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  1. Rosiebud

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    I had my home sleep study Thursday night. Hospital 'plugged' me in and sent me home with machine strapped to body.

    I took it back Friday morning and will have to wait 2 - 3 weeks for results then they will decide if I need anything and that will take even more time.

    I asked the sleep nurse if the home machine is as reliable as having a night's monitoring in hospital and she said it was. How can it be, there were no wires attached to my head at all, so they cant tell what levels of sleep you have. I had a wire attached to a finger and two probes up my nose and that was it.

    So far it's taken me 2 months to get this far.

    Sorry for moaning, yes we have free medical care in UK but it leaves a lot to be desired.


  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Rosie

    I look forward to seeing the results. Unfortunately this sounds typical of our NHS.

    We have a nationally funded health service, but for many of us it might just as well not exist. Opting for the quick cheap option is costing them more in the long run, but everything is done on yearly budgets Additional costs in later years are not taken into consideration by the health trustss management and accountants.

    I am hoping you get to try zopiclone next week and it works for you, then this totally inadequate sleep test won't feel quite so frustrating; unless of course it picks up a treatable problem.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 10/01/2005]
  3. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Hang in there. They will at least be able to tell if you have sleep apnea right? That's a step in the right direction anyway.

    Don't get discouraged. We all have to take it one step at a time. Seems like those steps can be mighty slow going though doesn't it?!

    I just wanted to encourage you. Please let me know about the results when the come in.

    Take care,


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