hope2001 and anyone else, 504 and IEP?

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  1. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    I was just reading the "Setting up an Education Plan for child with CFIDS/FM" thread,
    and i was wondering what the IEP and 504 Status do to help people with disabilities like FM get through school?

    sorry if i'm a bit slow on that...=[
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    I'm not Hope but I think I can help you. I also live in Mass. so I am familiar with our special education laws.

    Section 504 is a Federal Law designed to help persons with disabilities. If you are deemed eligible for a 504 plan at school, you will have accommodations to your curriculum but accommodations ONLY. That means you will still have to do the work the other students are doing, however you will get extra time, an alternate testing site, maybe an extra set of textbooks to keep at home, or whatever the 504 committee at your school grants you for accommodations. You will have the same curriculum as everybody else.

    An IEP (Individualized Education Plan) however, which falls under our Massachusetts Chapter 766 State Law, provides the student with his or her own individual curriculum based on what he or she is able to accomplish. They may get a different level of Math, or only have to do ten problems when the other students are doing 20, for example.

    Since you are over 14 you have the right to sit on these meetings when these plans are crafted, and so do your parents.

    I don't know your situation personally so I can't say which plan you would qualify for. An educational consultant would be very helpful, or a neuroeducational psychologist. If you are not learning disabled, it may be very hard for you to get an IEP.

    You can google Section 504 and read about it.

    My daughter who will graduate this year is quite learning disabled but very articulate and bright in other ways, I fought the whole time she was in school to get her an IEP and they always told me she was "too bright"; I even had a consultant go in with us to the meetings. Even with a 22 page neuropsych report detailing all the ways in which she was disabled, they would not budge.

    They did however give her a 504 Accommodation Plan which served her well only because I hung over them like a magpie and made sure they adhered to it.

    You need a grown up who is not afraid to stand up and will not take no for an answer to stand behind you. Some school districts are tougher than others. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    You will need paperwork as well to back up what you can do and what you can not do, like dr's reports, neuro testing etc. The process goes very slow.

    But anyway, that is basically the difference between those two plans, without going into a lot of detail about them.

    My thoughts are with you.

  3. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    maybe someone else has more info than me on this? any sped specialists out there.

  4. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    yes thank you that helped alot.

    i think i could probably get a 504, but i don't know about an IEP.
    i've been basically in and out of school since i got sick, about six/seven months ago.

    i haven't been able to complete a full class because i'm out sick most of the time, not even able to go to school, and i can't do any work when i'm that sick.

    the school *supposedly* told my teachers last semester to only give me stuff that HAD to be done, not EVERYTHING that everyone else was doing. this semester, i'm not so sure about {i'm only taking one class this semester, though i'm finding it hard to even get to that ONE. i haven't been in about three weeks}

    the school seems to have in their head that i'm gonna make a MIRACULOUS recovery and NEVER be sick again.

    i might see about getting a 504, though the school will probably fight me on THAT. they haven't been very helpful.
  5. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    yeah i guess the schools supposed to really be helping me,
    but they're not being all that much help.
    they've pretty much ignored me being sick this whole time,
    and then complain that they don't get doctors notes for EVERYDAY that i was out,
    and i haven't really been in school since i got sick.

    finally we just got a doctors note saying i'd be out of school alot, and that got them to stop complaining.

    but apparently they're not worried about me graduating on time. they won't let me make up any classes in summer school, and they haven't even figured out what i'm going to do for next year, since i'm going to be taking alot of soph. classes again.

    the principal apparently has a daughter with FM but still doesn't find it necessary to try to accomodate me.

    i WAS being tutored at home, but the only tutor they would give me was someone who ONLY knew anything about english, which is, incidentally, my best subject. needlesstosay it didn't work out, since i had no help with the other subjects.

    the schools definitely given me a hard time about all of this. theyre supposed to of talked to the nurse, but i guess they didn't find it necessary to do so, so i had to BEG the nurse to let me go home for a couple days that i was too sick to stay in school.

    this is all why i was wondering about the 504 and IEP, i think i could probably get a 504 if not an IEP, and it'd probably help alot. i have trouble getting all my work in because i'm out all the time then work piles up, and then it takes me two weeks to catch up.

    it's like its my fault for being sick.
    thank you though =]
    it helps having people who actually understand what this is like.

  6. day2day

    day2day Member

    Here are some links for Children with disabilities and resouces for Massachusettes. Maybe you can find some help here or maybe they can point you in the right direction. Also, you can try calling United Way agency, they have a wealth of resouces and information. There phone number is usually listed somewhere in the front of the phone book, I know where am now you just have to dial 211, not sure if they have it in your area yet.

    Hope this info helps, let me know please.

    Federation for Children with Special Needs,

    NICHCY stands for the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities. We serve the nation as a central source of information on:




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