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  1. sues1

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    I do live with my DH, but his work does take him away here and there. He worries about me and has the house secure.

    OKAY..my question is security plus entry by others into my home if I need police, fire or ambulance. That could be anytime of the day or night.

    Only two ways into my home. One is a side door that goes into attached garage. I do leave door from house into attached garage unlocked. Side door leads from a side yard that has a privacy fence and gate that is secure. Front door is a bolt lock. Windows are all locked.

    So I am secure really, I keep things locked. But hard to get into my home if I am unable to get to the door.

    So far I can only think of the following:

    #1 entry pad to activate overhead garage door. Only a push button device we carry in our cars opens this door now.

    #2 Hid a key outside. That does not make me comfortable.

    #3 entry pad with push buttons to activate front door. I could have secret code on file with PD and Ambulance/fire services.

    #4 key to a neighbor. (Most are on the go a lot).

    I have not checked with a locksmith or hardware store yet on what is available. I could talk to police also for ideas.
    I figure if it goes out on the poice radio, the code, it can be changed afterwards.

    I am also thinking of expense of such. My grown children have keys but the only time I needed such (locked purse in car)I could not locate any of them.......LOL.

    No Rockgor....leaving a ladder with a large rock outside is not a good idea either........LOL.

    Any ideas or suggestions from others...including Rockgor?

  2. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Use #1 idea with entry pad that also activates garage door. You already have the push button devices in your cars that open this overhead garage door.

    Keep door between garage and house locked.

    hide key somewhere in garage to the door to enter your home. That way, if you get locked out of the house, you can get into your garage. Then, you can get the hidden key in garage to open the door to your house.

    Make sure your children either don't know this code, or make them realize how important it is to NEVER tell anyone this code. If you tell them the code, they must understand that they can not do the code while someone is standing on your driveway; you don't want any of their friends to see the sequence of numbers.
  3. mindbender

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    You can take the 2 wires from u'r push button garage door and stick 2 metal objects connected to those wires, such as finishing nails protruding outside that U can use a key to the 2 tips of metal 2 open the garage door

    I know this doesn't make much sense But let it soak in
  4. larryh

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    It is not hard to force an overhead garage door open so I would never leave the door from the house to the garage unlocked. When my boys were teens they forced my garage door up to get at my tools one day. The door from the house to the garage should have as good a lock as the front door. A front door with a keypad is the only option I can think of that would not require breaking a window or forcing a door when you can't count on anyone being around with a key.

    I also would not count on a privacy fence to stop anyone interested in getting into your house either. Doors that are out of public view are more tempting than the front door if you are worried about breakins.

    I would suggest deadbolts on every door except the front door and some sort of electronic lock with a code recommended by a locksmith on the front door.

  5. therealmadscientist

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    I remember having a movement sensitive device that barked with a realistic German sheppard sound. It's sensitivity and loudness was adjustable. Probably came from Sharper Image. The main problem was that everyone wanted to borrow or have it. Oh, it was a lot of fun to put it inside a refrigerator so the next person opening it would get a major shock.
    Seems like there should be some remote device to open door, like in apartment buildings. I've seen some very cheap video monitors that attach to TV so you can see who is at door.
    I've read that often burglars are frightened when they find front door unlocked, so I don't worry too much if door unlocked. But that's me, and don't recommend for anyone else. Also, I live very close to a neighbor with a dog that barks at everyone but me. Hmm, maybe a cow bell attached to door?
    Anyhow, check with a professional of course (though I don't neccesarily trust them). Hmmm, go down to the local jail and hire a real professional to scope out your house?
    OK, I'm getting silly. I do hope you find ways to feel secure. Mr Bill
  6. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I enjoyed the replies.
    I know that leaving door unlocked to attached garage is a No no. I do not always do it though.

    My main problem is someone getting into the house if I am unable to get to the door. Time can be important if ill or hurt.
    I am still thinking of a door pad.......with #s or letters to push to open the door. I can register it with the police dept. and fire dept. Our ambulance is part of the fire dept.
    If it is used, the code can be changed easy enough after that, if it goes out over the air. Many have police radios they listen to.

    I know that our police dept. does have keys to peoples places for emergencies, maybe our other safety forces does also. But it takes extra time for that, to know and get key.

    Dispatcher can give them the code over the air if necessary.Then it can be changed and they get the new code after that.

    So far I am not coming up with a better way. Someone said, "Get one of those "help I've fallen and can not get up" things you wear around your neck. I said well then how do they get in? Dispatcher of these devices can place calls
    to others with a house key, but that also takes time and people are not always home to respond.

    My children are all grown with homes and families of their own. They are active and on the go alot.
    THANKS for your replies again.......Blessings...........Susan
  7. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Geez, this is a tough one, but all I can think of is to call your police and fire department or 911 emergency dispatcher office and ask if they can put the following info attached to YOUR address:


    Hey, a door is easy to replace; you certainly are not!

    Love ya,
  8. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Findmine.....I agree......but the door is a strong fortified one......

    carebelle ........come on over and pls. bring the cream cheese!

    Happy New Year everyone! Blessings........Susan
  9. larryh

    larryh New Member

    I will bet you that fire and rescue people would have no problem getting into your house if they needed to.


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