 'journal' you keep with you, either, and both times, I ran out of room (considering you have to right down every single time you sit, lay, walk, use the restroom, eat, consume caffeine, go to sleep, wake up, etc!)

    Anyways, the 'contrast' used in MRI's, is 'gadolinium' , and the stuff they use with some CT scans, is (???) Iodine, or contains some type of Iodine- (whooo man is that stuff creepy!? lol. It is scary when that CT contrast starts hittin... throat goes numb, feels tight for a few seconds, then starts feeling 'warm', all the way down to my.... well, 'down there'... once I even thought I'd peed myself!) My mom, who's had a hysterectomy, and also has fibro (and diabetes, high b/p, cholesterol, etc & diverticulitis, etc) had it done years after I'd told her about my 'first' CT with contrast, and called me and said, "you're right, that stuff IS weird, and told me she too got the weird warmth feeling from it).

    With gadolinium contrast, you shouldn't feel a thing, maybe just 'cold' going up your arm... I'm odd, sometimes, my brain thinks I 'taste' things- I know I could always briefly taste heparin, and majorly taste the big vitamin i.v.'s I used to get (ICK!)

    Whomever asked where in the body- it goes in, I.V., and for MRI's, whether it's your spine, brain, etc... they still just inject it into a vein in your arm, and send ya back into 'the tube' (aka 'the noisy cricket' I call it) and take more pics.

    There's been a lot of debate.... a lot of my friends neuro's, specifically write the order to inject- then WAIT, from 10-20 minutes, before proceeding... the place that does mine- will not even let you up off the table to PEE... they are JERKS about that.. (I tried to use the IBS, just to get up, walk around for a few minutes, to see if it DID make a difference, to give it time)

    It was about equal, though, throughout the MS chatters, from US, Scotland, UK, Australia, etc.... about half & half, some waited, some did not...

    I get that since it is I.V., that it definitely goes through your system quickly, but, don't know how much, reaches the brain, how quick... anyhow.... my neuro doesn't order contrast anymore..

    I've had 2 lumbar, and one C spine MRI also, only the C-spine had contrast- and that was because I had brain AND C-spine done at the same time, 5 yrs ago.

    Best of luck, let us know how they go? Do you have your MRI results yet? (Mine, on average took 3 days, but, my neuro's office is right acrossed the street... but, still, it all just depends on when the radiologist gets around to reading it, typing up his or her report, then sending it to whichever doc ordered it...)

    Take care,