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  1. BlueSky555

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    Have you received your backpay? I just wanted to let you know that, as you read, I did receive a fully favorable decision. I received my notice of fully favorable in the mail last Thursday.

    Today, I received the next letter, which I knew I was to receive within 60 days after the first notice, letting me know that my check would be in the mail very soon.(Not sure I want to put the date in here, lol). My first regular check will begin in October. That was much quicker than I thought.

    I had read where you had asked about backpay and just wanted to let you know the status of mine; I'm sure they are all different.

    Another congratulations on your approval. I hope you receive yours soon, if you haven't yet.

  2. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Hootie; where are you????? bump bump
  3. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Hey, that's great!! No, I haven't received mine yet. I'm so glad that you wrote to let me know because I am very curious!!!

    I did, however, speak to someone at the 1-800 number and she was able to give me a monthly estimate. Unfortunately, 100% of my back pay for the first year goes to my last employer (the Fed'l Gov't) and then 60% goes to them after that each month. I'm really counting on my son's back pay to pay off my credit card and then plan to put his in the tuition assistance program after that for college.

    I may need to use some of the backpay that should go to the employer and then pay them back- I know that is not good, but I really need it. I would feel too guilty using my son's monthly benefit to pay off those old medical bills- you know.

    I am so happy that we both won. It was a horrible process that I don't want to repeat. I'm curious to see when there will be a review, but I am trying not to worry about it now.

    Thanks again for writing. Let me know when you get the backpay in your account- I'll be curious. My award date was 8/29/08- My letter was dated 9/4/08- even though I received it on 8/30. I'll check back in your posts to see when your award was.

    **I'm editing to say that I saw your post that you were awarded at the same time.

    Your post has made me very excited in hopes that I will hear something soon. :) I've been checking the mail daily (I thought that it was too soon but am glad that you got your information already!). October pay would be nice.

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  4. Hootie1

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    Isn't it strange that winning now is hard to believe? I put ALL of my energies into worrying, reading, going to doctors, etc. and now boom... with one letter it is done.

    I'm very happy about it but emotionally I don't feel as relieved as I thought I would. How about you? I guess if we were cured, we would feel happy.

    My money isn't much because i have to give 100% for the 1st year to my previous employer and then only get 40% after that. However, I will be very happy for the money for my son so that I can put it away for his college.

    You are getting backpay from 2005- you will have a nice chunk of change!!! Do you have other disability that you are getting?

    Are you in PA also? Mine is supposed to be coming out of the Baltimore office- I'm just wondering if yours is the same. I'll be getting mine direct deposited.

  5. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    My darn local office is so bad!!! The curse of the government workers!!!!!

    Where did your letter come from - your local office or Baltimore?

    I stopped in at the local office to check and they said that the person that is handling my case is on vacation.

    I asked what her name was and she said Mrs. such and such I asked about her first name and she said that she cannot give it out.

    How absurd is that! She was told that it is unprofessional to give out her first name.

    Well, then she better damn well call me by Mrs. such and such. What a bunch of crap!!!! I told her that I was a professional (probably making more than this Mrs. such and such) and it is not unprofessional.

    I can't stand this small town stupidity crap! What they see as professional. Why is it that they call ME by MY first name.

    Just had to get this off my chest! I sure as heck hope that I don't have to rely on this local office for anything because they are so crappy and UNPROFESSIONAL!

    If I am waiting for a letter for my local office... I will be waiting a long time!
  6. BlueSky555

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    I just got back home; had a Drs. appointment today. I feel bad for you; it seems that while I'm having a good, you're having a bad one. I received my big check in the mail just today.

    I received my approval letter September 4, then the next letter that they said I would receive within 60 days yesterday, and my backpay today. My monthly check will begin in October.

    Bless your heart; I really feel bad for you. I'm nowhere near Baltimore. I'm over on the East Coast.

    I honestly hope you receive your backpay soon. Is it to be deposited in your account? I can't believe that it isn't there yet. I suppose all states are different regarding time frames but you know you're approved so where is your money??? By the way, that's a bummer that you will lose 100% of your first years backpay and 60% each month after.

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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  7. Hootie1

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    Thanks. I can't believe that they worked everything up that fast!!!

    Hey, mine might come soon also. Those darn people just don't know what they are talking about so I don't even know why I ask or listen to them!!!!

    For all I know it could show up also. I'll let you know.

    I just have a very hard time when I am not in control and basically these past couple of years have been hell for me emotionally.

    Thanks for your support- I am a very impatient person and I know why I am "crazy" since I started the application process. Hey, on the bright side, it is the main reason why I was awarded from what my letter said!! First Depression and anxiety then FMS.

    Oh brother!!!
  8. marti_zavala

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    You could try to contact the 800 number. They have all the info and could perhaps give you estimates.

    I don't like working with my local office either so I call the 800 number.

  9. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Thanks! I think that I will do that instead! I swear that I get anxiety attacks when I go anywhere near that darn office!!
  10. pattyholland

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    Hi, Im going threw the same thing.

    I talked to someone in the office by me, but really didnt tell me anything.

    She did say that they go threw stages, and the first one is to pay the lawyer.

    Well I am sure they know who needs it the most.

    She even said that isnt right.

    Was wondering what the 800 number is

  11. monica33flowers

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    When I received my SS it was deposited into my bank account and it included the backpay. Does this differ from state to state as to how SS handles awards?

    I still haven't received any letters from SS yet either. I had to call Allsup since they deposited the money into my account and I had no clue what was happening.
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  12. BlueSky555

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    Hootie, I do hope you will get your backpay soon. I'm not sure but I would think that each state might be different in their way of handling "approved" cases regarding the backpay. In answer to your question, yes; it's still hard to believe but my mom told me that I truly deserved it because I have been through the ringer, as you all know, for the last 3 years.

    pattyholland, I remember that your hearing was July 10; mine was July 24th. When I read your post that you were approved and would receive a letter in the mail within 60 days, I counted the days, 10 days difference, and thought that maybe, I would hear something around 10 days after you. I was wrong. Have you not received anything?

    To all: my attorney fee was deducted from my backpay (more than 25%) before I received it. I suppose they were going to send that to attorney. However, attorney fee not to exceed 25% so I feel sure I'll receive another small check soon.

    monica, I can't believe your money was deposited before you received your letter; that's ummmmmm.....backwards.

    I'm so thankful that I was approved and even though things happened so fast, I can't help but think back on when all of this began and finding this board with tons of information to help me. I don't think I would have made it without the help of ALL of you.

    Hootie, I want to know when you get your backpay and pattyholland, let me know when you receive yours.

    Take care,

  13. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Thank you- I'll let you know. I am truly grateful that I was awarded and should not be so concerned.

    I have decided today just to not think about it as it will happen on it's own.

    I did cash a $1000 check from my visa to my savings account until I get the backpay so that I am not so worried. Of course the check was 0% interest if paid by Jan 09- which should happen.

    That actually helped me to be more calm.
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