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    No, no remission here, in fact, I'm not even feeling any better than I have been for the past few months, however!

    Mum and I finally came to an agreement on how I go about getting my education!

    She wanted me to finish up at my high school, I told her that was probably the last thing in the world I wanted to do. That was the end of the discussion then. I went and took my shower, then after coming out I confronted her about it, and we discussed why she didn't like it and why I loved it.

    Eventually it came about that as long as I could prove the online classes I take can still get me into college, then I can do them. I'm so excited!

    I can work at my own pace without having to teach myself (homebound program from school going VERY badly), I can have up to a year to complete my courses, AND I can take what I want, so better career preparation for me.

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the chitchat section, but I was so excited I had to share.

    Good things do come about from this DD sometimes!

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    I am glad you and your mom could come to a compromise. I know that helps the stress level. And as long as you know where you want to go to college and have that goal, you will finish school. Online is a great option.

    Oh! I meant to ask you, so did you get a Wii when it came out? I know you were pretty excited about it. My kids want one and I think it is pretty cool. They just got Guitar Hero 2 and Final Fantasy VII for PS2 and are having a ball with them. They are also WOW fanatics, my oldest is a priest at level 60. I told him he should sell his guy on ebay and make big bucks. He says when he gets another guy to 60 he might consider it.

    You take care and Kitten Hugs,
    Blessed Be,
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    Yes yes, I got a wii when it came out!! Got in on a secret preorder at ToysRUs. I think it's great, I've even gotten some of my non-gamer friends in on it (nintendo's aim, no?)

    I never really got into the whole Guitar Hero thing but I LOVE DDR..well I guess I should say loved since I can't play it anymore. I'm hoping to get Final Fantasy XII for Christmas, haven't played VII though.

    WOW! I was going to get WoW for Christmas from a friend and her boyfriend but they broke up so I don't know what's going to become of that. I want to play it quite badly, and since I'm home all the time and have a good internet connection at my disposal...^_^ Level 60 though, wow. That's really cool.

    I'm relieved we reached a compromise on the schooling as well, now as long as we can get my school to let me be homeschooled...that is the only thing I see problems with. My homebound evaluation should be coming up soon, so hopefully we can discuss it then.

    Kitten hugs! Now THAT is exciting.
    Take care,
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    Got my roman numerals confused there. Oops!

    Anytime you would like to talk gaming, etc. Just let me know, I will try to chat. I have 3 teenage boys at home, so am fairly up on things for an old lady (45).

    Take care and good luck on those evaluations.

    Blessed Be & Kitten Hugs,
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    No worries, I've forgotten almost all my roman numerals and I used to be really good at them.

    I love gaming! At least you try to be up on it. I hand my mum a controller and she's like ACK! Very funny to watch...

    Hopefully the evaluations wont' be anything painful, just "can you come back to school yet?" (no) "okay."