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    Oh, my. Dealing with this d'd, the loneliness, and the fact you miss your Mom.

    It may just be my belief but I do believe our loved ones who leave pop back to check on us from time to time.
    Call off the guys in the white coats; I haven't totally lost it. Lots of my gone folks visit, including my Gram who died in the winter of 66-67 and a dearly-loved cat who went to The Rainbow Bridge a year ago this past June.

    Offside: Rainbow Bridge is a lovely bit of writing having to do with loved pets; I'm pretty sure RB can be found by entering the words into your computer's search window. Warnng: it's likely to make you cry.

    It tickles me that my "F I B" went over well; anyone who wants to use it, please feel free. No charge, lol.

    To tell the truth some FIB's can tick us off to the point we toss them out of our lives...such as the dear people we ask to please not wear noxious scents, claim they understand and, whammo!, next time they show up they reek as usual. HUH??
    It's annoying to have to explain time after time that "Please don't wear the scent of the soap you washed with, + body lotion, + perfume, + hairspray (or whatever people are putting on their hair these days) + make-up," with all of the various scents fighting with each other... because I can't stand the stuff.

    So of course going to shop is a sheer joy, NOT. Between the horrible miasma of perfume, scented candles, perfumed toilet paper which I think is really stupid, horrible smelling dish soap and other cleaners, stinky-fruit-scented shampoo AND the people who seem to think they must dive into the perfume before they go out in public I come home unable to persuade head sinuses to work, unable to chase away a rotten headache, and OMG I forgot to buy something I wanted to use for dinner tonight.

    I can't tell anyone how to get to know people when we can't go Out much; I've even tried on-line Normal People matchups with awful results.
    There are several sites for people differently abled as we are, but I wonder how two M E/Fibromyagia people would ever get together. One might be a Mornings I'm At My Best and the other could be a totally Afternoon/Evening person.

    HomeSheba, please keep coming back. You vibe like a good person to get to know and we all need to support each other. Goodness knows the world just doesn't "Get" most of us; for instance "What do you mean, if you don't get a nap mid-day you don't sleep well that night?"
    If I could have explained that to the several people who said I could reset my Inner Clock so that I could stay up all day and get a solid stretch of level 3-4 sleep that night, I would have.
    There's really no explanation and, besides that, I've tried to reset my clock. Doesn't work.

    This d'd is clearly in charge and I'm just along for the ride. The toll paid is too much.

    H-Sheba, please forgive my babbling; I'm getting set to move and am wondering if I'll live through it. Kidding about the "living through it" part, mostly.
    The upside of the new digs is that it includes free cable and free WiFi which all I know about that is that it has something to do with computer.It has taken me 6 years to keep learning what this magic box will do and now I have to add another layer of learning on top? Gleeb.

    Plus, that town has sidewalks instead of the road pot-holes here, which threaten to destroy my powerchair's undercarriage AND there's a library very near to the new apartment. Color me happy!

    Gentle and hopefully a little bit comforting hugs,

    It has taken me 6 years to keep learning what this magic box will do and now I have to add another layer of learning on top? Gleeb.