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    The word to focus on this year is HOPE.

    Every day of our lives, whether we realize it or not, we wake up and unconsciously HOPE for a good day.

    Our unspoken wishes range from the mundane to the sublime.

    We HOPE that we will feel good and our aches and pains will be tolerable, we HOPE that we won't hit traffic on the
    way to work, and we HOPE that the weather will not be torrential rain or snow.

    We HOPE for these things without even thinking about them.

    Without HOPE we would have pretty dismal existences.

    Some people have labeled me an optimistic Pollyanna, brimming with too much HOPE, but I would much rather be
    Hopeful than negative. I know there is a happy medium and sometimes I might be Hopeful, even in the face of recurring trying times, but I choose HOPE.

    I choose to believe that everyone will not necessarily be "cured" of their illnesses, but will lead long, productive, and happy lives. I choose HOPE and I am Hopeful that any bad periods that you are experiencing will soon be over.

    I am Hopeful that my husband and I will grow old together, I am Hopeful that I will be around to watch my grandchildren grow up and I am Hopeful that my husband and I will have enough money to enjoy our retirement.

    HOPE is what gets me up every morning and gets me through
    my day, my week and my life.

    So in 2007, I wish all of you a year of HOPE. All of your dreams may not come true, but once you stop dreaming there is nothing left to HOPE for.


    parts from youmaynotlooksick.com
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    Thanks, Janet!

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