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    My tears are blurring my vision as I write. My beloved Bill went home for Christmas and I miss him so. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer two years ago this month and I am so glad that he did not have to suffer long but I miss him so. The last six months slowly took parts of him away from me until finally even the laughter and smiles died.

    His last week it was like all the pieces fell into place. First of all after not speaking for two weeks he asked me how my day was and then told me I was his angel. The next day a group of us sang Carols to him and the other men in the foster home and he acted like he was trying to get my paper so he could see the words to sing (he had broken his glasses),then his nephew who had not had a load this direction for five months out of the blue got a load so we went and visited Bill and prayed with him before we left, I found out that the priest and his Mother had visited him that same day and he had asked the priest if he had brought the wine, then it was our anniversary and I dressed in my wedding dress to visit him and he woke up enough for me to tell him about our wedding day and showed him pictures (a slight smile crossed his face when he saw the picture of the stuffed bunnies he had married along with us), the next day his daughter visted him with his grand-daughters (she had not visited him for over a year and he had never seen the one grand-daughter),the next day the owner of the foster home came home early from work and called 911 as Bill was running a temperature and was weak so he was taken to the hospital. I got the call on my way to spend Christmas with my son that he was taken to the hospital but did not realize how bad Bill was so continued on my way. The hospital was going to release him but the owner of the foster home had turned his cell phone off as he was at a Christmas Eve service. As soon as I could I called the hospital and found out that they did not think he would last the night. His Mother called the priest and last rites were administered and the priest stayed with him (an answer to my prayer that Bill not have to die all alone), Christmas morning the call came that he had died but I already knew. I called the airline to book a flight home and decided to not take the early flight but instead spent part of Christmas day with my son and a niece I had raised. I met the nicest man who helped me on part of my journey. (I know he was sent to help me)

    The funeral was Friday and the burial this Monday. I have been so out of it this week. I was glad that I remembered Bill's favorite bible passage and it was used at the funeral. Isaiah 40:28-31 His funeral was a celebration of his life.

    His children who were not close to him are having a hard time so if prayers could be said for them I would appreciate. I was surprised his son showed up at both services. I don't know if I will have any more contact with the son or not but I need to call his daughter as she wants to see me. Also, I would appreciate prayers for his mother as he too was an only child and I can not even begin to imagine how devasted I would be if something happened to my son.

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    How lucky he was to have you! So sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. I love the picture you have in your profile and you have communicated so clearly the special relationship the two of you shared.

    May you find peace. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!
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    My prayers are with you..... I know the time that God bless you two with after being reunited will be very special times to remember.

    {{{soft hugs from kat}}}