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    Hello all,

    Hope everyone's feeling as well as they can be.

    i was just wondering if anyone's tried homeopathic human growth hormone spray and found results? there's an article bout hgh and fm, and how low levels may contribute to it.

    I've just started it, but am not sure what to think. it's funny how with this dd, you're willing to try anything...since its homeopathic, i think its safe because it just "promotoes" pituatary gland function?

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    Hi Peachrie!

    I don't post often because I'm generally too tired, but I do read.

    I'll start by saying that I have hypopituitarism - which means that the pituitary does not function. In addition I have CFS and FM.

    Because of the pituitary mal-function my body is deficient in many endocrine hormones, one of them being growth hormone. In order to function all the deficient hormones are being replaced....again, including growth hormone.

    Growth hormone is now being used as the new anti-aging drug, and is being marketed in every which way possible.

    However, since I'm on growth hormone I can attest to the fact that the "real" drug is very tightly controlled and difficult to get without proper authority.

    Each year it takes me about one month to have all the entities involved to approve the growth hormone for another year for me. Additionally, my progress with it is watched and tested very carefully as there are side effects that can be undesirable.

    Having said all that, and realizing that I'm on pure growth hormone, I can't help but wonder what is actually in the supplements that are being sold. I honestly haven't researched it to find out, but before the pharmauceticals made growth hormone, it was derived from animals....causing other problems with diseases that could be transferred to humans.

    I've seen shows where radiologists (yes, radiologists) are doling out "growth hormone" to patients....as far as I know, radiologists cannot prescribe, nor can any legit doctor get growth hormone.

    I feel so badly for the people that are paying thousands of dollars for a single treatment of I really don't know what.

    Sorry for the long ramble, but I see a lot of people taking advantage of others using the growth hormone scheme and I feel badly about it.

    If something works for you, by all means use it. I just wanted to share my limited knowledge and opinion of the growth hormone issue because it's so rampant out there, seemingly taken from a very real disease and then expoited.


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    Hi everyone,

    After reading peachrie's post I felt I should also respond because I too, have a growth hormone deficiency and I take daily injections of Sompatrope to treat it.

    It is very important to understand that HGH must only be used by people who have been tested and whose test results show that there is an actual deficiency. For those who do not have a deficiency, the side-affects can cause serious adverse health affects.

    I was already being treated for another disorder when the endrocronologist recommended I get tested for a possible deficiency. I noticed after several treatments that the chronic pain from FM seemed to decrease some, and my energy levels and endurance increased.

    Since the symptoms of FM lessened a bit, it is worth asking your physician to conduct a simple blood test to see if you have low levels of Insulin Growth Factor (IGF). If the levels are low, then the doctor can do further stimulation tests to see if there is an actual hormone deficiency.

    All of the research I have done has discounted the effectiveness of HGH in all but the injectible form. So be weary of any other type of HGH you buy.

    Good Luck with your journey!!!