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    Starting a new thread. Be sure to read the last ones on Homebound Chat #2.
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    Hi Kids

    Just finished making some carrot juice. We put an apple or two in it for a
    little sweetness. Also to keep the doctor away. But you have to drink it
    up quickly. Without any chemicals in it, it turns a dark color in just a day
    or two. Looks like it might be poisonous; of course it isn't.

    We did errands today. Took some back to the library and picked some up.
    I also bought a paperback that was previously a library book. The price was
    reasonable: ten cents. I hope it's good because the author has written several
    other books. I used to say Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee were great
    authors, but they only wrote one book apiece. Now it turns out Harper
    wrote another one before she wrote To Kill A Mocking Bird, and it's
    being published!

    We also went to the market. We've been going to that Ralphs store for decades,
    but the strip mall raised the rent, so they are moving. Whole Foods is moving
    in. Illustrating that we are still in a recession, the mall has 6 or 7 stores. Three
    of them have been vacant for years. All chain stores or franchises including a

    And then we went to a small Wal*Mart on the edge of downtown LA to
    pick up some meds. The parking lot is underground beneath a large apt.
    complex. As we were walking toward the store entrance I saw the cutest
    little Asian girl; maybe three. She had shoes with flashing lights. Was
    running after her mother.

    What was alarming was that her mother was 20 feet ahead of her. And
    we were in a parking garage with cars driving around. Far too many
    incompetent parents in the world.

    The book I bought it titled "Sunshine". Hope your day has been sunny.

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    Thanks for starting the new thread GB.

    Rock, How neat that Harper Lee's getting another book published! To Kill a Mocking Bird was one of my favorite books. Atticus Finch was one of my most favorite characters ever. I was enthralled with the movie an Gregory Peck's portrayal of Atticus was outstanding.

    I agree with you regarding incompetent parents these days. Seems to be rampant. I've seen similar scenarios of late.

    Wishing you and all on the forum a Sunny Day as well.

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    Hi Kids

    Dar, did you ever see an English film called "The Million Pound Note"? The star
    was Gregory Peck. The movie was supposed to be a comedy, but should really
    be classified as disaster film. Surely one of the worst scripts ever. According
    to Wikipedia, the script was based on a story by Mark Twain.

    Anyhoo I saw it on Youtube. It was so bad I figured it must be Peck's first
    film. But it came out in the mid 50s, and he had done dozens of films by that
    time. Can't imagine why he did it. Tax considerations maybe?

    Things are quiet here. Gordon is repotting orchids for a friend and doing the
    laundry. For 15 years I did the laundry because I only worked part time,
    and we had laundry facilities at home. Nowadays with my back and other
    problems, I don't do much of anything.

    We had wildlife in the backyard yesterday. Humming birds and a little grey
    bird of some sort and a yellow butterfly. A squirrel ran along the top
    of our wall.

    When we lived two miles West of here, I used to feed the feral cats. Three
    of them were tame. Loved to come in the house and nap. Other critters
    came to enjoy the cat kibble: skunks, possums, and raccoons. Mama had
    4 youngsters. All the wild animals except the possums were comfortable with
    people. Would come within a few feet of me.

    A neighbor lady used to get annoyed with me. Didn't like having the
    cats around. I was tempted to tell her to spend her time taking care of her
    own affairs. Like her husband who worked out at the gym regularly but never
    had a job. I'm sure she was glad when we moved out.

    Gotta bunch of books at the library yesterday. Have just about finished the
    John Stanford thriller. About to start P. G. Wodehouse's account of his years
    writing for Broadway.

    Hugs to you and GB.
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    Hi All,


    I've never seen "The Million Pound Note". It is hard to imagine Gregory Peck in a "lemon film". He was always one of my favorite actors. Must've been a weak moment for him to have done a bad film. I'm also a huge fan of Jimmy Stewart. I'd watch just about anything with him in it.

    I wish I had more time and the inclination to read. I read so much at work, have such a crazy schedule, need to be asleep asap when I get home, spend my weekends trying to rest when I can, and with my eyesight having undergone a change, I just haven't for the last couple years.

    I miss it. All of my life, previously from the time I could read at all, I read daily. I used to devour novels. I have a large library in the south bedroom. I think my favorite book ever was "The Picture of Dorian Grey". I found it in the attic of a house I was renting when I was 18 and it became one of my most prized possessions. I have a couple movie versions saved on my computer so I can watch them now and then.

    Most of my favorite books, when I find them in a movie version I watch. I loved "Mid Summer's Night Dream". I'm a fan of Shakespeare as well.

    The life changes we go through as a result of our conditions do make us much more limited. I'm sure Gordon doesn't mind doing the laundry. It is frustrating, though, when one loses the capacity to do some of the things that used to come so easily.

    Right about now I would give most anything to see a hummingbird or butterfly. It would mean the weather has warmed up! Last night it was 24 degrees below zero here! Not including the wind chill. We're looking at possible moisture and freezing by tomorrow. Oi!

    When my parents were still alive and living in this house, the squirrels that liked to hang out in the maple tree out back got so tame that they'd come up and eat walnuts right out of my Dad's hand. I, too, am an animal lover.

    When my daughter moved back home again a month or so ago, with her came her new kitten, "Inky". We are convinced she is a reincarnation of my beloved Pyewackett. She has all the habits, personality, copper eyes, and huge tail and feet to grow into, that Pye had. She's also very intelligent, a voracious beggar at the table, and she "trills". She does, however, have a white tip on her tail and a wing shaped patch of white fur on her lower abdomen. I taught her to sit up and beg in doggie fashion the way Pye used to. I only had to show her once. She automatically does it every time food is offered now.

    Darci says Inky was born around the time that Pye was leaving us and that when Pye went to Heaven he jumped into Inky as they were putting his halo and wings on him! LOL. She is so cute. When she walks through a dark room her little white tipped tail reminds me of a lightening bug. I actually slipped the other night when she was begging chicken from me and called her Pye. She looked so much like him. I've fallen in love with her.

    It makes me think, perhaps, when Darci is more stable and can live on her own, that I might adopt another Bombay. A kitten. The 18 year old Siamese, KoKo, is enjoying playing with her and warmed up to her quickly. Boo Boo, the 9 year old shorthair, does not share the warm feelings. She growls and hisses at her when she wants to play. She doesn't seem to mind eating with her, though, when Inky does the begging for the both of them as Pye used to. Her friendship is "selective".

    You'd mentioned Gordon re-potting flowers for a friend. I was totally bowled over last Friday when I came home to find a floral box on my dining room table. When I opened the card it was from my fella of the last 12 years! (The one who lives some miles away). First time in 12 years he's ever sent me flowers! I completely forgot the cruddy day I'd had and the aches and pains. A smile just spread out all over my face. Sometimes one simple gesture can make such a difference on one's day! We're going to go to dinner some time this week.

    He seems to be inclined to get closer and spend more time with me of late. I am not objecting. I'd been hoping this "progress" would materialize. It's nice to have someone to be close to. I've lived alone for 15 years without much intimacy or adult company. This is a good thing. We've reached an age where, perhaps, he's feeling that it's time before we both take a "dirt nap". Ha Ha!

    Have a great night Rock, GB, everyone and a very happy tomorrow. :)

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    Rock and Dar, I've enjoyed reading your posts today so much.

    We have had so many little critters in our backyard over the 20+ years that we've lived in our current home. We have pictures in an album, "Our Backyard Critters". Also, many photos online. My husband took them, and they look professional to me. We should make a calendar.

    We had a raccoon that came to our backyard for about 3 years for his dinner. He first showed up in a tree when he was a baby. He was all alone and very timid. Out neighbor's cat had a fit when he saw him. She went up the tree and got stuck! Took all day to coax her down to the ladder so he (the neighbor) could grab her.

    We've also had lots of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and possums. We had a huge hawk that regularly swooped down to grab the little critters for his lunch. Hated to see that.

    Dar, I was having trouble reading for many years due to the smaller print in most books so I bought a Kindle E-reader. I can adjust the print, now I read so many books! I love it. I thought it would take away from the reading experience not to be able to hold a book but it hasn't.

    That was a wonderful surprise for you, the flowers. Sounds like you have a nice fella there!

    Rock, Sometimes I feel bad too because I can't do much around the house any more, but sometimes it's nice not to have to! :) Blessing or curse, you be the judge! Seriously, I would love to be able to do a load of laundry again and especially would love to go shopping at the mall.

    Take care everybody. GB
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    Hi Kids

    I've been helping Gordon with the garden. We are putting the finishing
    touches on the chicken coop that the handyman put together. It's
    not really a chicken coop. Just looks like one. It's a wooden frame with
    chicken wire and shade clothe stretched over it to protect the orchids from
    too much sun. For folks what can't afford a green house.

    Yesterday we stapled the shade cloth in place. Today we pulled out many
    of the staples and moved things around. It was kinda like Laurel and Hardy
    only not so funny. I have no dexterity whatsoever. Any do it yourself project
    I attempt usually ends up as a botch it yourself project.

    Dar, I like some Shakespeare myself. Especially the ones we read in
    school or the ones that Verdi made into operas. I once tried to read
    Titus Andronicus. Couldn't get through it. Later I read it was his
    most unpopular play although Wikipedia said it was popular during
    his lifetime.

    I saw a couple Shakespeare plays at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.
    It was built about the time I got out of school. Tyrone Guthrie was
    the director for the first few years. I saw him at an intermission once.
    He looked like a bum. Rumpled clothes that didn't match. No tie;
    tennis shoes. Very tall.

    Now, here we are half a century later and already they've built a
    new Guthrie theater. I'll have to look at Youtube; see if there
    are videos of it.

    Anyway I learned that you don't need all those footnotes explaining
    what words meant centuries ago. The actors convey the meaning
    with their voices, expressions and reactions.

    GB, the raccoons are cute as the dickens. When I was a kid there was
    a fellow with a pet raccoon named Josephine. He used to catch those
    big, green grasshoppers for her lunch.

    Some people are afraid of them. Say they might have rabies. Have
    you seen the red pandas on Youtube? They look like a combination
    raccoon and red fox. Absolutely adorable!

    Gonna lie down and read some more of my James Herriot book
    on dogs. He's the "All Creatures Great and Small" vet.

  8. gb66

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    Rock, I was concerned about "our" racoon too because they were talking about rabies a lot that year. They dropped some sort of packets for wild animals that contained a vaccine in our area but I never quite understood how that was supposed to work.

    We put his food at the edge of the back yard in the wooded area to keep him away from the house. When he first showed up he would come to the patio door and the bird feeder. Making a place for him to eat solved that problem.

    We couldn't find an agency to pick up and release him so we just let him be. He stayed for about 3 years and had lots of good meals. Never came up to the house again. His favorite foods were bananas and beef stew. :) GB
  9. rockgor

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    Pretty cosmopolitan raccoon, GB. Bananas and beef stew. When I was a kid I had
    a black rabbit. His favorite food was apples. He used to make chirping noises now
    and then. Apparently he did bird imitations to amuse his friends.

    We worked on the chicken coop this morning. I think it's all done now. Gordon
    moved his plants back in. It has an appealing sort of home-made tackiness.
    Kinda like something you might find on Ma and Pa Kettle's farm.

    You guys ever see a Ma and Pa Kettle movie? They first appeared in The
    Egg and I. Then made several movies in which they were the main
    characters. I was a teen then. I never found them funny. Sad;
    poignant; but never funny. Anyhoo in 1975 I went with a friend to visit
    friends of his who had just bought a house in Venice. (The one in
    CA; not in Italy.) There were a couple white roses on the coffee table.
    From Marjorie Maine's funeral.

    I spent most of the day in bed sleeping. Too bad that for most of us waking
    up no longer means feeling rested and full of energy to tackle the day.

    Gordon ran a few errands. He bought a spray bottle (like a Windex dispenser)
    someplace. Wallmart maybe. Anyway he tested it before buying. Put some
    water from a drinking fountain in it.

    So as he was checking out he said something to the clerk about how these
    bottle often don't work too well. She promptly aimed it at her face and
    pulled the trigger. Kinda like a Laurel and Hardy movie. Good thing
    she had a roll of paper towels handy.

    Dar, how lucky to find another kitty that reminds you of your beloved
    Pyewackett. James Harriot talks a lot about the personality of animals,
    especially dogs. Gotta check the library. I think he might have a newer
    book out.

    How nice to get flowers. Is it better when they are a surprise rather than
    on a special day? Or are they just nice any old time?

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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Slept most of the afternoon. We are going to the library and the
    market in an hour or two. (It's only 5:40 PM here.) My eyes hurt. Used to
    be they were sore every morning for some years. Now it only happens occasionally.
    Who can make any sense out of these crazy symptoms?

    Gordon had an orchid meeting last night. As usual he came home with a
    couple more orchids. Well, we have a lotta space in the back yard. The
    problems is orchids have to be cared for. And California is still in drought

    We have 11 books on hold to pick up including: a biography of Marty Robbins;
    a book by Dick Cavett; one by P.G. Wodehouse and various thrillers and
    cookbooks. I put Dave Barry's latest on hold months ago. Still waiting for
    that one.

    Dar, hope things are OK with you and the kids and Inky. GB, are you
    reading anything on your Kindle? I think 'Kindle' is not really an apt
    choice for a name. To me it suggests a book burning. Never tried one;
    might be too tricky for me. Oops! Gordon say the feral cat is outside.
    I'd better take care of the livestock.

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    Hi Rock, Sounds like you've been getting lots of sleep. I'm up for an hour or so to take some pain med for an aching shoulder. I think it's the arthritis acting up from the cold weather.

    I'm always reading on the Kindle! Just started a new mystery yesterday. I love a good mystery or even a bad one. :)
    I wondered where that name came from too. There are thousands of books available on these e-readers. Many of them are free or very low cost. Well worth the investment.

    Well, going to rest/sleep some more. Be back later, GB
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    Hi Kids

    How is your shoulder, GB? Does your arthritis bother you all the time or
    just now and then? I guess I have some arthritis because my knuckles are
    all swollen and ugly (I had to give up my career as a hand model). Maybe
    it contributes to my bad back. I dunno. Got too many ailments to sort 'em
    all out.

    Bought an Erma Bombeck paperback at the library. It's from the 80s. I read
    all her books back then. But she's worth rereading. She was a colorful writer.
    She said the same thing my mother did. Boys are easier to raise than girls.

    Did not watch the Oscars tonight. Ha! Haven't watched that program
    for many decades. The movies and stars of today are totally irrelevant to
    me. Gordon saw part of it. He said Julie Andrews made an appearance.
    Julie is 5 years older than I. Always looks about 30-40 years young than
    I though. Maybe Youtube will have a clip of her appearance.

    Has your weather warmed up, Dar? 24 below zero is pretty cold for Illinois.
    The coldest I ever saw in Minnesota was 29 below. I stopped in a restaurant.
    It was so cold the moisture in the air formed thin sheets of ice on the windows;
    inside the place. When I lived in northern Minn. it was much colder than
    the southern part where I grew up. The temp was 20 below at night, and
    warmed up to 5 above during the day. Stayed that way for about 3 months.
    Spent one year there, and then moved south to Minneapolis.

    And speaking of warming up, is Boo Boo any friendlier to Inky now?
    I've been feeding the feral cat for about 2 years. It yowls when it
    wants food. When I come out with food, it hisses at me. Reminds me
    of some of those countries our government keeps sending aid to.

    Been raining here the last 2 days. Every time we get rain now, the
    official word is: This is still not enough to offset 3 years of drought.

  13. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Rock, My shoulder is still aching, it's moved down into my arm too. I'm pretty sure it's arthritis, it is a different kind of pain than the fibro.

    It's been raining a lot lately and I think that makes it worse. The dryer cold doesn't seem to bother me much anymore but the wet weather and cold make me ache.

    I have those knobby knuckles also. One is huge, one doc said it was a cyst, another said maybe it's gout! So not. I know it's arthritis.

    I used to love Erma Bombeck's column in the newspaper. I read some of her books. I think one was called "The Grass Grows Greener Over the Septic Tank". It really does too. When I was a kid we had a watermellon patch growing over ours.

    Didn't ever eat any of the melons though. We did have some baby diamond back rattler's in there once, (lived in FL then). My sister and I were counting watermelons one day and she looked up at me and calmly said there was a snake in there.

    I looked, and it was a rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike. We ran screaming to get my grandma and she killed it with a shovel. Mama could do anything, she was one tough lady, raised on a farm. :)

    I didn't watch the Oscar's either, never see any of the recent movies so it's not very interesting. I do like to see the fashions on the Red Carpet though. I just finished watching a film about the 15 most influential movies, they left out some that I think should have had a place on the list. Wizard of Oz, E.T., Casablanca, and I'm sure there are others.

    I haven't seen Dar on here for a few days. I'm sure she'll be back soon. I miss the folks who used to post on here regularly. I've been meaning to ask, where is Jamin? Did she leave the board?

    Take care, GB
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB

    I don't know what GB stands for from your point of view, but I always think of it
    as "Good Buddy". I forgot to say that the book I was reading was titled, "Motherhood:
    the Second Oldest Profession." That explains my comment about raising boys or
    girls. Even though I proofread, my posts are full of typos and omissions and general
    goofiness. Some of them I fix by proofreading. Others we just have to live with.

    This may be a silly question, but if nobody ate the watermelons, why grow them?
    Maybe they were fed to the livestoc? Lots of videos on Youtube showing various
    zoo critters enjoying melons.

    Yes, I agree with you on the movies. The 3 you mentioned were all popular. I'm
    sure people are still watching them today. Never saw any snakes in SE Minnesota
    except garter snakes which I used to catch. But in 6th grade a farm kid brought
    a baby rattler to school. He had it in a mason jar. I was amazed when he
    unscrewed the lid and put in a dish of water for his pet.

    Nobody made the slightest fuss. You know what would happen today. The
    cops, Homeland Security, The FBI, the Haze Mat folks would all come
    running. The school would be closed. TV trucks and reporters etc.

    Yes, I wish some of our posters would return to Capistrano. I suppose they
    just don't feel up to it. Are you asking about Jaminhealth? There were some
    posts several months saying she had been expelled from the board. There was
    no official explanation though. I followed her recommendations regarding
    some supplements several years ago. Found them very helpful although
    after a few years, the improvement seemed to dwindle away.

    Been raining here too. Last two days. Sunny weather is now predicted with
    temps in the 60s and 70s. It was cold and damp when I woke up a few
    hours ago. I put on the electric heater for a while. As my mother used to
    say, 'Just to take the chill outta the air'.


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    I was saying in another post that I think GB should stand for 'Going Bananas' cause I feel like I am most of the time. :)

    I think raising boys was much harder than raising girls. The boys were much messier and louder! Louder music, for sure.

    About the watermelons, the only livestock we had were a dog and two cats. :) We didn't live on a farm in FL but my grandmother had grown up on one. We did go back to visit a few times though. I loved it there.

    I don't think we planted watermelons, they just appeared one day and my little sister and I always pulled them off the vine before they were fully ripe so they were awful tasting. We were just kids. Cute kids however!

    Our rain has stopped but the chill is still in the air too. I hope the winter storms end soon. Some of my grandkids are in the middle of it. GB
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB

    Oh, I get it. The watermelons were volunteers. Gordon and I used to live in a
    big old house a couple miles W of here. The front yard had pavers. There were
    4 o'clocks growing in the spaces between them. The landlord said they were
    volunteers. He never planted them.

    My mother had 4 o'clocks in Minnesota. She used them for a border. The
    flowers opened late in the afternoon. We had sphinx moths that came to suck
    the necter. Big, slow moving insects. We kids used to catch them; then let
    them go. They were a beautiful brown and orange insect. Have never seen
    them anywhere else.

    Well, I was doing a post on the porch. Got thrown off the page. Came over here
    same problem. Guess I'll hang it up for a while. Talk atcha later as one
    of our posters used to say.

  17. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Rock, I think we probably dropped some seeds while eating watermelon and they just took hold, like Jack and the beanstalk. Instead of giants though, we got snakes!

    I've not heard of 4 o'clocks. I'll have to look that up. We didn't have much in the way of flowers in FL, just a lot of sand and sandspurs, palmetto trees, and fruit trees.

    My grandmother did bring one tree from her home that isn't native to FL, it was a pink mimosa and it's still there in what used to be our front yard. I saw it on Google earth!

    When we left FL I was amazed to see things like wild flowers, mountains, snow, and friendlier people! :) There are, of course a lot of friendly folks in FL but we lived in a big city and things moved very quickly. Not really the deep south there, just a southern location.

    I still miss the ocean and the sunshine. Like they say, you get sand in your shoes and you want to stay. GB
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Gordon posted another pic of one of his orchids on the
    Porch thread. He got a smart phone from QVC for a hundred bucks last month.
    Is having lots of fun with it. Three of his relatives have dropped by the house to
    instruct him on using the complicated thing. And a member of his orchid club
    showed him how to post pics. He starts by taking the photograph and then
    e mailing it to our computer.

    Amazing. I remember in the 70s the boss took me for a ride to downtown Los
    Angeles. He bought an pocket calculator from Texas Instruments. Cost $100.
    Went back to the office and demonstrated same. Everybody was amazed.

    A few years later law firms were giving the calculators away to clients. I
    I got one. Used for a decade of so before it gave up the ghost.

    One of Gordon's younger brothers is moving back in. Sometimes he lives
    with his wife. Sometimes here. The underlying dynamic of the situation is
    a mystery to me.

    Is that sand in the shoes thing really a saying? I always thought sand in
    anything, shoes, swimsuit, bed, car, was uncomfortable.

    Looked up the mimosa tree. Wow! They are beautiful. In some of the
    pics they look more like a big shrub than a tree. I had a mimosa to drink
    one time. Champagne and orange juice. It was at the new and elegant
    Century Plaza Hotel where Presidents and such like stayed. Oops.
    Gotta go. Computer is acting up.

  19. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I looked up the mimosa tree, some call it a tree, some call it a bush and even a weed! I always heard mimosa tree. They can grow to 6 feet tall. They have beautiful blossoms but I don't recall a fragrance.

    Another beautiful tree of the south is the magnolia. Years ago we had one in our front yard when we lived in a different house. It was so pretty. One of our neighbors has one too.

    I looked up 'sand in your shoes'. It was a popular Florida saying, "Once you get Florida sand in your shoes, you'll never want to leave". There was a book written in 1908 by that title and also a song and a poem. It's been used for any place that has sand or sandy beaches, and makes you want to stay there or return. I heard this while growing up in Fla. (It's true) :) GB
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    Hi Kids

    It's 69 degrees here; on its way to 70. Supposed to be 77 tomorrow. Despite
    all that I'm cold. I'm wearing my red and black lumberjack shirt and my
    sweatshirt that says, "Uff-da! and my thermal top, but I'm still cold. I
    suspect it's due to my diabetes.

    Gordon is at the beauty parlor. Actually it's a beauty school. He's been going
    there for decades. Always comes back and tells me what the students are up to.
    'The one who cut my hair today is going to graduate next month. She already
    has a job lined up. Then she'll be able to quit her part time job. etc."

    He's been wearing an Afro ever since I met him 35 years ago . Until last time he
    had his hair done he just got a regular cut. No Afro. Did I have trouble recognizing
    him? Well, not really.

    Today is trash pickup day. Tomorrow is street sweeping. Tomorrow is going to
    be a big problem with no parking on our side of the street plus no parking on
    the other side because a film crew will be here. Really, big cities are not
    conducive to healthful living. Always something stressful going on. BTW,
    I guess that's the first time I've ever used the word "conducive". I spelled it
    like it sounds. But the "ess" sound comes from a "c". This illustrates that
    there is always something new to learn in the world.

    You know almost everything in the world has changed since we were kids: the
    number of states; the size of our population; the number of planets, the
    color of stop signs. Only last week another element was added to the
    periodic table. It's the element of surprise!

    Well, Gordon is back with beauty school news. The school will be closed
    for an unspecified period of time. It is moving. Apparently to a different
    floor in the same building. Musta got wanderlust or something.

    (Didn't have the energy to write a new post, so I cut and pasted from the
    porch thread.) :rolleyes:

    Hugs, Kids