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    Long long ago

    Winds thro'the olive trees
    Softly did blow,
    Round little Bethlehem
    Long, long ago.

    Sheep on the hillside lay
    Whiter than snow;
    Shepherds were watching them,
    Long, long ago.

    Then from the happy sky,
    Angels bent low,
    Singin their songs of joy,
    Long, long ago.

    For in a manger bed,
    Cradled we know,
    Christ came to Bethlehem,
    Long, long ago.
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    I can take no credit. I am not a poet can't seem to put the words together right.
    It was on a christmas card and I liked it so I thought I would share it with others.
    You could put it to music if you like I was thinking it would make a lovely hymn.
    I sing them I don't compose them.
    Did Will get my emails. I hope so I was thinking of you often yesterday and woke up thinking about Will. I also called Karenanne today and chatted for a while. It was really nice. Marin wasn't there so it was all Karenanne and me.
    take care