Hoodia?? anyone try it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MssDarla, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member


    anyone tried this for weight loss?

    Any results?

  2. TFD

    TFD New Member

    Yes I tried it. I really did not think it was that effective. I did lose weight, but I attibute that to ARAVA. However, everyone is different as you know and it might be the answer you are looking for.

    Good Luck!

  3. barb144

    barb144 New Member

    I tried it and it did take my appetite away. Of course, like most things like this you need to take it for awhile to get maximum benefits. You can't just take it one or two times and know how it works that way. You need to keep taking it.
  4. Banka8

    Banka8 New Member

    Real Hoodia is not available yet. However when it does come into the marketplace it may be very effective. Only time will tell.

    Phytopharm is the only company that I know of that has the real thing. They are doing trials on it now for safety.

    Originally Phytopharm and Pfizer were in partnership to try and reproduce P57 (the chemical in Hoodia that is responsible for appetite suppression) but it proved to difficult. So Pfizer backed out after spending millions of dollars on research. Phytopharm since then has been trying to grow enough Hoodia to market the real plant extract. Hoodia takes a long time to mature and it grows in Africa in the desert. Profits must be shared with the San people who inhabit the land where Hoodia is found.

    I doubt very much if the Hoodia products on the market contain any Hoodia.

  5. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    I just wonder if I find real Hoodia if it would help me.

    I really need to lose weight and I don't have the strength to do it alone.

    I can not excersize due to spasms.

    anyways I was reading this too


    free samples at this site, paying for shipping though
    15 Day Free Trial

    Your free trial of Natural Health Certified Hoodia comes with a 15-day Money Back Guarantee. You'll have 15-days from the day your product is received to evaluate the product. If you enjoy and choose to keep the product, you will be billed $59.90 at the end of your 15-day trial.

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  6. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    The bottle of Hoodia that I bought says to take it with an 8 oz glass of water an hour before a meal. I did that but found only a slight difference in my appetite. but then I got to thinking that if you drink 8 oz of water before a meal without hoodia, your appetite will be suppressed anyway. So maybe what's out there now is not the real thing at all.
  7. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    I just received the patches from the U.K. so far I am on my second patch. I do not feel hungry. We'll see. Anyone else taking it let's share.

    I can say that I had a lot of energy today, but it could have just been a coincidence.

    We'll see.
  8. roseants

    roseants New Member

    I tried it, but only for a few days because it made me break out in head to toe hives! It was the only new thing I was taking, so I figured the Hoodia caused the hives. They took weeks to go away too!
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