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    hi i'm 22 years old and after i had a operation on my neck in 2008 i had a abscess the size of a tennis ball crushing my wind pipe i was in a semi coma for 5 days after the operation. before i had my operation i went to thousands of different doctors for months saying my neck hurt they sent me home saying there was nothing there made me out to be lying. i suffer with panic attacks as they did not believe me at the time until the night i couldn't breathe and need to be rushed to hospital over it crushing my wind pipe.... anyways with panic attacks i get this mad hot feeling and feel weak if i eat something it goes away... when im out side around crowded people.... i used to be very out going now its a struggle to go to the store... i'v been to my doctor he didn't help much i was wondering if this ever happened to any one else.. and if you have any tips that could help it would mean a awful lot thanks.

    Or could this be happening with the panic attacks.

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    In addition to panic attacks, you have other symptoms, i;e;, feeling hot and having the symptoms improve when you eat. These medical clues need to be followed up on. There could be a problem with blood sugar. I'm not a medical professional but I know enought to see that this isn't just "all in your head." Good luck to you and, please, let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Fibromyalgia is very complex. It's so scarey to have people or Dr's think your sort of off the beaten path or looking for attention. I, personally,think the fear of the unknown can cause panic attacks. Also, coffee or any caffeine should be cut out. Since nobody knows the end results of all the pain since not much is known can cause panic. Only a trained professional should evaluate you and decide with you the best plan of action. A therapist cannot give medications but help you get to the core of the problem. I cannot find a Dr. In my area who knows anything about Fibro. Anything I know is from researching the web. It's good to know what you're dealing with. I google alot and luckily found my way here. A positive outlook and a smile goes a very long way. Your life is in crisis and shock now. By seeing a good therapist and I don't indulge in pain killers, which really don't do much, but no human should have to go thru panic attacks. When, pain and panic mix, of course you want to be home. Maybe taking one Klonipin in the morning will help you relax and the other 2 at night will help you not feel drugged out in the A.M. You also should have a full medical work up also because thyroid problems are easily treated and can make you feel panicky. I'm not a Dr. Either but have been where you are, but I'm not even close to understanding all the pain. It takes me 2-3 days to do what I did in a few hours. I have great children and being honest with them helps alot. That took about a year of 24/7 pain to finally tell them how bad it really is. I believe Fibrofog is real, but read 100's of articles to understand what I was feeling. I will always be here to share anything I find out with you all. Just knowing I wasn't the only one that was sleep deprived and hurting all over made me look for a place to help other people and get help from them. So I hope this will be the first of many posts here. FYI, I better try to get at least 5 minutes sleep. Keep smiling and know people like to complain but want to see a happy face looking at them. My main trick is. I'm thankful I only feel pain, because many people will not make it thru another few days. I guess I feel lucky that I don't have a terminal illness. When I get this sleep deprived and hurt everywhere, I sure talk alot. See you all soon and I hope I did some good here. Morning all. Sleep for me ![This Message was Edited on 03/09/2013]
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    Hi, As I explained, I'm new to this. I'm really happy that you responded. Hopefully we can make very
    Interesting and informative conversations. I feel like I just made a new friend.
    I need answers very badly. I live in South Florida and there is no help or communities where I am. I'm not sure about cutting and pasting but I'll try my best to get to the board you mentioned. This was all I found that had recent posts. Thank you again. Am I allowed to put little cartoons up? I have one that looks like the Fibrofog poster boy. Mainly I'm here to share my experiences and learn from others. You made my day by answering. Bye for now.
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    As you can see I listened to you and got more results in a day, then all my searching for years. I am so happy you answered me and took the time to help.

    Can I post cartoons related to Fibromyalgia. I have Fibrofogman, and some others.

    Just let me know. Nothing offending but a spirit picker-upper.
    I feel a bonding with you. You sound very intelligent and very caring and well informed.
    Thank you,