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    I have recently had excellent help from a homeopathic doctor. I have had chronic weakness/fatigue for 25 years. The culprit turned out to be yeast in my body. He gave me a homeopathic remedy and I started to feel better within twenty-four hours. The cost $100 for one hour plus $25.00 for each of two bottles of medicine. This was not covered by insurance. There are now doctors who qualify as both regular physicians and homeopathic doctors but the one nearest me has a three year waiting period to get in. You only need go once. I would urge anyone to give it a chance.
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    I've been working with a homeopath for a year now. I began in the middle of my 3rd neuro attack in the past 5 years-with progressive neurological symptoms. A year later I am stabilized and functioning again (not homebound)-but far from well. I'm not sure if I have had some recovery like I have had after each attack /but not back to baseline before each attack or if it is truly the homeopathy working. Homeopathy is definitely an art. The jury is still out for me. I'm trying to keep an open mind--a recent nobel prize winner wrote an article on water memory and how homeopathy does retain the "memory" of the original substance. In the large scheme of things we no so little about ourselves, our bodies, our planet, the universe and god. So I continue to keep an open mind. I pay 80.00/month for each consult. I hate shelling out my savings, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to what I've spent on testing, MRI's, lyme doctors etc etc

    This is an expensive disease. But I continue to believe that healing is possible.

    I also do a gluten free, dairy, soy, sugar/sweetner, egg free diet wiht high high raw content and low sat fat and I exercise,pray and meditate. Doing it all!

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