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  1. spacee

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    Hello all. All are welcome to this thread but it is really to meet the needs of us who are either in bed or at home all/alot of the time.

    I am Spacee (of course). I don't know exactly where we want to go with this. Tips on how to live, just what your dad today is like.

    Today, it is 1:30pm and I am ready to start my day (snicker). It takes me a long time to wake up but my best hours are in the evening as far as how I feel so I do have that to look forward too.

    Today I have an hour of energy so I am going to try to do some organizing my sleeping/clothes/office room.

    And I just had a salad (premade by the grocerystore) for lunch. It was a cobb (blue cheese, turkey, ect) and really good for the "next" day lunch.

    Will see how this works!
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  2. jole

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    Funny, I just answered to the other post and came over to start one....and here you are! LOL. I took a 1/2 Lortab for a severe toothache last night....did nothing, so I took the other half. Well, I always have problems with meds, and yep! Was up all night, jittery, anxious, heart pounding, etc.

    So today is a total bust...worse than ever! Oh well, trying to stay positive, and glad to have this site so we can encourage each other. I know there are plenty of us who don't leave home..or do only for doc appointments.... or very special occasions that we don't mind missing the next week of our life for.............

    It's midafternoon and I'm still in my jammies...still need a shower...but no energy. Like you, my best hours are evenings also...actually about the time my hubby goes to bed. Which means if I'm going to get anything accomplished in the house, like a load of laundry or dishes, it's hard to do without waking him.

    Hoping to see more join in soon! Will be good to get to know each other and know that being totally useless is "okay". Love ya.....Jole

    PS. Check out the Porchlight thread...it's a fun place to be also...part real, part make-believe.....
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  3. FibroFay

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    Hi All!

    Spacee, I am so happy you began this thread! We need this. I get lost in all the technical stuff on the medical board and sometimes I just need to connect with others like myself about practical stuff.

    I am homebound. Fibro. And right now I'm trying to recover from Swine Flu. I'm taking my Tamiflu as prescribed and am on the 3rd day. I don't know how to know for sure when I am well again since I feel so bad all the time. haha. I guess when my fever is gone, then I'm okay. haha. It's so very frustrating! I'm sure you can relate.

    It's 3:15pm and have showered and had some Honey Nut Cheerios and a cup of hot tea. Later I'll have some soup. I never have three meals a day anymore because by the time I'm up and around it's lunch time. Then when I'm hngry again it's evening so I have supper. I cannot work 3 square meals into a day any longer.

    I read the bedbounders thread on the other board and am so impressed with the creativity and resiliance of all of us. We truly are survivors. My computer, TV, newspaper and books are my life. I do fairly well isolated since all my life I've been very much an introvert. Love to be alone with music and books. BUT, I DO get lonely. I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you guys here!

  4. spacee

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    Yes we do need this. We need each other. Jole, usualy my day is more like yours, doing laundry late and night and hubby says "Why don't you do it earlier"...and you all know the reason! We would if we could!

    I wish this had the ability to go and read the other posts, cause my now I am wishing I could remember that one about we have all week.....that was good.

    Fay, I think I am like you too. I do lunch (which can be breakfast food) and supper. However I can work some snacks in late at night :)

    I hope you get over the H1N1 very soon!! I am lucky since I was born before 1950 (1949), I am suppose to have immunity. Well, we will see.

    I just love having a place where we can pop in and see if anyone else has been here.

    Oh yes, I have read the porchlight some over the many months they have had it. It is too cute! Very creative in thought and writing.

    Oh, I live in Florida and Fall is here. The high of the day is down to 85!! I love fall!!

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  5. jasminetee

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    Spacee, thanks so much for starting this club. I really appreciate it as I am bedridden 95% of the time.

    I hadn't heard that older people have immunity to the Swine Flu. That's amazing! Do you know why?

    jole, I'm so sorry you were up all night climbing the walls from a med for pain. Oh, I have been there more times than I can count. I've actually found beer really helps calm it down. I still stay up 'til sunrise but it helps.

    Now I just never take anything other that Ibuprophin or something OTC like that.

    Fay, I'm so sorry to hear you have Swine Flu. So they tested you and it was positive? Is that how it works? I pray you get well soon. Is this the worst flu you've ever had and can you elaborate on what kind of symptoms you're having?

    I'm having a horrible day. I am so sick. I got some new stomach virus. I just catch flus one on top of the other.

    Btw, I am usually lying down completely with a laptop on my stomach.

    ((((((((((((((((((((Hugs to You All)))))))))))))))))))


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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I am not a home bounder but I read your posts and just had to stay hi. I forget who mentioned it but if anyone was to ask me if I had the flu or felt like I had it I wouldn't know since I ache all the time from the FM as well as arthritis and CMPS. Maybe I would know I had it if I had a fever or if I was have bad digestive problems. However, the aches and pains would not be of help to me.
    Spacee - sorry to hear tht you have the Swine Flu, my gradson in NC had it and was sick for about a week with hi fever. Hope yu do nt have a high fever at all. It is enough to deal with the usual daily aches and pains. i too can catch flus, bronchitis at the drip of a hat shall we say so have to be very careful.

    I'll try not to breathe on any of you. I went to the doc this morning for my 6 wk post op surgical appointment and there on the door was a sign telling people not to come in and sit in the waiting room if they have symptoms that are flu like. I think they said to come in and tell the receptionist right away , so they would take them back right away. This was in an ob/gyn's office. it is a shame that they have to do that and leave a sign out. One of the nurses said that sometime people come in sick that are not even patients - gee whiz, how dumb

    Well enough of that. Sorry to hear about those of you homebound most of the time. Yes, if you have the chance to , listen to Jole and come visit the Porch. it is so fun and we all care alot for each other. We don't fuss at each other either unless it is in fun, and support each other too. We all understand what others are going through. It must get so lonely sometimes if you are at home by yourselves. You can stop by daily, once a week or when ever you feel up to it, we understand.

    Just wanted to say hi to y'all. Good night everydobby, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite :) !!

    Hope you don't think I am intruding :) !!

    Love and gentle hugs to AWL,

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  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thankfully I have not had it. I heard on ABC news that person's born before 1950 have built up enough immunity from having flu's that are like "cousins" to this one. That is why we don't need the shot.

    Now being so close to 1950 (1949) I sure hope they are right! I do seem to have one of those upregulated immune systems that rarely gets anything. The times I have I can feel the CFS/FM symptoms actually fading as the flu gets a hold and then reverses as the flu resolves. Too weird...definitely something immune.

    My CFS is worse than the FM and my viral titers are up there 3,000 for EBV 650 for HHV6 but I am developing autoimmune just for icing on the cake! Lot of arthritic pain from that.

    I wanted to "report" on the movie tonight. It was 7 years in Tibet with Brad Pitt. It is so old that I imagine that most of you have seen it. I didn't realize that it was a true story until the very end. I love movies based on true stories.

    And I straighten a little bit in the bathroom. Just enough to realize that I have 3 large bottles of hydrogen peroxide!?! I can't think of anything I use them for.

    Granni, everyone is welcome here. Bedbound, housebound or whatever. I would say that I am at home 90% easy and a most all of that lying or sitting.

    That suggestion of beer is priceless...I am going to have to remember that one...seriously. It is horrible to be in so much pain. I wonder what ever happened to that "act" or something that entitled people in pain to pain meds. I haven't heard of it recently.

    Later ya'll.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I vary back and forth... am herxing because of lyme and who knows what else. Even when I'm not, it varies anyway.

    And, also, my nights are my best normally as well, tho I 'make' myself go to sleep on time with melatonin. Somehow that never varies my 'awake' feeling times tho, at least not in a pattern. Extremely limiting as to how much I get of time that is 'good' (when I have energy), but have found giving in to it and then sleeping most of the day doesn't ultimately work either, usually because too many disturbances (we have 4 dogs that will bark at anything).

    LOL about doing laundry at night, me too! My DH used to tell me to go ahead to the grocery store at 11 pm back in the states, until he realized that when I got home 1--2 hours later the dogs made such a stir they disturbed him!

    The only way I can usually get energy to really do something that takes effort is when it becomes extremely important in a time-dependent way - gets my adrenalin going, I guess.

    That or a dirty kitchen... it's well known in my family that when I feel really bad I clean up the kitchen, fatigue be damned. That's an irritation of another sort compared to the above LOL. Ever since I had mono with meningitis from it for a year at 18 yo, I've been that way, it really had an effect on my brain; for the first few years after that year I was extremely neat, the opposite of what I had been.... then the need to be extremely orderly/neat died down to only the times I feel bad. Anyone else ever have that happen? It's very weird.

    And... y'all might ask, how do I get the energy when I'm feeling bad? Good question. I don't know, can only imagine I get the adrenalin running, then collapse when I'm done. At least my brain feels better afterwards, even if my body's done in...

    Otherwise I don't usually care too much, within reason.

    One thing I do when I need to rest is listen to audio books ... it really helps pass the time when I can't sleep but need to rest or can't sleep in the middle of the night sometimes. They also helps stimulate my imagination... so now looking for cheap ways to get them now that I'm in Mexico.

    One thing I found helpful is if I can get myself to break up a project into small steps.

    Even when it comes to painting (whether walls or on canvas, lol) or sewing-- usually when I do something pleasurable/rewarding, I find I get more energy, but the inertia is difficult to overcome. Anyway, that's why for 2 months only 1/2 of my living room has gotten painted hehe (I won't let my DH finish it because he's sloppy).

    all the best,

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    I am not going to try to comment on everyone's thread since too brain foggy! But I did enjoy reading them and learning about you. Ok, I will comment on Rocky. You are cracking me up cause you came here cause Porch is too hard to follow. But I realized that I probably why I could never get on there...those people have a lot going on!

    Funny thing of my day. My oldest son, wife and 2 kids just moved to the Netherlands (yeah, it stinks but it is a job). He reported on Facebook that they have a frozen pizza there named "Big Americans". He said it didn't know whether to laugh or be offended. HAHA. I don't know that the name would help the sells!!

    I just noticed that it is easier to comment on Rocky cause I can still see her post! All those mittens and hats you have knitted is remarkable. I knit but my mind doesn't stay with it long enough. I miss all things sewing, etc.

    Which reminds me of Vic's post. I agree that it is the adrenaline kicking in. If I have an appt I have to go to, I count on the adrenaline to help me. So far it has. But not enough to paint!

    Oh, goatwoman, you like scary movies. YIKES! I was taken to scary movies at a drivein (our sunday school class went), I haven't like them since "the Return of the Fly". I bet you will have a great day and take you mind off your problems!!!

    I tend to keep QCV on muted so I can feel like I have been around people. I feel like I kinda keep up with what is out there in the world. Today they have the Nintendo Wii for sell. They started out with 28,000! And they were down to 500 last I heard...ok, sometimes it isn't muted. snicker.

  10. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Linda, you're hilarious! I get a great laugh out of the name Big Americans!

    I got the best purse from QVC. It's large enough to put a tupperware container in and a water bottle and numerous other things, without feeling too crowded and it's reversible in 3 different ways and it still looks stylish and isn't bulky.

    I wish I was well enough to play WII and also that my twin inflatable bed and coffee table kingdom and laptop stand/box wasn't taking up our whole living room. Oh well.


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  11. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I have to go out for work - but ya know that's about all I go out for. I haven't grocery shopped in over a year. I don't run any errands. I try to go to my son's school events if it's a special thing otherwise my husband goes (oh imagine the guilt over that) I absolutely hate appointments. I do go get my hair done every ten weeks.

    I remember when I went to a Pain clinic a couple of years ago (one visit) - the one thing she said to me, was "I bet you stick close to home" OH YEAH.

    I miss going out. I miss being able to shop, to visit friends etc. I love Christmas time, picking out the special presents for my boys etc. Last year I couldn't even barely do that. It really got me down.

    I hurt like heck today, on the couch - lots of almost involuntary moaning. My heating pad suddenly stopped working. Great. I hate to keep sending my husband out, but I think I may have to.
    Sounds like a lot of us need to stay home.
  12. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    This is so Cool! Almost like having a Family Room where we can all sit and talk a little then go on our way.

    I'll never be able to remember everyone to respond directly to them, but I know you are all here. Bless your warm hearts!

    Spacee, I was born in 1946, so I shouldn't have this flu either. So don't bank on being immune to it. I wish you the very best:)

    Tee, my doctor isn't testing. He said he's been treating enough of this to be confident that it's H1N1. He told me the test is only 30% to 70% accurate anyway. My area is being hit hard with Swine Flu. No vaccine here yet.

    Oh, I must tell you about my doctor's appointment. When I arrived, I was handed a mask and told to wear it and to go sit in the lobby until a nurse came out to get me. I was totally embarrassed. When the nurse came for me, she was wearing a different (obviously more expensive) style mask. She took me to the exam room and the only time I could remove my mask was to take my temp. When the doctor finally came in, he was wearing a really heavy-duty style (think ER) type mask. I told him, "This is sooo embarrassing". He said, "Don't be embarrassed. We've been doing this all week!"

    Jole and Granni, You're so kind to invite us to the porch. I find the porch thread confusing and cannot keep up with it. But, you're sweet and so friendly to include all of us.

    Victoria, I believe you've got the "pacing" thing down pat. Took me years to learn the art of pacing myself. Gosh, I sure wish I could psych myself into cleaning my kitchen! I think my adrenalin is long gone:)

    Goatwoman, you like scarey movies? Do you have a favorite? I used to like the Alfred Hichcock movies. "Rear Window" was my favorite.

    I like to listen to "A Prairie Home Companion" on the radio on Saturday evenings. Garrison Kiellor is my favorite author and I read as many of his books as I can get my hands on.

    Someone mentioned books on tapes. That's a wonderful idea! I'm going to see about getting some of those.

    See. Now I missed someone. I just know I missed someone. Whoever I missed, I'm very sorry. Hopefully, I'll catch you next time.

    Have a warm and comfortable evening all of you!

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    They had the cutest blow up twin mattresses on OVC and right by the coffee table. I AM getting one of those. It is settled. I am sooo glad you mentioned it, Tee.

    Ok, our first "rule" here is that we don't have to mention names. And our second will be, if you feel left out and we will all put your name in our posts. Maybe??? We will think about it.

    Ok, Tee, back to the purse that reverses three ways. I'm kinda having a hard time wrapping my head around that one but sounds really interesting!

    I'm pretty proud of myself for getting all my nail clutter in a basket. It took yesterday and today. It was ilovepink who mentioned it. tehehe. My nails have broken off at the quick until I found this stuff on eBay called Occitane Nail Cream. (Clever). Really, if I use it almost everyday while I am listening to my hubster whine (slap myself here) I mean tell about his day at work. My nails don't break.

    I do love all you dear ones here. Even you ones who like scary movies...:)) Which reminds me that our family watched Alfred Hitchcock (?). I think it came on Sat nites. Scary stuff!! He had a talent!!

    The movie tonite is going to be Capote, I think. And I am predicting that Hubster will hate it. Will let you know!

  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    It reverses 3 ways?? I have to think about that. haha
  15. jole

    jole Member

    Just gotta tell you all that I had an email today from a "doctor" who was talking about precautions to take for the swine flu. Of course we all know about the hand washing, sanitizer, staying out of crowds, etc.

    But he said the best precaution is to do a warm saline nasal rinse daily, and throat gargle with warm salt water or Listerine daily. He said the virus enters the body through the nose or mouth, and it can be reduced or eliminated by these simple measures! Don't know if I'm completely sold on this, but what can it hurt???

    Oh, who was it talking about all the bottles of peroxide? Did you have them on hand for the epsom salt/peroxide soaks to relieve pain by any chance?

    My week is not going to be good. Tomorrow my granddaughter gets baptized, so we will go to that. Then Monday I have an eye exam. And Tuesday I get three teeth pulled. This for a person that leaves my house "maybe" twice a month! I know I'll be down for the count big time, but at least it'll all be over for awhile.

    The dentist and I DO NOT do well, so I really dread Tuesday. Wish me luck............Jole
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, will be saying prayers for you. Ouch about your dental appt. I can't even imagine three at once. But my twin has had several (not at the same time) pulled. You have my thoughts.

    Yes, that is coming back. I didn't put two and two with the epson salts. I don't think they helped much at the time but I was better back then.

    Tee. I do know what you mean about your handbag..snicker. I think it is "convertible" with the strap three ways. Does sound really nice. I ordered a twin blow up bed for our family room. I can't wait for the kids to comment on it. (They only come home at holidays). For those who may not know. They now come with a blow up head board too. And right now they are on easy pay. I sound like a commerical...eyes rolling.

    Thanks for the tips on not getting the virus. I will throw this one out too. Our allergist told us that the zinc cold lozenges will keep a virus from sticking to your throat. Now, the trick is to have them in the house cause if you wait til you need them and then send someone for them....too late. Absolutely first sign of a tickle. He said that he never got sick. For what it is worth.

    Thinking about you, Jole.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    You and your poor hubby...you have a real plate full. Bless your hearts. You and Hubby are in my thoughts and prayers and all who have flu or getting over it.

  18. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hi all. Couldn't sleep, so I got up to read "The Kite Runner".

    My hands are getting sore from all the handwashing and sanitizer I'm using. I have to tell you a neat trick. I have alot of trouble with sore, chapped hands especially over winter. I've tried everything on them but, cannot tolerate many creams and lotions. I started to think about what to use for babies for diaper rash. So, I tried A & D Ointment and use it like a hand cream. I apply it liberally and really massage it in. Then blot off the excess and slip on cotton gloves to go to bed. It works wonderfully! Really heals and softens my hands.

    Oh, I just read where hand sanitizer is in short supply.

    Back to my book.

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's a bad bed day for me. What can I say.

    Do you think we should start a new thread at 20 or ok to go to 30?

    I need to know what a pellet stove is since I might need one...:)

    Happy Girl day to you.

    Forget I said (you probably have) that the l'occitane nail cream is really good on ebay. They don't seen to have it any longer.

    Maybe the A&D ointment might work or some other shea butter that is cheaper.

    Oh BTW, Capote movie. I really liked it but then I was born and raised in Birmingham. He was raised in Monroeville Al. Now the resemblence between him and an exrelative was noticeable. Blonde hair, southern drawl and manners. I have to smile to myself everytime I think of our exrelative spending 3 weeks in the slammer. "Why?" I asked. You see he is an attorney and judges just normally don't do that to one of their own. Well, as I have it that 3rd wife must have brought the devil out in him cause he threatened to kill her. And he was never violent with anyone else. Just goes to show...

    Hopefully I will be better in the evening as I usually am and will be back to start a new thread maybe. Or maybe I should wait till the weekend is over.

    A girl day. I think there is going to be a special place in heaven for the mothers of all sons....snicker.

  20. victoria

    victoria New Member

    that we don't have to remember names... it'd take me an hour to go back and forth... main reason why I didn't participate 'on the porch'. And once again, here I am late at night - this is when I'm most lucid, despite feeling my melatonin kicking in, sigh.

    Whoever said I had 'pacing' down - hahahah, very wrong... I painted the walls about 3 months ago and haven't picked up a roller since to finish it.

    Maybe if I could 'pace' if I could predict when I had energy or not? but since it's unpredictable and/but there are still some things that I have to do by appointment, the adrenalin is what I count on (along with planning on when I herx). And occasionally a decaf mocha cafe... an extra incentive that kicks my endorphins in. In the meantime, food is 'whatever' is easiest, unless someone cooks something for me (tho I don't have any junk food in the house!)

    Georgia/Ellie, hope that SSD comes thru. If you plan on touring thru this area, let me know. I forget, do you speak Spanish? I really don't, tho trying to read a more traditional textbook (Madrigal's) altho I took 3 yrs in HS... wish I'd been more interested and kept it up. There are some online websites that are supposed to be helpful also, just realized it and starting to look at them/investigate. But I'm surprised how much has come back to me on its own, tho it's often odd words or phrases that have nothing to do with what I need.

    (equally surprising is that I could name 99% of the people in my 3rd grade class, posted on my HS reunion page.) At least learning is something to help keep my brain alert and 'plastic', besides the internet and research LOL.

    And Tee, does QVC still sell that 3-way purse??? I really wanna see that...

    Oh yes, love scary movies too... but only if spooky paranormal stuff where most of it's left to my imagination. (No slasher films, slimy aliens popping out of chests etc...) There are some classics, one of my favorites is also the original based on Henry James' "The Others', I also liked the remake with Nicole K. Also 'House on Haunted Hill'...

    Rocky you do have so much to contend with, so sorry... glad you have a hobby to help pass the time and yet be creative.

    Yesterday ended up nasty with a cold raw rain and in the low 50s, we actually got the fireplace going; no pellets sold here, actually we have a ventless gas fireplace the builder installed for himself as LP gas is actually cheaper than wood ... but today was balmy and in mid 70s, gorgeous deep blue sky and huge white clouds.

    Do y'all believe that the houses here are never built with heating or air, just a fireplace -- even the most expensive. It's not really needed for most of the year, just some extra layers (or not)... tho most have gas heaters for rooms away from the fireplace.

    Off to bed... we already had our time change here, so now I'm confused coordinating with US times...

    dulce suenos to everyone