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    Taking your advice. New thread. Hoping I'm doing this right. Will try to transfer Rock's and my own posts. Here goes kids! Drats! I'm no good at this. A lil' help please?

    1. Hi all! Here's an idea to toss around.......How about songs with tall, short, fat, or skinny in the titles or lyrics?

      Couple of examples:

    2. Lots of funny ones out there!

      Just food for thought.

      Hugz to all!
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      gb66 Active Member
      Dar, That's a good idea. I remember that "Too Fat Polka". We sang it as kids.

      "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard , in the '50s.

      "Short People" by Randy Newman, 1978
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      rockgor Active Member
      Hi Kids

      Windblade, Yes I remember Mad Libs. My son and I took a trip to San Simeon when
      he was 12. On the road we played Mad Libs. Fun game. It was invented by Roger
      Price (who created Droodles) and another writer who worked with him on the Tonight
      Show. Last time I moved I found one of the Mad Libs books from 30 some years ago;
      souvenir of our trip.

      I tried to read Giants of the Earth by Rolvaag and Kristin Lavensdatter by Sigrid
      Undset decades ago. Didn't get very far with either of them. My dad has a
      restaurant in the 1940s. Sigrid Olson was his pastry chef. She made fabulous
      pies. We called her Sig. Decades later a book was written about our village.
      There is a picture of Sig with her siblings. There were 10 or 12 kids. They are all
      standing in a line according to height.

      Dar, the first song I thought of re: your suggestion was "Too Fat Polka". I
      remember when it was popular. I read that when Arthur Godfrey was old
      and would make appearances, he would get annoyed that people always
      wanted him to sing that old song. I think he should have been glad that
      they remembered.

      Last week I was listening to old radio programs: Jack Benny, Amos and Andy,
      a Charlie McCarthy-Edgar Bergen program. Edgar was the father of
      Candice, Charlie and Mortimer Snerd. They were discussing literature and
      authors. The only author Mortimer could think of was "Author Godfrey". He
      added, "Ya don't see mucha him lately. He fired himself."

      Anyhoo, here are a couple songs:

      My Skinny Minnie; Bil Haley and the Comets. She was 6' high and 1 foot wide.
      The Tallest Tree by Bonnie Guitar.
      Mission Bell. "My life for you is taller than the tallest tree. Fleetwood Mac.
      (The last suggested by Gordon who also remember Long Tall Sally. I
      never heard either, GB. HaHa!)

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      gb66 Active Member
      Rock, You never heard Little Richard sing Long Tall Sally ~ You don't know what you've been missing! :)

      Maybe there's a video of it somewhere. It's lovely. (not). GB
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      ConfusedInPA Active Member
      Hi all!

      Should we have Dar's post as a separate song game on a separate thread,

      something like SONG GAME: Tall, Short, Fat, Skinny!

      I can start a new thread (or y'all can start a new thread), and copy the posts from Dar, Rock, and GB to the "Tall, Short..." thread.

      Let me know what y'all think!

      By the way, great idea, DAR!

      Diane :)
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    7. [​IMG]
      rockgor Active Member
      Hi Diane​
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    Well folks.............It's not pretty. But it's here. I gotta get better at this! o_O Suggestions as to how I should have gotten this to go on the Homebound/Bedbound forum? I'd be appreciative. :)

    Well slap me and call me Susan! I'll be darned. Never mind. I guess I figured it out. Amazing! Ok. I am now officially a "nerd". Well that was akin to having a root canal done. LOL!
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Dar

    Did you cut and paste? Seems like you got most of it.

    Randy Newman plays and sings "Short People" on Youtube. It would
    probably be better if one could understand the lyrics. And there is no
    melody. But other than that...

    I also found a song called "The Long and the Short of It". One
    version is country western. Pleasant tune. The other seems to be
    a different song altogether with the same name. It doesn't have
    any melody either; just some guys jumping up and down.

    I have a vague recollection of a song that went, "Who wears
    short shorts? We wear short shorts". I certainly think short shorts
    looked better than the enormous bloomers those million dollar
    ball players wear today. One of my bridge-playing friends always
    referred to them a "pituitary cases". I wonder why the fashion
    changed. Is there an influential sports designer comparable to
    Channel or Dior or Klein?

    Ah well, life is full of mysteries. As Jeanette and Nelson sang, "Tis
    love and love alone the world is seeking."

  4. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    'Short Shorts' - by The Royal Teens

  5. gb66

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    Way to go "Susan", I mean Dar. :) You did a fantastic job. I must learn to do this, and also must learn to post videos on here. I'm so behind the times! GB
  6. ConfusedInPA

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    Hooray! Dar, you did it! (I'm usually not on the boards in the evening, so I didn't see your posts til this morning.)

    Great job, you "nerd." :)

    My mind is a jukebox again, playing Short Shorts along with Short People and the Too Fat Polka! LOL

    I have to give some thought to adding some tunes to this thread. I'll be back later.

    Diane :)
  7. Darrae

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    Hi all!

    You guys are so funny! I had a heck of a time! Still not sure exactly what all I did, or how I finally got it on the right forum. :confused: But hey! I'll take success any way it comes. LOL!

    In answer to your question Rock, I did copy and paste most of it. I did have to go back and embed the two videos though. I remember Short Shorts. They used it for a t.v. commercial at some point years ago. I think it was maybe a Nair or some sort of razor commercial.

    I thought of the Randy Newman "Short People" song too. Though, I didn't post it. (I'm 5' 2" tall!) I used to hear that one a lot! ;) Speaking of "bloomers" and pituitary cases......I remember when mini-skirts came into fashion.

    My mom and I were talking about it one day and I said to her, "Mom, they say the skirt is supposed to be 10 inches above the knee". "What if you don't have 10 inches"? She laughed until she had tears running down her face. So, short shorts were a problem for me too. Short on tall girls, bloomers on me! LOL.

    Anybody remember Slim Whitman? I used to like his music. Particularly this selection.

    Not my most favorite Queen song, but relevant.

    Liked this one by Alan Jackson very much.

    Have fun folks!


    Whoops! I left, then remembered one I used to love. Think it qualifies:

    Okay, really leavin' now. :D

    Bye Bye!
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I discovered a song called "Skinny Jeans". Actually it doesn't fit the definition of
    what most of us consider a song. Nobody is singing. The Youtube video has
    somebody talking with music thumping in the background. Does that make it
    rap? I read the song was supposed to be anti-crash diets, bulimia, etc. Hard
    to tell since I couldn't understand the lyrics.

    Dar, of course I remember Slim Whitman. Great yodeler. Used to have lots of
    his records. Was listening to a tape a couple days ago that had Slim and Johnny
    and Marty and Tex and Gene and Glen and Roger.

    As the posts on almost every country western video on Youtube indicate, the
    general feeling is that the current country western music is really just inferior pop.
    The real thing and the great singers we loved are gone or in the coda of their lives.

    GB, You want instructions on how to post a video? I think it was Soul and Diane
    who explained it to me. If you like, I'll try to explain the process. Only problem
    is my brain is so addled now. Yesterday I was playing a tape and having a lot of
    confusion over which side had the two songs I was looking for. Uff-da!

    OK, Pards, time ta ride off into the sunset.

  9. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rock, for the offer, but I still get confused when I try to post videos. I think my computer is at fault. :)

    I remember all the old time country music too. When I was a kid I used to listen to them on the radio. That, to me, was real country.

    They played the 'fiddle' a lot. I recall a country singer who used to sing with his daughter Cathy, but can't think of his name.
    Then, there was the Judy Canova program. She had country folks on too.

    I also love Blue Grass music. The Orange Blossom Special, Rocky Top.
    Blue Grass music sounds to me as if it evolved from the Irish Jig. Just has a different tempo. Clogging is also a form of Irish dancing. GB
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  10. Darrae

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    Hi all.

    Rock, GB, don't feel bad about not remembering stuff. Heck. You would not believe what I did at work today. I was to go shopping for the residents today at Hy-Vee and when I went up to relieve Diane at the desk for lunch, (it's always a rat's nest at that time of day), she gave me an envelope for a guy on 3rd floor with his list, room # and stuff on it with no money in it. Then she hands me another envelope from the bookkeeper with his money in it.

    What did I do? Thought I put his $ in the envelope with the list on it. What I actually did was thought I did so, then tossed the old envelope, ($ still in it), into the trash!

    Couldn't figure out why I had no $ in the list envelope when I got to the store. Luckily, nobody had emptied the trash! I figured out what I'd done when I got back and told Di to search the trash can, and lo and behold! There's an envelope with $30.00 in it. Jeepers! I told her, "No more empty envelopes"! From now on, do not give me an envelope with a list if the $ isn't in it.

    For 5 years, the bookkeeper always gave me their $ in an envelope marked. For 5 years, I've never lost anyone's cash.....ever! The new Administrator decided to change the order of things, have Diane give me the envelopes which she's supposed to get money from the bookkeeper for and viola! Chaos! I have yet to wrap my brain around why this is somehow supposed to work better!

    Anyhow, sorry.....I'm done venting now. :confused:

    Pretty song. Tall Dark and handsome!

    Getting flat now. Bye Bye

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Never heard that John Mellencamp song before. "People believe what they wanna
    believe when it makes no sense at all." You only have to read the news to see

    "The days grow short when you reach September." Remember that old song?
    "September Song" by Kurt Weill. He also wrote "My Ship", "Speak Low", "Mack
    the Knife" and various musicals.

    A WW I song titled "Bless 'Em All" was a big hit for the English singer Gracie
    Fields. You can hear her on you-know-where-tube. The lyrics say, "Bless 'em
    All. The long and the short and the tall."

    After WW II, there was a British film with the same title.

    Happy listening
  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I don't really know who John Mellencamp is. I've heard the name before though. Boy, I'm older than I thought!

    I do remember the other ones, Rock. Especially "Bless Them All". GB
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  13. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    I'm back again. I'm on a roll today! LOL

    STAND TALL, Burton Cummings, 1976

    TALL PAUL, Judy Harriet, 1958; also recorded by Annette Funicello

    Diane :)
  14. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Neat choices. I'd never heard Tall Paul. I'm surprised. I used to be an Annette Funicello fan.

    Here's a couple you likely haven't heard either. I'm a Queen fan. The band who did "We are The Champions".

    Here's one from Leo Sayer from 1976

    This one...........well, I just like it.

    Have fun all!

  15. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Good videos Dar. You sure do know a lot of songs. It's easy to see that you love music! GB
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Thanks GB. Here are some just plain funnies!

    Have fun all!

    Love N' Hugs
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hard to think of songs in this category. There's Five Foot Two,
    Eyes of Blue. The title tells us how tall his girl is.

    Leo Sayer's video of Long Tall Glasses was posted on another thread
    sometime ago by Diane.

    Bonnie Guitar recorded a song called The Tallest Tree. I think
    she wrote it too.

    And here's Bonnie with a Christmas song. Probably wrote this one too.
    The title is Christmastime is Here which also seems to also be the title
    of a song from Charlie Brown's Christmas Special.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, here are a few more;

    There's a Long, Long Trail A-winding. A song written by two college boys a
    century ago.

    Long Black Train. A sort of country western hymn. Sung by Josh Turner.

    And looking for a song on Youtube I came across an educational piece
    called The Long and Short Vowels Song.

    Life's Too Short is a song written for the Disney movie Frozen. Apparently
    it wound up on the cutting room floor.

    And then there's the old favorite that both Nelson Eddy and Ethel Mae
    Potter sang: Shortening Bread.

  19. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock, Good songs. Every time I hear 'Shortening Bread' I think of Ethel Mae Potter (Mertz) too.

    Did you ever notice that on one episode of I Love Lucy, Fred called her Ethel Louise? I always wondered about that. GB
  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    The song below was originally written by Peter Paul and Mary. It's long, but worth a listen.

    Then there's always the childhood song:

    I remember singing Shortnin' Bread when I was a school girl in chorus. Boy! That takes me back! :)