Hooray for ballet flats.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jackie41, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Jackie41

    Jackie41 Member

    Has anybody noticed in magazines like People and even out in the real world that ballet flats are making a comback. What does that have to do with fibro? Plenty. It means we don't have to wear ugly shoes!! Many of us use walking aids. I walk with forearm crutches, but I'm only 32 and reasonaably attractive, or at least not completely repulsive, and I don't want to have to wear sneakers or granny shoes or combat boots or whatever. I can walk in a low or medium heel to a restaurant or to the office or somewhere where I know I won't be walking very far, but if I'm walking very far, I'd like to be able to wear something cute. My 3 pairs of Sam and Libby ballet flats (remember them) were getting kind of worn, But now I can stock up again. This is a wonderful trend, and I welcome it. Maybe if men look at my feet, they won't notice the crutches! LOL! If not, there's always plastic surgery!!


  2. victoria

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    but they don't offer enough support really for me to be comfortable for long. . . anyway, I think that if one has enough guts to wear what you like these days, you can usually pull it together even tho you may be a bit 'different'?

    Glad you found what you like!

  3. Lolalee

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    There you are. I posted a thread to you a few days ago and keep bumping it. Look for a thread entitled "ATTN Jackie41".

    BTW, yes I love those ballet slippers. I used to have a pair that were silver and wore them until they were in shreads.

  4. llama

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    Hey Jackie41 and all,

    This is such a timely topic for me. I was just thinking in the last couple of weeks (paging through Sunday store ads)that ballet flats and just flats in general are making a comeback!!

    It seems funny to be so happy about something like this, but for the last, who knows, at least 10 years it seemed like every shoe had big clunky heels. I have hated the shoe styles, they looked like big Army bootsl

    Even when I was younger and weighed less, I've always had weak ankles and could never wear heels. I would try but would either turn my ankle or I'm sure looked ridiculous (especially viewing from behind).

    I bought a pair of flats last week and am intending on going to Kohl's tomorrow to buy another pair I've got my eyes on!

    I'm glad to hear that this new (old) trend will be particularly helpful for you. I use a cane when walking long distances and wearing flats is definitely more comfortable and practical.

    Good Luck to you...........Jill............
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  5. Jackie41

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    I'll look for your post. Sorry I missed it. I'm not on this board every day. More like once a week.

    I really like some of the new flats. They have a bit of "toe cleavage" and are a little sexy. Plus I'm always playing with my shoes. I'll slip them on and off my foot or dangle them from my toes, and ballet flats are perfect for this.

  6. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Love the ballet flats too! Only one other type of shoe that can be as comfortable for me is a good pair of Native American moccasins not the dressy looking want to be slippers but sturdy foot hugging leather ones that are almost second skin after you wear them a couple of times. We had best stock up while fashion dictates these as high fashion. I can't take the weight of combat boots,chunky heels or needle sharp pointy toes. We can be delicate kids again ;-) Hooray for our side! Maineweezie

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