Hope for people who suffer from Migraines

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    I've suffered from severe Migraine headaches for well over 10 years. I had been to 6 different Neurologists and each one of them had given me different prevention pills to try and keep the headaches away including Topamax, Effexor, and Verapamil, but nothing worked and I was tired of putting all that medication in my body. Well, one day at work I was talking to a co-worker who had suffered for a long time from Migranes as well and had come across this all natural juice. She had tried it, and after just a few short months was completely headache free. I was pretty hesitant at first myself, but at this point, I had sufferered for so long, that I figured I had nothing to lose. This juice comes from a desert cactus in Arizona and Mexico. I started to feel a lot better after just a few days and after a month on the juice, I felt like a totally new person! It has many more great health benefits too! It also helps with inflamation, reduces swelling in joints and muscles, helps with allergies, reduces stress, gives you more energy,and more. Just wanted to pass this along for people who are looking for an alternative to pills. If you'd like more details, drop me a line.


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    I'm glad that juice worked for you and each person has to do what works for them--as long as you're not a salesman here selling something.

    I've been a severe migraine sufferer, without auras, for over 20 years--they started suddenly and I don't think they will ever leave. They would get so severe that my family would take me to the E.R. and I couldn't remember my family's names, phone numbers, my phone number, my address. I saw migraine specialists in various states, underwent so many tests (including allergy testing) that all came out normal, without any real help.

    I settled in Arizona a long time ago and have had the juices of cacti, they even make jelly out of some, but they haven't helped me. In fact, the one cactus that grew this year at the place where I live is, the many blooms with nectar are actually used to make liquor, which explained the mass of bees swarming all over it!!!

    What actually made a huge difference for me was to meet a neurologist that specializes in hard to treat migraines (not all are hard to treat) and he started me on a program to attack and try to break the pattern of the migraines, and then reduce their rate.

    I was put on Topamax as the "preventative," set up with a cocktail of meds I take when I get a migraine, and he began doing Occipital Neural Blocks or ONB (needles in the head). It's sort of an epidural to the head. For some people the ONB lasts for a year, for others it lasts for 6 months, and for me I have to get it every other month (all covered by my Medicare HMO Advantage coverage). This "program" has made a huge impact in reducing the pattern and frequency of my migraines and has helped to gained some control over them. We can hold them off for a while with "break through" migraines and I am very grateful.
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