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    I just changed doctors and this new one has you call in a few days before your meds are due to be refilled. SO I did that on friday as they are due today.But strangely he was not in the office that day. No mention was made that he was not there I just got the recording about the office hours every time I called. That really made me irratated at them at least he could have said that they were out of the office that day in stead of the BS of thesea re our office hours and when you listen to them they tell you that they are there on Fridays. But not that day.

    So I took a letter in to the office as there are several doctors there and I had all my meds written down in this letter and the dosage's of them and that I would need a 1 months supply of them. But I didn't leave my phone number just signed my name and dropped it off .

    So at 9 am today I will call them and tell them that there is a note there asking to have my meds filled today , I have enough for today and after that I am up a creek with out a paddle.

    To me this is strange as my old doctor made it clear that if you wanted your meds refilled you had to see him every month or no meds.

    But this doctor a Reuhmitoligist{SP} said taht I did n't need to come in every month to get them refilled I had to go to the front desk and ask to see the doctors nurse and she would bring the scripts up to me and I am guessing that I will have to sign for them saying that I picked them up and so will she.

    I have learned that not all doctors do things the same way. I thought that you had to see the dcootor every month to get your meds that are strong pain meds such as MScontin. I was prepared to see him monthly but he said that as long as I check in and report on what is working and what is or isn't working and I will be ok. And he will refill them for me. I do have a appointment in July to see him then.

    I have to make up my mind by then about having injections in my knees, Hyulronic Acid {SP} I need to do some more research about this injection and how it works and the side effects of it. I need to know do make the best choice for my.

    I have reacted to so many diffent medications that i am so leary about trying some thing new. And then having ot have injectins in my kneens is not very appealing for me and it sounds so painfull as well.

    I just hope htat he will understand my relunctance to not want to try any new antidepressants and I am not so sure about the injections or the other meds he wanted me to try. I am not sure that i want to try nureontin{SP} for neerve pain in my legs. After all the first thing he sais to me after reading my X-rays was that I needed to have both knees replaced ASAP. And I am not ready in to many levels. I don't have the money to pay for it. As i don't qualifiy for medicare for 2 yours after my first disability check in March. I am not ready mentally either as I don't think I can stand to have the nurse's flip out when they learn how much meds i am taking and what they are. It has happened to me every time I have been hosptialized. I know that for me to get better and to be albe to do all the pt to get my knee working right again and i am not ready for this situatation I want a garontee that i will be given the amount of pain meds needed to keep me comfortable during my stay and when I have therapy as well , I don't want to have to listen to nurses tell me that I take too many strong painmeds.And last but not elast I don't like beiing told that they {hospital pharmacy} does not carry the meds I am on so I need to bring mine from home and then leave it in the staffs hands as to what I can or can't take in any given day.

    I am a big girl and I don't abuse my own pain pills. I hate to have to ask the nurse's for my own script of pain meds that I have boought and paid for and then will be charged for to have them dispence my own med sto me. I am not realy to have this surgery done any time soon, so I said that I would wait till i had the deductable paid in full before I will not be having anya more surgery done for a long while as at all surgery done again.

    Thanks for your thoughts,

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