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    And 3 levels of service 1) companion 2) home helper (house work) 3) personal

    ck food expirations
    Aid with reading
    Write Letters
    Assist with entertaining
    Answer the door
    Reminisce about the past
    Assist with clothing selection
    Discuss current and historical events
    participate in crafts
    play games and cards
    record and arrange recipes
    supervise home maintenance
    clip coupons/grocery lists
    monitor tv usage
    mail bills (not write checks)
    buy magazines, papers and books
    rent and play movies
    plan visits, outings and trips
    visit friends
    read religious materials
    maintain calendar
    maintain family scrapbook
    Record family history
    organize and clean closets
    attend club and sporting events
    accompany to lunch and dinner
    attend plays and concerts
    escort to religious services
    help with airport tasks.

    This service was on a brochure my sis picked up at the Rehab place for her DH's
    knee replacement.

    Thought it was interesting....

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