Hope your Christmas was a good one

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    Christmas at my house was really small this year. WE have always told the kids that christmas would be smaller. This years there were so many bills to pay , so there was not much money to spend on what we wanted to get.
    But it still was really nice and quiet and good. AS I was sittting here wondering just how much longer I can stand my back aaching and throbbing.

    I now have a cough taht is tight and hurts to cough, I feel like here is someone siting on my chest. I hate this feeling. I have lumps , knots in my thighs.

    My oldest daughter and hubby came over to night to tell us that she is expeting but she may be miscarring this baby as she has been bleeding for some days now. NO pain or bad cramps just and blood. EVen after tow ultra sounds no one can tell her what is happening to her.

    Is she going to lose htis babe, or is she like some women who spoting red blood. She is so scared and frightened. Her youngest sister is nearing her due date and she is conrtacting every day about evey 20 minutes. So on thrusday she will see her OB adn find out it there will be a baby sooner .

    AS I watched my oldest daughter telling me what is happening to her I can see how scared she is and wants to know why me and not my sister? This is my youngest daughter's second baby & the oldest first.

    Both girls are worried and scared or differnt reasons. I know that if the oldest loses this baby it will be so hard for her to to see her new neice if she has just lost her first baby. So I am worried about my girls and not doing the things I should be doing for me.

    Sorry for all the complaing, I just don't feel so great and I am worring about things that are out of my hands,
    thanks for just being here.
    Hugs, & have a happy holiday
  2. Adl123

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    Dear Rosemarie,
    I'm so sorry for the worries that are all around you, right now. I know your girls will be better off beause they have you to love them. I'll keep them, and you, in my prayers.

    Christmas was quiet at my house, too. A couple of friends came over for "dinner and a movie" on Friday. They brought the dinner and the movie. Such good friends are hard to find. Today I'm going out to lunch with a friend who is going through a very bad time,. She just qualified for Section 8 and is trying to find a place to move, away from the giant leech who has drained her purse for the past 7 years.

    Christmas was very quiet, as I watch "Hetty Wainthrop", the BBC mystery series, with mty pets. As I get older, I apperciate religious holidays more deeply, and in a different way than I did when I was younger. Like you, there are a lot of bills, so things are simple.

    Happy New Year.
    I hope you feel better this year, and life smooths out, a bit.
  3. Line

    Line New Member

    My Xmas was nice, all four granchildren were here and my children. But My brother passed away on Dec. 22 nd and I am in a bad either fm or costo flare with pain in my upper ribs.

    My brother was 6'5" and weighed 73 pounds the day before he passed, he had adhesions iin his small intestines that were never found at the V.A. hospital, even though he was patient there several times. The Dr. at our local hospital did a c-scan and found the problem but it was too late. I do have peace that he is not suffering any longer but I miss him so much.He was sick and in pain for 2 years.

    Hope you cough is getting better, lots of bugs going around in our area.

    Hugs, Linda

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