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  1. I asked my rheumatologist this morning at my appt. who treats me for fibro, "Do you think they will ever find out the cause for fibromyalgia?" And his answer was " They are alot closer than you think." So that made my day! He is an intelligent dr. who reads alot about fibro and keeps up with all the latest info. So there is hope!
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  2. Mar19

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    That made my day as well! If they find the cause, perhaps discovering the cure will be coming soon as well! Could it be???

  3. pam112361

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    My PCP made a similar comment yesterday. He said that just like with Lupus before, it took a while to find the correct diagnostics. Now they have it and see that "it's a real illness."

    He said the same thing is happening with fibro and that they will eventually have a test of some type to show that "it's a real illness" and put a stop to the controversy surrounding treatment.

    Let's hope that it is sooner than later so the next generation doesn't have to suffer the way we have.

  4. BlueSky555

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    Hi again, Fibro,

    My first appt. with Rheumy was not long ago and I was very impressed with him. His opinion was that you need the stage 4 sleep, I know you all are aware of this, and that the Lyrica was the best thing for that. Unfortunately, as I said before, my headaches became worse. (Again, I'll try it again).

    He talked and talked and talked about it which told me, he was very knowledgeable of the FM.

    Let's hope,

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    My doc says there is no cure. Actually that helped me. I now wake up with a new determination to control this lifetime disease. I know that if it is for a lifetime I have to have a certain way of life and look at it a certain way.

    However if there is a cure I sure would want to know about it. I bring my doctor articles about FM and always thanks me. He also teaches and says he added a day for fibro.
    One lecture. One clinical.

  6. I didn't say there was a cure, just that my dr. said they are closer than you think on finding what causes it. So who knows how far behind a cure will be. There is always hope, I try to stay positive.
  7. Marta608

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    Bless your rheumy AND you for telling us what he said.


  8. pinsnneed1es

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    One think it is a depression disorder....that I need depression pills
    The other claims that it is a sleeping disorder....that I need a rape drug
    The thrid, my OBGYM, thinks that it is a illness that sometimes you can recover just by treatment and cures but not all the way.
  9. mrsjethro

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    Have any of you read the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia"? I'm just curious. I've just started it and it's about the guaifenesin protocol. I'm not that far into it and you all may be light years ahead of me on all of this, but it does make it appear that there is hope. It claims that the protocol can reverse the symptoms. Do any of you know anything about this or have any personal experience with guaifenesin or know anything about Dr. R. Paul St. Amand? I know that there are a few ladies that are trying it right now on the board. That's part of what caught my attention, but I'm still "relatively" new to all of this, so I don't know if this is a good thing or not.
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    I recently read a scholarly article by Dr. Andrew Holman about the dopamine theory of fibromyalgia. Dr. Patrick Wood and Dr. David Dryland also have done work in this area. It is a VERY promising line of research.

    And with the government (especially the Dept. of Defense) and pharmaceutical companies getting on board with multiple research studies, it is only a matter of time before significant results are found. There are too many people suffering from this dd for it to go unsolved forever. :)

  11. julieisfree05

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    Was your comment about "the rape drug" a reference to Xyrem?

    If it was, your doctor may be more knowledgable than your post sounded (to me at least..)

    My FM Specialist has done a couple of studies on Xyrem and the results are so promising that it is expected to become the first prescription EVER approved by the FDA to treat FM, within the next year.

    If you read my posts "Xyrem Saved My Life", you might have a better understanding of how and why it can help many of us. It has put my FM/CFS into "remission" and my neurologist says that it is the closest thing he's ever seen to a "cure".

    Good luck,

    -julie (is free!)

    I love this crazy, tragic
    sometimes almost magic
    awful, beautiful life.. - Daryl Worely
  12. 1975jet

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    If they find what causes it, they hopefully will find a cure or like someone said be able to control it. I'm newer here and just have been reading all your comments and you guys are really smart, I feel stupid.

    Thanks for listening

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