Homeopathic rememdy for acute pain - it works for me!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ninkinindy, May 17, 2014.

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    I've dabbled in homeopathy off and on for decades. Several months ago found a combined remedy which helps tremendously with the acute muscle and joint pain I get after strenuous (for me) exercise or activity. This might be from a lot of walking or more organized activity at my gym, or from cleaning out my storage unit, or even spending several hours cleaning. The manufacturer is Newton Homeopathics and the remedy is "Inflammation." It works very very well for me, and has no side effects. The liquid form (dropper in bottle) is more convenient but the pellet form is much less expensive per dose, which is important since I use a lot. Newton has many other combination remedies, and I haven't tried any others. (I just looked back at their website and saw several that I think I'll try). I've noticed there is considerable overlap so when I buy another product I will check the ingredients to make sure I'm not getting essentially the same thing with 2 different names. If I'm in acute pain I take it every hour. Your local health food store might have it, or be able to order it for you, at the same price as buying it from Newton; by going through the health food store you'll be supporting local business. If you've not aware of the "rules" for using homeopathic remedies, please check up on them or you might contaminate your product or even destroy its effectiveness. By the same token, you don't have to measure drops or pellets out in specific amounts which makes taking it easier. I use about half what the manufacturer suggests. In homeopathy amounts don't matter very much. I don't take the amount suggested by the manufacturer because less is just as effective and the product will go further. I even take it if I'm up in the middle of the night; my morning stiffness is less than when I don't. It hasn't had any effect on my chronic pain, but I can't take anti-inflammatories so having another product that helps for acute pain is a good thing. Most of us have spent a lot of money on meds, supplements, and gadgets. The 2 oz. liquid is about $26 and 2 oz. will be enough for you to give it a good try.

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