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  1. suziieq

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    Well I am going to give this a shot, even though I think it is even strange myself.

    I know alot of people with FM also have stomach or bowel problems, like IBS I have been told that I have gastritis (sp) or IBS, but it just happens occasionaly. Its funny I can eat something one time and be fine and another time the same thing can cause distress.

    The weird part that I was wondering if anyone else had experienced is this:

    Has anyone ever felt sick to their stomach, flushed, dizzy sometimes kind of like a panic attack but not quite, heart racing, associated with stomach aches? To put it declicatly, when they have to move their bowels?

    This seems so odd to me, but I have had it happen alot of times. One thing I cannot drink is any pop that is carmel colored, doesn't matter if it is caffiene free or anything....can make be hit the rest room running....ha ha, but not really funny.

    Happened to me yesterday morning.....scares me, its a horrible feeling, like the instant flu, except after a while it goes away. I really don't get this, but thought I would ask. I hate this diesease.....it has too many things going with it that sometimes are hard to explain. Sometimes this hits so hard I feel like I am going to pass out and have to hit the floor or nearest couch to lay down until it passes and can feel just yucky for hours after.

    Any help with this to make me feel like I am not going nuts, would be helpful. Not that this condition doesn't make me feel like I am going nuts alot of the time anyways......


  2. little

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    I'm not sure if this is the same thing or not. It started about 20 yrs ago. I would get very sick to my stomach and pains and dizzy, cold sweat, shaky. I would actually pass out in the bathroom. The toilet was next to the sink. I would put my arm on the sink and lay my head on it. My hand would be under my face. I have cut my check,tongue with my teeth and have dug my face with my finger nails. I had the feeling of having a bowel movement and throw up at the same time. But could't do either one. I called the er and they said that my body didn't know which one to do so it shut down and I passed out. My family doctor said that she has the same thing and it isn't a big deal. I think that it is. The feeling isn't pleasent to go through. I have had about six over the years. I am week for a couple of days. I don't have any answers for you. I have learned to ride it out. It always does. I don't have a movement or throw up. The feeling goes away after awhile. I can't pin point the reason for it. I thought that it was something that I had eaten but it wasn't. Mine always comes on during the night. It wakes me up. Never during the day. I haven't had one in six years. I'm not sure if I helped you or not. I'll keep watching your post to see if someone has an answer for you. Good Luck. Gail
  3. suziieq

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    Thanks Jellybelly....at least its some valadation..lol It hits me kind of the same way.....don't know whether im gonna throw up, pass out or have to have a bowel movement.....only difference is that I do have a bowel movement usually the runs...but it so hard feeling like you really need to be on the floor so you don't pass out, or stay on the john and not do it on the floor....sounds so stupid...hate to even write it down for heaven's sake. Doesn't happen often, but it scares the heck out of me when it does....this is nuts.....oh well such is life I guess. But thanks anyways.....

  4. Mikie

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    Before going on the antibiotics, I would have this happen. Your description fits exactly with how I felt.

    Love, Mikie
  5. tiredTina

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    Well, I know exactly what you go through!! It happens to me everyday, and has for the past 5 yrs. It's so bad that my 3 1/2 yr. old daughter tries to comfort me while I'm going.(She's usually with me only in a public restroom). She's used to it by now, she pats my back, rubs my arms and hugs me, and says "It's ok mommy, it'll be out soon!" "I'm here!" Is that so cute and sad at the same time, or what??
    It never fails, it hits me evey time I go to the store! I know where every restroom is! I have the same exact symptoms you do. I've found that coffee,tea, and carmel colored soda are triggers for me. Not to get too descriptive, but I'm always constipated. I end up doing this wierd breathing thing, sort of like when I was in labor! LOL! I try to just minimize the triggers, and eat as healthy as I can, other than that I just deal with it and ride it out. I usually feel better about 30 mins. later. Well, I hope it helps to know that you're not the only one with such strange problems! It sure helps me! Take care.
  6. yogabunny

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    I've been on the B.R.A.T diet since a week ago Sunday. I want to throw-up half the time and the other half I have such bad gut cramps I can't get up an walk around the house. When I first got the IBS dignosis I'd spent 3 months hardly eating bacause of pain. I lost 20lbs and my doctor put me on Bental (sp) to control the cramps and prevent me from losing more.

    I've found that if I avoid whole wheat, corn (corn sugar/sweeter, which is in most pop and juices), and nuts I'm okay most of the time. I don't know what I did this time, but I haven't had pain like this last this long for about a year.

    I do sometimes still get the 'gotta go right now' thing all you can do is hang on and ride it out. And in my case pray no one comes into the bathroom at work while I'm there.


  7. Annette2

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    I've had IBS since I was 14 years old! When it's really bad, I get all cold sweats, and also feel like I have to do breathing like I'm in labor! I get flushed and have to take everything off. Since my hysterectomy, I've been a bit "off" and never know how it's going to be (if you know what I mean). You're not strange or crazy. It's just IBS which in itself is pretty horrible! But, the good news is that I have found that if you try to relieve the stress in your life, which I know isn't easy, it doesn't come around as much. Relaxation is key to this. Believe me, I know this. I'm not saying it's easy, but I find that stress is the biggest trigger for my IBS symptoms.

    Wishing you a pain-free day,

  8. suziieq

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    oh wow thanks so much.....I was so afraid to even talk about this, felt like maybe was just something only i had experienced. You guys have no idea how much better it makes me feel just not being alone in this.

    Get rid of stress?.....I wish....I think people with FM are more sensitive than others.....but maybe just my opinion. I find that I get set off so easy sometimes as far as emotions are concerned. I even get mad at myself for my stupid over reactions to things....but can't seem to stop myself anyways.

    But, thanks.....you all have made me feel a little less nuts....

  9. Cholliday

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    I experienced the same symptoms for years. My husband says he could actually see my middle swell as the attack began. Doctors diagnosed IBS, colitis, etc.--all the usual. Finally, I had an attack so severe I had a seizure. Tests revealed ischemic colitis. I now take a form of nitroglycerin whenever a feel an attack coming on, and within a few minutes the pain subsides and I am able to be relieved. Yes, it's still the violent, explosive bowels at times, but at least there are no other of the problems. I would start with extreme persperation, then the panting instead of breathing, my body would get so hot I'd get out of my clothes, and sometimes it would be so bad I'd lay on the bathroom floor just to get cool. I began reading this message board just today, and was surprised to find I'm not the only one--I've never known anyone who had this or could understand it! I have FM and also Lupus, so such problems are just a part of my life--for me, "Normal"!
  10. PAT

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    I actually use Lamaze breathing to get through it! When I was a child it happened several times, and my parents would rush me to the ER thinking I was dying. I would be pale, have chills and sweating, shaky, and extreme cramping with nausea. After 30 minutes or so in the ER, I would run to the bathroom and have a huge diarrhea! After doing this three times, my dad said he was not paying that much money for me to poop; they would let me ride it out at home,and if I croaked,they would call an ambulance!!
    I have gotten a lot of ribbing about this over the years!!
    It is miserable, but I think normal with IBS.
    Patti G