Homogenized Milk

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    Homogenized Milk

    If you drink fat free milk, you have nothing to worry about. However if you drink even two percent, odds are, the milk is homogenized. Homogenization releases an enzyme (usually part of the milk itself and harmless) that attacks your arteries. When arteries are pitted by this enzyme, the so called "bad" cholesterol tries to repair the pits by laying down patches in the holes. Bad cholesterol isn’t. It is trying to save your life and stop you from bleeding to death, internally. Studies of heavy milk drinkers who are in high school, show arteries with walls covered by cholesterol and plaque. Researchers said that the arteries of these students compared easily to those of people in their sixties. (Try this for more information on The Cholesterol Myths.)

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    Did you know that if you take a calf’s mother’s milk, pasteurize it, and give it back to the calf, it will die?

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    That is a great site. Dr. Blaylock now has competition for my attention. He will probably win. First loves are hard to beat.
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    Thanks for your information on milk. Here is what I know from doctors. Soy milk is actually the best milk for you.

    My husband has me drink chocolate soy (that's my favorite).

    I believe it could be due to the hormone's in milk. A friend of his also another doctor had published papers at Harvard on milk. standard regular old milk vs. soy milk. Soy milk won.

    I would say if you can tolerate Soy which comes in many brands & flavors try it. It's not bad. It's come a long way.

    Whatever you choose to do milk period is a good dietary choice.

    your friend,
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    That's your personal choice. I include some soy & tofu in my diet. I was a strict vegetarian for over 15 years & just recently added some poultry back in my diet for iron supplemental reasons.

    That's your choice on the soy. I will go with the doctors on the fact that soy milk is fine. Remember lots of baby formula is soy based as well. I don't think it could be that horrible for you if hospitals are sending babies home with soy based formulas.

    I do not will ever claim to know everything. I do know what I have read & from whom (a well published Harvard trained doctor) and my husband also another doctor who would never allow me to drink or do anything that would endanger my well being.

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    I am very leery about soy milk. I wonder how many times soybeans have been raped by chemical companies. I also wonder if Monsato had a hand in the push of soy products. No offense to you, Fungirl. I think you and your husband are GREAT. But, after all the chemical poisoning I've endured, I find it almost impossible to Trust anything that has been abused (for profit) by ANYONE.
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    Well, SOY is just as toxic as slurping sewer water!

    I "Used" to eat and drink soy everything. I followed The famous Doc, Dr weil and added soy everywhere, including soy powder in my running shoes.

    Guess what?

    I NOW have a very screwed up thyroid!! (Thanks Docta Weil)

    Hashimotos to be exact.

    Everyone who eats soy----Hold on tight to your thyroid!

    Fungirl----Hospitals use SOY as a last resort for babies. In fact, in my hospital-we banned ALL formula reps from even entering our nursery because BREAST IS BEST!

    Babies do not thrive on soy/ synthetic formulas period. The poor helpless infants are FORCED to survive on "man made formula" (big, big profits-talk about big pharma---meet big formula companies)

    Humans are the "only" mammal that doesnt consume it's own mothers milk! What a way to start life as a human baby.

    I am a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. More and more evidence is produced daily with regard to healthy immune systems. Colostrum, that antibody packed, golden liquid is the reason we have Healthy immune systems:)

    I was NOT breast fed, unfortunately:(

    I am now very sick with CFS!

    Love and light,

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    I gave up MOST dairy about 5 years ago, not completely, but mostly. My son has ALWAYS been Allergic to dairy AND Lactose Intollerant. So, Rice Dream and Almond Milk have been mainstays in our house, at least for him.

    He has been Vegetarian for maybe 5 years, and VEGAN for maybe 2 years. He eats SOY and I hate that he does. I have read probably 100 articles or more on the dangers of soy and so has he. He refuses to see the harm it MAY be doing to him.

    Yeah, I do a lot of the grocery shopping and buy soy products for him. No I don't like it but I still do it. I don't try to control his actions, but DO try to influence his beliefs. At almost 19 years old, he could be obsessed with a LOT WORSE things than a VEGAN lifestyle. I mostly respect his lifestyle and support it, in fact I wish I had his determination, discipline. With the exception of all the Soy he eats, he eats an ENVIOUSLY HEALTHY diet.

    Just wish he'd give up the Soy products. Maybe someday.

    And it is my belief that most babies fed a Soy based formula will likely develop Thyroid problems and quite possible have learning problems as children.

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    Soy vs Milk. That has been an ongoing issue. It's a matter of personal choice and a decision to talk to your doctor about.

    Everyone is left ultimately to make their own choice on what they would like to drink or eat. You aren't going to get mad cow from tofu. Soy has it's benefits. Many things have soy ingredients are in them.

    I appreciate everyone's input & this is what the board is for to discuss. Not to argue or to say who's right.

    Everyone has a choice. Everyday you will read that something you are eating or drinking will give you cancer for instance. It's up to you to decide on whether to eat or drink that product for instance. You stay educated and you go with ultimately what you wish to do.

    I know breast milk is best, my husband the doctor has told me that as well as other doctors, but not all mother's can do it.

    On this note lets say we can agree to disagree. We will not all agree on things nor will all doctors. Doctors are humans. We are humans. We all make mistakes. I think many of us are forgetting that. Doctors can have bad days as well just as we do.

    your friend,
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    Thanks for your info on Soy. I will read up on it when I get a chance & discuss it with my doctor.

    I appreciate the way you presented it. It was thoughtful & not in a way that one would consider attacking another.

    your friend,

    P.S.- It is true "You get more flies with sugar than." vinegar
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    I thought it was the pasturization process that runined milk.

    "Did you know that if you take a calf’s mother’s milk, pasteurize it, and give it back to the calf, it will die."

    Not sure of the veracity of that statement either, where do you get your info? If you mean a new born then yes because even after the colostrum early milk contains a lot of antibodies which I imagine don't survive the pasteurization process.

    Enlighten me...

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    I should have added, that it is stated in the link I provided.
    http://www.mnwelldir.org/docs/immune/immune1.htm#Homogenized%20Milk link stated above.

    I will look for more evidence to support that statement, thank you Shar.
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    I agree that skim milk is the best way to go if you drink cow's milk, not just because of the homogenation process and the short-chain fatty acids that can cause excess mucous production, but also because toxins and hormones tend to be carried in the milkfat.

    Having raised many dairy animals, both goats and cows, I can say for a certainty that feeding the kids or calves pasteurized milk does not kill them! In fact among dairy goats there is a disease called Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis that is transmitted through the raw milk so the kids in a certified herd are always removed from their mothers as soon as they are born and fed pasteurized milk.

    It is important what temperature is used in pasteurization. The idea is to heat the milk enough to kill pathogens, but still leave some enzymes. If you boil milk you've killed everything. Most of us baby boomers were raised on canned Carnation evaporated milk which was cooked to death - yuk.

    I would caution everyone against commercially produced goat milk unless you live near the dairy and they package their own milk. When we were raising goats some of the providers put formaldehyde in their bulk tanks to keep down bacteria counts because the milk was only picked up once a week to be processed for the grocery stores.

    Also I believe it can be very dangerous to drink raw milk, even certified. There is a bacteria caused Listeria that is passed through the milk even before the animals have symptoms - one of our animals got it from raccoons washing food in their drinking tank and she died a horrible death from encephalitis. Several members of my family also got it and we are very fortunate we survived the infection. I was meticulous about cleanliness but there are some things you just can't anticipate.

    Vets are very adamant about giving dairy animals probiotics on a regular basis, especially if they have had any antibiotic therapy. I wish doctors were more aware of the need for this and do the same for humans.

    I am allergic to soy and rice and have a genetically based anemia so I avoid almonds which contain cyanide. So I stick with skim cow's milk and have been fine. I have the bones of a teenager and hopefully I will never have to deal with osteoporosis.

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    Everything I am finding that supports that statement is anecdotal.(And it is PLENTIFUL) When I look at studies and .edu sites, it seems that feeding pasteurized wastemilk is common, and even preferred in some instances.

    So you were right to quesiton this Shar, THANKS.

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    Thanks Jan for backing me up, I don't have a lot of experience with dairy animals except through the vet clinic but I thought I was right.

    Its a shame when anyone makes rash statements, without thoroughly researching facts(the author of the site, not you Ellie) because it damages their credibility.

    I have to wonder if they make the statement about calves dieing and are incorrect then how much can I trust the rest of their info?

    I do think that the US practice of using the high temp faster method of pasteurization should be changed but of course faster = cheaper.

    And I wasn't aware of problems caused by homogenization so I appreciate the heads up even though I use very little milk. Does this also apply to cheese?


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    Soy is very bad for you if you have Thyroid problems. I have thyroid issues.I also have adrenal problems and it's bad for that too. My Endo and nutritionist have told me that basically digesting protien is a tough process for our bodies and soy is actually one of the hardest to break down. Some folks can handle it. I think it has to do with blood type too. I'm an A. I should eat a vegetarian diet with little meat protien from fish and occassional chicken, but no red meat, no soy.
    I also avoid cow dairy because it raises the glycemic index. When your adrenals are pooped you need to cut down on stimulation.
    I've discovered that a half and half proportion of Gluten Free Rice Milk (NOT Rice Dream) and lowfat Goat's milk tastes very, very good! It tastes like a glass of whole milk going down after a chocolate chip cookie! The rice milk is sweet, the goat's milk is a little earthy, so the two together taste wonderful. Also goat's milk is very easily digestibale ,even by folks with cow dairy intolerance most of the time.
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    I AM finding something regarding calves and feeding which may be the explanation for the statement that "Did you know that if you take a calf’s mother’s milk, pasteurize it, and give it back to the calf, it will die? "

    Perhaps Jan could step in and clarify this.

    It seems that a CALF MUST have a meal or two of COLOSTRUM . Absorption of Ig must occur before the calf's intestine becomes impermeable to the large Ig proteins. The development of impermeability is called gut closure. Many attempts have been made to manage passive immunity in newborn calves. Nonetheless, many calves fail to achieve the important benefits of this critical first meal. When this occurs, calves are considered to have Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT). A strong correlation exists between the incidence of FPT and calf illness and death.

    So, IF these statement are factual, then I am guessing this is what has been cited repeatedly by RAW milk proponents.

    Jan, can you comment on the above?

    This is the link I used to obtain this information.http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/AN110

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    I used to make soybean milk, but it always caused a mess.

    Thanks for the advice about the 2%.

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    Elliespad, you're right - it is very important for newborn calves or goat kids to receive some colostrum as soon as possible after birth. For dairies that plan to feed pasteurized milk commercially produced colostrum is available (usually freeze dried and certified).

    The dairy industry is very conscientious about passing on conditions like tuberculosis, brucellosis, E coli, etc and some dairymen prefer to use products that have been tested and guaranteed free of pathogens rather than using the raw colostrum from their herds.

    I remember when some goat dairy friends first started using colostrum from a veterinary supply...apparently it was not certified and they lost all the goat kids that were given the colostrum. It turned out to be contaminated with E Coli. And even in the best conditions I have seen calves and kids die even when allowed to nurse from their mothers. Dairy herd management is a lot of work and requires constant vigilance. Raising beef cattle is considerably different.

    I guess that's why it makes me sad when I see so much misinformation and sensationalistic stuff about milk. There are exceptions but most of the dairy people I knew were so careful and wanted to make their product as safe as possible. And every animal on our farm loved milk and would drink it every chance they got...if the calves/kids weren't separated from their mothers or if the mothers didn't wean them forcefully they would still be nursing when they're ten years old!

    I think there are people who shouldn't drink milk because of allergies, lactose intolerance, and other conditions, but I think it's wrong to say across the board that no one should ever drink milk. It's a great source of nutrients for many people...now if we can just get teenagers to drink milk (whether it's cow, goat, soy, rice or almond) instead of soda.

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    "It seems that feeding pasteurized wastemilk is common, and even preferred in some instances.

    On further sleuthing, it seems that the instances where pasteurized wastemilk is preferred, is compared to using MILK REPLACER. Using pasteurized wastemilk is preferred to using MILK REPLACER. I could find nothing stating that pasteurized wastemilk is preferred over mothers' milk.

    I still will not be drinking Soy and GREATLY limit my dairy consumption.

    And, as usual, we should ALL research and make an educated decision whether it's food, drink, supplements, herbs, medication we put in our bodies.