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  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Plz go back and read Vic's last post. V. interesting about life in Mehico. I think the spanish phrase at the end was 'sweet dreams' but she will have to verify.

    How was everyone's weekend?? My Sat not so bad, my Sun worse than usual. Isn't that the way it goes?

    I am thinking that most of us wear pjs when we are home. I like flannel year round. In the winter it is thicker and as it is washed becomes thinner and works well for summer.

    But today is different. There was a note that was stuck to our door saying UPS tried to deliver something that had to be signed for. What? Hubster and I can't think of a thing.

    Ok, so this is my attire when I know someone is coming to the door or the kids are here (rarely). I like a black top and black pants. You can get them in any kind of store and any price range or on sell (my fave). I also wear the yoga type pants or something similar.

    Then I put an apron over it. (I request these at Christmas cause no one knows what to get me.). And that completes my "look". It gives the appearance that I am going to do something, in the middle of something or just finished.

    Buenis dias (Vic) that is for you. I have never had spanish but I have heard that phrase (Good Day, I think)

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  2. bct

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    I seldom get to town, maybe once every two weeks. I live in the country, in the woods, no neighbors but lots of wildlife. I often birdwatch with my field-glasses from the window. The hummingbirds are still with us, but the turkey vultures have migrated south. I was watching little brush rabbits yesterday; hope my cat doesn't get one again, but she's getting too fat and doesn't want to hunt as much (actually, she DOES want to hunt, but her weight makes her less successful.)

    I sit outside in the yard on good weather days, pull a few weeds if I have nrg. I enjoy nature, so I guess I'm lucky not to be stuck in a town. But I AM socially isolated, to a point I think is unhealthy. Still, we must do the best we can.

    I'll try to participate in this thread. My hobbies are gardening, nature, and reading. And because of my severe CFS I do very little gardening these days! But I enjoy it still.

    Well, that's all folks, I am still in recovery mode from an all-day outing to see doc. in the big town 65 miles away. And that was ten days ago!

  3. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hello, friends!

    Back on my feet after piggy flu. Still have alot of congestion but feel much better. Made a trip to the bank and stopped for a few grocery items I was low on. My daughters offered to get what I needed but I felt I could do it, and quite frankly I needed to take a break from the apartment. It went okay.

    Spacee, that's cute about wearing an apron to look like you're busy with something. I've already pulled out my vacuum cleaner, plugged it in, tossed a dust rag along with the can of Pledge on the coffee table, when I knew someone was going to stop in. All in order to look like I was very busy, though I used none of those things, just put them away again later on after they were gone. Ha! I might borrow your apron idea if it's okay with you. I love aprons! My mother (God rest her soul) wore a clean apron every day.

    Someone's hubby has a brain tumor. Oh my! Bless you both. What hard journey you are on.

    Vic's house with her fireplace sounds so wonderful! What a delightful, cozy atmosphere on cool damp days. I envy you, Victoria.

    I did my laundry and sat down to read my newspaper, then I decided to check on this thread and am sipping a cup of decaf with low-fat creamer. I'm hungry for a piece of pumpkin pie, but don't have it on hand. Has anyone had pumpkin pie yet this fall?

    Hope all of you are having a wonderful October day.

  4. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I just saw your post and wanted to say Hi and welcome to the thread! We want you here. Just participate as you are able, we all understand each other's limitations.

    Glad you have a pleasant yard and wildlife to enjoy. And your kittycat too. Does she go indoors or is she strictly an outdoor kitty? I've had many cats over the years, but none at present. I've had some that would hang around my bird feeders and catch birds. I could have wrung their necks!! Oh well, cats will be cats. I hope yours doesn't get the brush rabbits.

    Do you like to fish? Is there a place to fish nearby?

    Isn't is something that we need to recover from a trip to the doctor's? Ain't it fun?? haha

    Welcome again,
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    All dressed up an no place to go!! UPS truck didn't come. Darn, I am going to have to do this again tomorrow?? Have heard from eldest son that it is a gift for his dad's bday Oct 6th. Wine.

    Do we have fisherpeople here?? We live on a tiny lake. I love it cause no big boats can get on it. We do see people fishing now and then. There is a downside, the lot is so sloped I can't walk down it and back up without it "affecting" me. But I do enjoy the view.

    My brain isn't good with names (Vic, you can name very one in your 3rd grade class??) and so not good with bird names. After we had the 3 hurricanes, we got the biggest birds ever come and feed on the fish in the lake. It only happened for a few months and they have never been back. Makes me wonder if they ate so many they haven't replenished. The birds were beautiful.

    Oh, the UPS man came while typing this. Whew!

    Going to watch Lie to me tonite. And last nite was the Amazing Race. The next Sunday nite they are going to be in the Netherlands. I can't wait since you know my son moved there. Makes me sad that he is gone but you do what you have to do. It is for 3years. sniff

    I love hearing about ya'lls weather.

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  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    SI, that was sweet dreams... only problem is I don't have a Spanish keyboard, so can't put accent marks or tildes. Tildes are very important, I've realized, as the word 'ano' with a tilde means 'year' (pronounced 'anyo'); 'ano' without a tilde as written here, and said phonetically, means anus! LOL....

    & yes, I did remember almost everyone from 3rd grade amazingly, just 2 kids I couldn't remember out of 22 kids. BUT I had a good memory then and I did spend most of K thru 6th or 8th with all of us rotating around.

    I had 3 yrs of Spanish in HS, actually got to where I could read Don Quixote without translating in my head... 40 years later I don't remember much, but it's amazing what I have recalled. Unfortunately most of the vocabulary is NOT what I need for daily life!

    It's cloudy and bit raw today, around 65 maybe... I want the sun back out to dry up the humidity!

    We are leaving in a couple hours to buy a couple more bouganvillea to plant before the rains stop tho... so there's a positive to it. Well, only if it does actually rain.

    PS: check out my post about Halloween, some neat links to look at for Halloween, which here is Noche de los Muertos and Dia de los Muertos... very few US/Canadian decorations, altho I did see a permanent windvane on a house with a witch on her broomstick, LOL. Maybe someday I'll do the "smashed witch into tree or post" decoration, I'm betting few living here have seen that at least! LOL I love cultural exchange...

    Buenos tardes (short for, "have a good afternoon!")

  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    I feel. Slow and sluggish. I think a bath might be refreshing!

    Vic, your mind is amazing. I was just about in the same situation. 20 ish kids and rotated around through 6th grade. I can't even remember one kid. 5th grade I remember more.
    I have an identical twin who remembers our childhood much, much better. She will say "remember this....". No, I don't but it may come to me slowly then or within a couple of weeks!

    My mexican neighbor called last nite to borrow my "printer" but we figured out that he needed a "copier" which we don't have. So off to the grocery store for him. That was a tad confusing to him since he wanted to "print" a copy.

    His english has really improved since I met him. I accidently backed into one of his amigos' cars and since he is the only one who "spoke" english, we met. Very nice young man from Mexico City.

    We have bouganvillea in our area. Don't see them as much since they have thorns and get very large. A machete ought to work nicely on them!

    We are too rural for trick or treaters so no decorations but I do leave the light on!

    It may rain here, there is some coming in from the Gulf. That would cool things off a bit!
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I've been on these boards for yrs. but hardly ever log in or post much.This looks like a friendly,people in common with me kinda post.I have FM and Sjogrens and caregive for my FIL.DH is out of town for a few days.It's raining and dreary.I woke up middle of the night with back and leg pain so I new it was raining.Trying not to let it put a damper on my mood.
    Trick or Treating is tomorrow and I dread it.I do better in the morning and by dinner I can barely move.My DH will not hear of not turning off the porch light even though he isn't here to hand out treats.I used to love to take my kids and then my grandkids out.We scouted out who had the best treats.Hope to get to know everyone.
  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    Do hope you make it through the next few days with DH!!

    I have sjogren's antibodies too! But there is some disagreement as to whether I really have that or Lupus in addition to CFS and some FM. Seems I make enough tears and saliva but the sjogren's can attack other organs. I just know that since I have been positive I have gone downhill. (last 2 years).

    And you are a caregiver too. Whew!

    I was at the YMCA last nite and they were giving out free candy. They expected 50 kids and had about 125. Oh, I am surprised they didn't get more! The kids looked so cute all dressed up. I don't really know the Y's thinking on giving out candy on Tues nite. Maybe they are hoping to attract some parents to put their kids in the afterschool or daycare. That must be it. Is any thing really free? haha

    So sorry you had a bad nite. I slept better than I have in weeks. Sleeping poorly really effects us!

    Seems the bedbounders stayed at the other board for the most part.

    We will see if this group lasts. Hope it does. It is great to have friends, even if small in number!!

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    really, most are responding on the other board? Yikes, I will have problems finding it, it moves too fast! I hope they come over here!

    Welcome also, Ranigar! It's so sad when something that was fun becomes a chore, isn't it? I have lived in places where there was no trick or treating since moving from my parents' house in suburbia when I was 20... always missed it, sometimes I made sure I was at my parents' on the night of trick-or-treating. I was able to be there once with my own kids when they were little, but unfortunately the weather was lousy... otherwise, back at home in the country, friends who lived in 'real' neighborhoods would invite us to come with.

    LOL well I WANT the bouganvilla to overgrow everything and be lush!!!! Especially the shed in the corner that doesn't look all that great but functions well, haha.

    We have a 10' wall around us, the prior owners hadn't even painted the wall, it was gray concrete and I felt like I was in a prison - the house was a dull avocado. They also did almost no planting.

    We painted the wall a light mango yellow, and the house a lighter, livelier green... so the fuschia and hot purples look great against it. Also got a clematis, they're amazing as to how lush and long they grow down here compared to how they grow in Georgia!

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Your place sounds so lovely and beautiful. I'm glad you don't take me wrong. My sense of humor seems to be missed my most folks! (Not only missed but taken as insulting!) There is definitely places for a beautifully overgrown bouganveilla. We actually have one in our yard, now that I think about it. It is blocking our view of the neighbors! It does an excellent job! But I don't see it unless I drive somewhere and since my son has my car, I haven't done that for a bit.

    I will tell you two and anyone else who reads this about an Halloween experience we had. We took the kids to church for Halloween because one of them had nightmares from just having the decorations at preschool. So they dressed up and when there and had fun.

    Well, then came Halloween a few years later and I was quite ill (not from CFS yet). I had had this pain in my side for a few days and I called hubster to come take me to the doc/hospital cause I couldn't drive. Then after he left, I decided that I couldn't ride in a car so an ambulance was called. (I did end up riding in the car). But this kids. One was so excited that an ambulance came to his house. He said, "I have been waiting so long for this to happen!. (He was 8). On the way to the hospital we dropped the two boys off at a friends and they dressed them up and took them trick or treating. The 6 year old could not believe that there was a night that you could just go up to a door and ring the bell and GET CANDY. HIS dream had come true too!

    I was fine, terribly anemic, spent 5 days in the hospital while they figured it out.

    Yes, I have come to the place where I have seen there are times in our lives for certain enjoyable (or not) things and it ends. I see it. Accepting it is another thing. Both of my parents were healthy until their 80's. And their parents before them. I think that has been the "surprise" that is hard to accept too.

    Very nice day today. Bright and sunny but not the stifling heat.

  12. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Welcome to Ranigar! We are glad you joined us. Hope many more drop in. I did post on the bedbounders thread on the FMS board and invited them over, but I don't think they are coming.

    This is a slow thread. It's hard to have news to post each day when you just don't do much of anything. haha. But, good to know everyone is here and caring about each other.

    Vic, you have a beautiful home! Maybe we could fly in to visit! Wouldn't that be exciting! How long have you lived in Mexico?

    I hear that Sjogren's is a real pain to deal with. My eyes are very dry,and I use artificial tears
    several times a day. My mouth is dry from my medicines, but I've not yet been diagnosed with Sjogren's. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up though since I have severe fibromyalgia. They seem to go together.

    I'm having a painful time. We've had lots of cold rain. Fall is the hardest time of the year for me, pain-wise, and I always get depressed this time of year. Winter is so darn hard! And it's coming fast. Every year it gets harder. I live alone so I have to figure out how to survive each winter. My daughters will help when I need help. But, they are busy with their own families, and I try not to be a burden to them. My one daughter and my granddaughter have offered to come and clean for me twice a month. I agreed to take them up on it.

    Talking about how our lives change, seasons when we can do fun things and then they are over; I'm at the point where I need to start leaning more on my kids. I hate it! But, I've done my best to always be there for them, now it's their turn to be there for me. It's a new season of life.

    This has been a dreary post. I apologize. I'm feeling down today. I do wish the bedbound people would join us. Maybe they don't know where the ChitChat board is. I know some people think it's the same as the chat room.

    I hope you all have a nice evening.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Do you get snow where you live? I am, in my mind, trying to compare fall to what your winter's are like.

    Oh. plz everyone, don't apologize for telling us you are down. Right now I am kinda doing ok but I have distractions with the movies and QVC. Right now a son and family live about an hour away and we go there on the weekends some. But we have had years with no one in the State. And gets very, very lonely. And this son will move within a year.

    And living alone would be very hard. I have always felt ever since I got sick at age 36 that I would not be able to do it.
    Just too sick. And I can't tell you how ridiculous I would look in an assisted living place cause...I look very healthy. I have tried to have my mental capacity assessed but they only had a test for Alzheimers.

    I really hardly go anywhere that I have to walk/stand for long. But I am realizing that if I stand in the grocery store, my back is killing me by the time we get home. Oh darn. I guess I am going to have to call the doc's nurse about his recommendations. I take Ultram and advil and stretch and swim (well, walk in a pool at a campground near us). So, I have been trying to keep it at bay but I need to check on it. Will report back. haha Ya'll are the only ones who care!

    Do check if, even if it is just to report on aches and pains and weather. Let us get a hug from you!

    Hugs back,


  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    How is everyone today?I love the mental pictures of your house in Mexico.I love bright bold colors,so cheery.
    Sorry you're feeling down Fay.Hope today is better.Being housebound makes it impossible to not feel down.
    I have to take my little Shi Tsu for her grooming appt.I can't see her eyes the hair is so long.We got her two yrs. ago and we've become downright silly in love with her.My grown children are jealous at how we spoil her.We have two cats too but those we inherited from DD and DS when they left home yrs. ago without them.
    I need a couple things from the store like milk and hope to rest a little for the Treaters tonight.Niece messaged me she's bringing her daughter over to our neighborhood instead of her own town.I made every excuse for her not to except say don't come outright.I need to be more assertive.I sound mean now don't I?I go on overload evenings wait til you hear me around holiday time.Supposed to be a great Fall day here so I hope to enjoy it.
  15. jole

    jole Member

    Haven't been here (or anywhere) for a few days, but I'mmmmm baaacckkk!! My daughter's baby was baptized on Sunday so we went to that, which was very nice...but I simply don't do well in crowds. I have anxiety/panic attacks and to be honest, I'd rather stay home than to be unable to visit with people.

    On Monday I had an eye appointment....and it's amazing to hear you talk about Sjorgens...because my vision has gotten so much worse. He did a refractory test on me, plus of course a glaucoma test, and said he could literally see the liquid evaporate off my eyes! So I'm now using drops 4 x a day for a month, then go back for another test. If it hasn't helped, he'll go ahead and order my new lenses for my glasses...and I imagine suggest some more tests for Sjorgens. My mouth seems to do okay during the day, but I will wake up at night with it (and my throat) so terribly dry I'll think I have a bad sore throat.

    Tuesday I had a dental appointment...had to have three teeth pulled. They are rotting off below the gum line, and can only be seen by x-ray. Plus I have four small cavities that I need to go back and have filled. This has all come on so fast. He feels it's because of my meds or the dry mouth...........hmmmmm.

    Of course I didn't sleep Tue night, and yesterday had a little nap. I've not had a dream since my FM hit so terribly hard nearly 8 years ago, but yesterday I had a nightmare!! So real........

    I was on the board to read yesterday but just didn't have the mental capacity to respond, so perhaps this means I'm better!! Yay!!!

    This is a great idea having this thread....I've been out of the house more the last few days than I usually am in a month, and if it weren't for the computer I would have NO life at all, so I really do appreciate each and every one of you, and understand what it's like to be mostly confined. Some days I'm greatful...some days I feel like a prisoner! Either way, it's hard to accept that we were once able to contribute to society...I loved my job, my family, my freedom to go and do. Thank God we have our memories and others here to share with!

    Flowers...Victoria, I too would love to see where you live. I've always loved the SW look, and love flowers. Of course, my favorites are wildflowers...I can just throw out the seeds and enjoy a variety without the work...lol...

    Sorry this is such a long post and sooo about me! Will try to address each of you later. Love to all.........Jole
  16. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'll try and post more later. Just ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to all of you for now.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    First...an informational announcement about Sjogrens. There is a Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation which if you join, they send you newsletters of info about it. I joined for one year but not sure that I will renew but they do know about helps for dry eyes in particular. One looks like a tiny capsule that you put inside you bottom lid and lasts all day. The other has sute at www,eyeeo,com for eye hydrating therapy. None of it sounds inexpensive, of course.

    Pam, you doggie sounds so adorable. I can see why you love her so much. Do you 'dress' her?! You know cats would never go for being dressed up. But doggies seem to "get" it. We have no pets but I love all kinds.

    Jole what a busy few days! I have had panic attacks, they are no fun! Now, I am more "can I stay awake for this". I guess with low adrenaline, my body can't get panic going. There is a plus and minus to that! I think our gbaby is going to be baptized within the next two months. I hope I can make it. It's about a hour away and then they want to have people over to there house afterwards. Ok, more ritalin, I reckon.

    I hate teeth problems. At least I have found the sweetest dentist and all of his staff are just great. And they helped by teeth grinding problem. Downside, he will probably retire soon.
    I am at that age where all of them will be sooner or later. All in their 60's. I hope you are healing well, Jole.

    Hey, gang, let's agree to not mind talking about ourselves. I remember my mother in her 80's would talk to her friend on the phone everyday at 4pm for one hour! They just talked about their lives, sleep, tv, stuff. Mother said, "what else do we have to talk about?". She was right.

    Ok, speaking of that. I think I have worked out something. I woke up too early this am. Felt very blue. Achey Don't like am tv, wasn't hungry. So, I took my meds and after a bit went back to bed! It was great! I felt so cocooned. I think I was down cause my twin is doing volunteer work at a community college entering data. I am happy that she is doing it...it just reminds me of how much I can't do. That need to feel like I have accomplished something. Well, too bad. I need to remember "being" not "doing".

    Just rattling!

    Thanks for your ((Hugs))) Fay...I am going back to bed! Oddly sleepy now.

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    No I haven't resorted to dressing up my doggie yet.Well except for that pink sweater last winter lol.I raked leaves yesterday and can't believe I'm still around to report it.Passed out candy and it was a really nice evening.Niece didn't make it so I didn't have to entertain afterall.I think I will take it very easy today and not push my luck.Hope you all have a nice day.
  19. jole

    jole Member

    My daughter and sons suprised us last night and came to stay overnight. They're still in bed so thought I'd see what's happening. They aren't here very often, and she brought breakfast...said to have sandwiches for lunch, then they'll leave this evening. She doesn't expect me to do anything for them, which is very nice....some of my other kids aren't so thoughtful. So we can have a nice visit later.

    I'm back to not sleeping...I go in spurts, either sleep constantly or very little. Meds make no difference.

    Okay, all this talk of halloween had me totally confused (not that it takes much with all the fibro fog..lol..). I've been hearing of kids trick or treating this entire past week...so I looked it up and it's really not until Saturday, which is what I thought. Even the preschoolers in the cities have had things going on since Tuesday. What gives??? It used to be one day, and if you missed it for some reason, you just had to wait until the next year.

    Of course, Christmas didn't start before Halloween years back either. Boy, am I old!!!!!!

    Spacee, I'm sooo like you. I don't get dressed unless I know someone is coming. Thankfully we live in the country, and I have a little warning 'cause our dog barks the minute someone starts up our drive. I will immediately strip off my jammie bottoms and throw on a pair of long pants/jeans, whatever to become presentable.

    I would love to live by a lake! In the summer my favorite thing to do is for us to go with our daughter/SIL/grandson to the lake for a weekend. I sit out in my reclining lake chair and watch the boats out on the water, and enjoy the sun. My FM pain is much less in the sun, and there are no worries there....total relaxation! I can go in the camper and lie down whenever I need to, and sit around the campfire for a bit in the evening with everyone. I just live for those times! It's the only thing I do in the summer months away from the house.

    Barry, isn't it great to live in the country? Although I do wish our setting were more like yours with the trees, etc. Here the land is very flat, farmland...we can literally see for miles. At night we can see the lights from towns 30-40 miles away reflecting in the sky. When I can't sleep I sit out on the porch in the middle of the night and star gaze. It's so peaceful...but as you say, sorta hard to have a social life, which is why I love my computer!!

    Better quit before I get timed-out. Will chat with the rest of you the next visit......Jole

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope everyone is having a "good" day. I am having a much better one. Think I have my sleep/rest in a good cycle.

    You kids are not going to believe this one and probably it belongs on the medical board...don't know. I began getting extremely hot in the middle of the night. It would take me 2 hours to cool off. And the mattress 2 hours too. It mainly involved the tops of my thighs.

    I googled this but could not find anything and this has been going one for 2 years (but not every nite). Finally I googled about mattresses. Turns out some others have had this problem. One woman got a room thermometer and measured her mattress heat at 108. I know that sounds ridiculous but I tell you, I can believe it.

    Well, some people felt that it was caused by the chemicals put in mattresses for flame retardent. And said to put a down comforter on top of the bed and sleep on that.

    So, I have been putting my "alternative" down twin size comforter doubled where I sleep and it hasn't happened again!
    I don't really understand it cause I had a mattress pad on the mattress but I guess the mattress pad might have some of those chemicals too.

    I did think back over the last two years and noticed that it only happened on this mattress.

    What a discovery....whew!

    Jole, what a treat to have you daughter and sons surprise you like that! Hope you dental problems are healing!

    Vic, I have been noticing the bouganvillas around town with new enthusiasm. LOL. I think I have counted about 8. They are beautiful.

    Happy Hallow's eve, eve.


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