Homemade soap?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hurt_allover, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    does anyone make their on? I have gotten all my ingredients to make homemade lye soap but the problem is its no LYE you can not make soap with no LYE.
    I went to purchase some lye..I remember the red devil brand. My dad used to worm the hogs with it. anyway, after inquiring about it at all the Local stores I got some really rude and funny looks! and told no they dont carry it or didnt know what it was!
    fast forward, I found out that LYE is used by a certain group of people to make homemade drugs with. no wonder I was getting the funky LOOKs!

    I did my research and finally found some very cheap but its 40 miles away. I am tempted to buy it all when I get to the store but on the other hand kinda scared to if you know what I mean? LOL
    so, my other question would be does anyone have any really easy smell good homemade soap recipes you care to share?
    I have made my mind to do the hot process first then maybe try my hand at the cold later.
  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I've Been making soap for about a year except i use the Melt and pour Method,,,,,,,add a little food coloring and some essential oils and scented oils and pour it into molds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Have not tried the cold press or hot press methods yet,,,,,,,I do know you can get the Red Devil Lye on E-Bay,,,,,,,,,,It's a fun hobby!

    I just order the melt and pour soap base of of e-bay and mix alittle shea oil in with it and put it in a glass measureing cup and melt it in the Microwave,,,,,

    add like 3 drops of green or blue food coloring and a few drops of vanilla scented oil ,,,,,pour into plastic molds (also available on e-bay,,,,,,let it set for 24 hr's and remove it and wrap it in plastic wrap,,,,,it's a great hand soap!

  3. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    thank you! that sounds easy enough too! I can see myself doing that and it actually turning out to be soap..LOL
    yeah, I seen the lye on ebay..I am very cheap..sigh, but I did purchase me 2 soap molds by milkyway off ebay. they are the ovals and squares ones for a reg size bar. I can not see myself whittling away at soap with my hands and fingers paining me to death. The square molds have soap on them and I found that "cute". Like all hobbies...I know you can go all out and purchase soap boxes and cutters but I wont do that. I want to use what I have around the house like the cardboard box lined with trash bags is more in line with my pocket book and I already have the antique cookie cutter/biscuit cutters.
    With the food coloring does it "fade" out of the bar after so much time has passed and usage? I also read somewhere where you can use crayon's for color?
    Also, do you know if you can use fabric dyes in your soap for the color? do you know if it will get on you and stain you the color of your soap? cause a rash ect? sorry for so many questions...its just that I read what they put in soap, shampoos, conditioners, fabric softners, sheets and underarm deo..the chemicals that they are putting in this stuff causes all kinds of health problems...I will leave it at that..I want to make this soap for other reasons than just a hobbie its for my familys health too..plus I am sooooo excited about the process and learn all I can and have all the ingredients before even attempting to start it. again thank you for your recipe!! I have it copied and will try it after the hot process..although, yours is a whole lots simpler and eaiser I should try it first!
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I was gonna tell ya Sis made Soap only I couldn't remember who it was and she



    me too it anyway.

    If you go to above site you canget some info and other addresses.

    The pioneers used to make lye. They put wood ashes in a trough was a slot at the bottom and poured water thru.

    The resulting soap was harsh w/ no perfume or hand lotion in it.

    I wouldn't want to mess around w/ lye. I'm too clumsy.


  5. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Have never used anything besides food coloring ,,,,yep it does hold it's color and doesn't get on your clothes as long as you are very careful and just use only 2-3 drops per batch,,,,,,,,,Sorry don't know about the fabric dye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But making it in the molds eliminates all the cutting etc,,,,,,,Lye is Messy i hear,,,,,,Rock gave you a great web site!,,,,,,,,,Also use a wooden spoon to do the stiring,,,,,,,,they have all sorts of cool molds on ebay,,,,,,,S
  6. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    that web site and found nothing that I could use or that I didnt know already. thanks anyway rock. OOPS!! oh yes I did!! the little video about camping out and have no soap to bath with..you get some birtch leaves in a large baggie and add cold water then hot water and shake it all up in the baggie and the leaves will release something in them into the water and make a soap..that was a keeper..providing there is a birtch tree near the camping spot. LOL
    sis have you looked into spices and roots and other things that make natural colors yet? I am interested in that aspect of the soap making/coloring process also.
    I found that thyme will make your soap yellow. I have also been looking at the swirl method too.
    thanks for your tip on using the wood spoon..hummm I was just gonna use an old hard plastic spoon I guess but was conserned about it melting because I know the lye can get up to 200 degrees. I really didnt put that much thought into the spoon issue with being more so focused on the ingredients and color part! but since you mention it I will put it in my "must start with recipe". now I just have to purchase one. I will start with the food coloring then after I get the first batch and providing it turns out good I may go ahead an experiment with the other color methods.
  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Well i did one batch with dried lavender and found that it doesn't do well with the M&P method so stopped doing that,,,,,,,This method of Melt and pour is just the easy way to do it!,,,,,,yes the wooden spoon is a must!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I wish you luck! sounds like your going to do the cold press method,,,,let me know how it turns out!,,,,,,

    P.s. Wanted to add that if you get the regular basic white opaque M&P soap base it's always really good to get the shea base also or the honey,,,or the olive oil base to go with it!,,,,,,,This will balance the out the moisture and lathering of the soap bar!
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  8. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I think that soda lye is just sodium hydroxide which can be bought at most hardware stores for under $5 a gallon.

    Potassium lye, I think is in most oven cleaner sprays.

    For soap making, I assume either can be used, though I'm not sure what concentrations of lye needed.

    I suppose lye could easily eat holes in clothing. I think lye is good for dissolving the tissue in bodies, though a I think a second treatment with acid is needed to get rid of bones. (Never tried it myself.)

    One of my pet peeves (or I'm jealous) is the way that hydrochloric acid can be bought for about $5 in a hardware store, but with simple relabeling is sold as "Pool Acidifier" for $20 dollars a bottle in a pool store.

    I sort of remember some sort of humorous song from childhood about "Grandma's lysol, down in the valley" but not very well. Maybe it was "Mrs O'reilly, down in the valley". Or maybe I'm confusing two songs.

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  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Couldn't you buy the Lye online? The delivery charge would probably be cheaper than the cost of gas.
  10. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    the cold process is when you have to let your soap sit and cure - weeks to months. the hot process is when you can use your soap the same day its made at least thats what I am gathering in my research of the project. either way I am going to jump in with both feet and "give er a go".
    MAD you made me laugh out loud! I can assure you I wont be finding out if it in fact needs a second treatment to get rid of them bones!!! LOL
    To answer another question about buying on line and paying shipping compaired to buying the gas..yes and no. you can pick up the lye pretty cheap on line but the shipping on this stuff is plumb silly. I can put that money in my gas tank. My husband go's to the area where I found the lye ever once in a while because of work so I wil be patcient and wait to get my lye for four dollars and some change for 2 lbs of it.
    Sis, I have olive oil, several flavors of eo's, lard (pork) and vegetable oil, and beef and veggie greese? I heard that the beef tallow was better for a harder bar that last longer but does not lather well unless you add other lighter oils to it is this correct? I also have almond oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil. now I am working on getting some herbs so far I have chamomille,Mint, and ordered some horsetail off ebay. I dont plan on putting the herbs in the soap raw..I was going to seeap them in hot water and use the herb water from the herbs..dont want to take a bath and have leaves and steams floating about and stuck to my unmentionables. if I could just figure out the color thingy completely although, you give me the food coloring tip which I will use that first.
    I also know that you have to have your base oils and your lye water then you have to have your other ingredients layed out in a recipe..like mesurement in oz to expect a nice soap when all is said and done.
    I do have the lye caculator so that is going to help me put my recipes together..but, I am lazy and being the first time trying this I wanted to do a recipe that was a no brainer and very easy..like garunteed to work recipe. LOL I will let you know if my first batch is a sucess or a complete flop which could very well happen.

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