Honora are you missing again???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1sweetie, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I have not seen a post from you on the board this week. Did you decide to stay in the cottage???
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I've noticed the same thing. I was getting concerned
    until I saw a Post that she had responded to yesterday.
    But Honora, "Come out, come out, whereever you are! It's
    almost the weekend again and you're gonna miss all the

  3. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I'm beginning to wonder what is happening on "these outings". Maybe she is just having too much fun. I hope that is the case.

    I have missed all of her post. I thought she may still be in the woods with the dogs and kids.

    How is MrDad???
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    MRDAD is doing ok thank you! When I read the Bio.'s and
    here the stories of others, I feel most times that I have
    nothing to "complain" about. Especially the young friends
    we have that have their whole lives ahead of them! I was
    "fortunate" that I was able to achieve so much for so long
    and this disorder hit me late in life. My heart really go-
    -es out to them. When they come to the Board feeling so
    badly, I just want to be there with them! Hope research
    can find an answer soon for all but especially them!

    Hope you have a great wekend!
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Why we could be twins!!! Your top of head looks exactly like mine....(LOL)

    Did you ever hear the joke:

    "If you are travelling in the wilderness, carry whistles and small bells to ward off grizzly bears. You will know if they are around by searching for their poop."

    Q: "How would we recognize their poop?"

    A: "It is full of little bells and whistles."

    Thanks for your responses of late too. Things are slightly improved today, long hauls ahead. Just got a call(message) from another brother I have not heard a word from in 15 years, so I guess this is a knock on for good.

    Love Anne
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I feel better now that everyone is accounted for. Honora,
    just clicked on your pic and the top of your head is noth-
    -ing like I imagined! I (Did) picture you as a Brunette
    for some reason!

    Know what you mean about the little ones. My little two
    y.o. Buddy 2wks. ago had a screaming fit because I cut
    his sandwich in quarters as I thought it would be easier
    for him to eat. But I quess he was upset because it didn't
    look like his older 4 y.o. Brother's anymore!!(??) My
    now 26 y.o. went thru the terrible two's for the first
    l0 years. You don't even want to hear the story of our
    family trip to Yosemite Valley in my brand new '81 El
    Camino. Four peo. in that front seat!! I'm still bruised
    from being kicked for 6 hours.

    Anne: Did you get that story from "Click & Clack"
    Tappit Bros. on NPR about the bears?? I left a "note"
    for you this A.M. to ask about your Brother. you most
    likely saw it already.

    Thanks Sweetie for lending us your space here! Hope you
    are having a good day.


  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    MrDad now you have three blonds on the thread. I can't wait to hear the blond jokes. Let's stick to the ones about bears. They are funny.

    Honora, I am from the South and we are always"packing" a weapon. If you need protection let me know. After my DH say me shot the head off a rather nasty snake, he's tried to behave. Fear works!

    I have a fur baby too! He is a rather large (115 lb) chocolate lab that thinks I'm wonderful. He is a handful. His brother came to visit yesterday. They are so intelligent. I had no idea that dogs could understand as deeply as they seem to do. They even understand English. He claims me and doesn't want anyone near me...and I mean nobody. I am a big part of his pack.

    Mrdad: I had no idea you had little ones. Bless you. I can barely take care of my dog. I do miss the smiles little ones bring...hence the dog. He can be put out in the fenced in back yard alone though. Other than that I think he is like having a 2 year old. He is spoiled and I have to get a sitter when I do leave the house. At least children do not dig your trees and bushes out of the yard or do they? It's been so long since, I've forgotten. I now understand your empathy for the young ones. I feel for them too. I'm really afraid that my son (24) shows so many signs of CFS...scary.
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Those two little Boys belong to my young friends across

    the Golden Gate in Marin County, honest!! But I've known

    them since they were born. Love 'em a lot. I've a new

    Grand Nephew and a Grand niece do to arrive soon also!

    The family keeps getting bigger. But neither of my two

    are married and I'll be ready only when they are.

    I'm sixty Honora, and I hardly have a gray hair on my

    head. And the ones I do have, I don't conplain about

    what color they are as long as they are there!

    By the way Sweetie, blondes don't have a monopoly on

    those jokes. I dated a "red head" a few years back who

    thought a "serial" killer was someone who at one sitting

    could polish off a whole box of corn flakes!! Oh, boy!!

    Well better move on after that and check my Post

    on "I wanted to be---"

    "Talk later Friends"

  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    No I did not yet see your post mrdad, I will check it out.

    I did a really dumb thing yesterday. The weather was nice(rain actually stopped) and as we can play golf here for $8, yes, that is $8 for 9 holes on great course, Dan suggested we go and repklay the course my brother just played on his vacation with us for "him"(of course it also helps that Dan will play golf in his sleep too!)

    We took Danny too as he is pretty good except like Forest Gump, cannot follow game rules. So he can drive great, but not always facing the right way(LOL). I can putt is all. My hands are like "the claw". I try to drive but it takes about 10 attempts to get on the green.

    It turned out hot, so here I am lurching about with the bad shoulders and neck, cannot turn etc, did not know it was hilly so can hardly make it. I gave up at the sixth hole and crawled back to the car. So today, on top of all the other pains, I now have left sided back strain. Serves me right. Dan said, "Well it was for your brother really as I was hitting every ball for him."

    Bear Jokes: mmmm. A Czech and a Polish guy were out in the woods hunting for a pair of grizzly bears, and disappeared. They searched and searched and eventually found the Polish guy and the corpse of the female. He explained that the mate bear had grabbed his friend and run off with him, "So," said the cop, "this must mean the czech is in the male huh?"

    Terrible joke, and from a vegetarian too. Mrdad I did not hear that joke on clickandclack they stole it from me!!!

    I was wondering if Click was one of Honoras exes as he has been married a few times too.

    How do you post a picture BTW? I have no idea.

    I will look for your post now. But to update here, my brother got moved to a room out of the critical trauma room, so I take it as a good sign. They cannot do surgery as he is too old in the bones and too smashed up, so it will have to heal "as is" and they will do a total replacement for his hips months down the road. So he will eventually get out of the pain to have to look forward to more.

    Love Anne
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  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I use to take my kids to a College hangout on Monday

    nites so I could play pool with them, video games etc

    while I watched Monday nite Football. Went to the food

    counter to order some "burgers, fries and drinks' only

    to see the sign "Sorry. no checks". I looked at the sign

    then the counter girl and said, "Well, I just saw your

    sign, but I'm French and Irish, is that OK??

    I grew up with a girl who eventually married a Pole,

    And she ended up having a wooden baby!! Oh, no.

    I really admire you for going out and playing golf!!

    Last time I had a Club in my hand was when in College

    here in S.F. in the 60's. One of my classmates was

    O.J. Simpson. Remember it well. He went on later to

    play for USC and that trophy he can't find now!!

    Hello to Danny. Like everything you tell me about him!!


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  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I hope that waitress told you you had a lot of Gaul!!!

    Remember when all the fuss was here over the French and everyone was getting anti French?

    Well, a well known very very high ranking politian here was heard to say: "Well I aint having nothing to do with no French, we'll pretend France does not exist.

    After all we have plenty of entrepeneurs here, I was just saying so over my omlette this morning, as I was waiting for my cafe au lait. Don't need 'em, never did!

    Then later as we were driving down the cul de sac going to this great little restaurant, well more of a bistro really, for some beef au gratin and a nice bowl of shrimp bisque, I again commented, that them frenchies are a bunch of savants but maybe that was a bit too severe, as my wife said, that was a bit of a faux pas.
    So I said I did not think so and please pass the mayonaisse because I sure as heck was not going to put that French dressing on my salad from now on.

    I'll do the Irish next time, to be sure....

    Love Anne. ps I was born 1946 were you? I have no grey either except a little whitish blonde at the temple but everyone thinks I dye my hair anyway with it being so blonde. Can't win....

    pps Brother not so hot tonight as they took him off the morphone drip and put him on the pills so he was halucinating quite a bit and cannot eat. Also the surgeon said it will be touch and go whether he will ever be able to have a hip replacement in the future due to extent of the breakages. He is looking at about 5 months is hospital and rehab. at least. You asked about my visiting. Right now my SIL wants us to wait on this and come up later and help her out then. We will also bring him down for a stay here when he is able to travel, help out a little.
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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I guess you're North of that big storm that has hit the
    Atlantic Seaboard? Good thing, you have enough going on
    than to have to deal with weather issues.

    My Son was in Paris for a month this year and I e-mailed
    him to ask if they called them "freedom fries" at the Mc
    Donald's in Paris? The French are just s-o-o-o Provincial!

    I never order "S-Cargo" anymore! Seems like about the time
    ya have that French Onion soup finish, the little buggers
    have slithered up on your plate and have your salad half
    woofed down. Ya know what I'm sayin'??

    Yes, I was born in Jan. of '46. Waited 'til after the big
    one was over. Hate lots of noise! My Dad built Liberty Ships during the war here on S.F. Bay and did Civil Defense
    duties at night. Somebody had to stay home and make babies!
    He took that job seriously.

    I suppose unfortunately that your Brother does have a long
    road to some kind of recovery. It's reason for pause to
    think how quickly life can change as you well know. Do truly admire all that you accomplish
    given your own circumstance.

    Tiger playing again this weekend and is leading today again! It will be 5 in a row if he takes this one.

    Will continue to keep a positive thought for your Brother
    and family.

    Gonna' watch the '49'er Game. They are playing here tonite.
    "Talk" tomorrow,
  13. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Honora please do not feel bad. I've had a really bad brain week also. In fact, I posted a rather long thread this morning with long comments to each of you. I really struggled and it disappeared. I lost 2 long post yesterday also. I just decideded that it was not meant to be. I am loosing them when I hit spell check but it normally does not wipe out my post. Surely all my words were not spelled incorrectly. I've tried a few times and my words will not flow. Oh well, to better days.

    A very condesed version to each of you is:

    I was wondering if that pile of crap that you assumed to be belong to the bear was my brain that has disappeared from me. It could have landed in the wilderness in Canada.

    I was thankful that Mrdad did not have small children and happy he was making funny jokes about red heads instead of blonds.

    I was inquirying about Anne's brother (that I did not know was ill). Also I was discussing my special SIL in detail and how I admire her for all that she does with her son.

    It looks like Mrdad and Anne will have to carry the thread tonight.

    I've been listening to my new relaxation CD's. One was by Deuter and called Buddha Nature. I really did not know very much about the principles of Buddha and still don't but I have found peace with the music and what little I have read.

    "Because it is the quality of being present in this very moment--that is Buddha nature. Not having one's mind travel into the past or future, but relaxing into what is, non-doing and learning to enjoy one's being." C.D. Deuter

    To better days all!
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    "What is Rockgor up to?" Oh, about five nine.

    Reminds me of an old Hollywood anecdote.

    A independent producer, considering Carry Grant for a movie, thought he might be a little too old. So he sent Carry's agent a telegram.

    "How old Carry Grant?"

    Carry was at the agent's office when it arrived and read the telegram. He wired back, "Old Carry Grant fine. How you?"

    One never knows if these things are true or not.

    Classic bear story. Two middle-aged men dicuss hiking in the woods.

    "Suppose we meet a bear. Think you can outrun a bear?"

    "No, but I'm pretty sure I can outrun you."
  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Thanks for the funnies! Where is everyone? Now I've lost everybody!

    Lots of brain fog for me and Honora, you will have to keep us entertained.
  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Jusy a quick Hi on this Labor Day. Wow, it is 58 degrees and rain just cleared.

    My brother was in a bad accident and is in trauma unit just to update you on that honey. In bad shape. I spent a while researching posts on accident trauma, like severely broken hips etc and it seems there is a very high death rate later from this, though it may be confusing as many people with broken hips are very old and frail and have bad illnesses.
    He has many broken bones but the hips are the most worrying for us.

    Well, onto brighter things. I slept without valium last night. So now we can wait for mrdad to reply and make some crack about who is this Valium???

    Not too bright this a.m. though. Been trying to pick up around here and train my family to put things where they belong, clean spills, and microwave!!!!

    My aches are not as bad as normal today so that is great. I think trying to play golf may have shocked some sense into them.(LOL)

    Love Anne
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Is that Prince Valium?? From me to the Troll to a Prince?
    Must be the "indirect method"!!

    Hope Honora is doing ok. I know she will get back with
    us when she is feeling better!

    Watched a bit of Agasi from your part of the Country.
    It was a most touching ending to a spectacular career
    wasm't it?? He is a champion and fought with heart to
    the very end.

    Haven't been able to play "singles" for a couple of years
    now. Ya know--hitting that ball, having to jump over that
    net, hit it back again then back over the net!! Just get-
    ing too old. Had to accept my limitations! I do Doubles
    now. It's nice having someone on the court to play with!

    Enough of that,
  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    We try to play a little tennis now and then. DH is great. My 89 year od FIL plays three or four times a week. He never seems to get tired or feel pain. He also downhill skis all winter long. I say this is due to him never having to do any other hard physical work during his life(he was a professor) so he only uses these same muscles over and again. Unlike moi always lugging sheetrock about etc.

    Bit of a setback call today re my brother. He was doing a little better, had food, talking well now he is off the morphine and on something less halucinatory, had a BM but then they discovered he had a "bleed" from his tummy area to his lung. Now I do not know if this was a blood clot, or something caused due to having bm or what. I am waiting for another call. So he is back on the breathing machine in ICU.
    Hopefully between skilled docs and Heparin, they can control this.

    I lost another brother when he was 46 to a blood clot from a broken rib of all things. This was what I was praying would NOT happen too.

    I don't know if I ever mentioned it but I am the youngest of 7 kids plus we had a cousin who lived with us till he was 11.

    My dh watched some of the Aggassi games. He gave it all he could for sure. I liked the old way of playing tennis which involved a lot of tactical net play etc. this slam slam slam gets too much the same. This is why doubles can be more interesting really.

    We just went on a 3 mile walk around our area here. It is nice, mostly University profs and such as we are right next to Cornell, alumna for dh and where his dad was professor. I did a few courses here and there and did a lecture there for the extension this year(autism).

    Danny is so funny. We are not religious at all, but rather people of peace and goodwill and a deep spiritual oneness with everything, to all. Danny however,is more traditional and has these long talks with God and Jesus and others. He also includes some movie characters in amongst all these good spirit guides too. He said to me on our walk, "I have just been talking to God and his son Jesus and they are going to watch over my uncle, they think he'll be fine,but they are a bit too busy to reply right now but will meet me in our living room at 5.pm on Monday."

    It is amazing isn't it, that in life, how these small seconds of bad choices overturn everything. There has to be, when one considers it, a second when Hitler could have embraced the Jews, when Oppenheimer walked off the project earlier, where someone like Caesar made kindness the number one rule, where the dad did not abuse his son that first time and turned him into a serial killer, where the kid did not say yes to the crack, where the person watched a red light instead of yapping on a cell phone......

    Gee, it is all specks of time.

    I wanted to say how nice you are to entertain your friend's little ones. I am sure they get a blast out of you. I have to check as I can never remember if it is you or rockgor that is in a wheelchair. You certainly have a great attitude.

    Love Anne ps I intend one day soon to post briefly a quick picture. I missed the one you did as it was up and gone before I could see. Want to do another five minute flash????
    Dan keeps on referring to you as "Mom's boyfriend who makes her laugh(jokingly)" You should post a pic of some film star....
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I always enjoy reading what you write and don't have to
    "read between the lines' to plainly see what a fine person
    you truly must be! Your close relationship with your fam-
    -ily is heart warming and admirable. Alsolutely love the
    sharing of stories and adventures with Danny. He is so
    indeedly fortunate to have a parent so dedicated to his
    well being and progress! I'm sure Dan senior was equally
    as valuable before his unfortunate accident. Yes, life
    is so tentative. The older we get the more evident that
    fact becomes. Reminds us to make the best of each day!

    I'm coming back to your previous observations on this
    subject latter and write them dowm to share with others
    if ok by you. So well said (written)! Tell me later what
    God reveals to Danny later this A.M. Very interested.

    "Talk" later,
    MRDAD Ans: I believe Rocky has a chair.
    I tried one, but couldn't get to go
    fast enough to catch the girl's
    jogging in the Park!!

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I have an old iMac and have the same problem with freezes!
    I also just lost a Post that I was setting up for Anne
    concerning my admiration for her in her relationship to
    Danny. You and I were probably writing the same feeling
    and observations at the same time!! Lost it "cause I hit
    the wrong instruction to the computer. DAMN!

    As you, I'll try to resurrect my thoughts in the Morning!
    Wrote down some things she talked about in my notebook
    which I refer to all the time everyday! Did want to lose
    her poignant thoughts and the moment of Danny's beautiful
    innocents and revelation.

    Anyway, glad your doing better. I've had a good weekend
    thus far just being home and "talking" to you friends on
    the Board.


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