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    I read our interesting post and agree with you, had we not gotten treatment with FCC we still wouldn't have a correct diagonis...........just living with the day to day misery of what I was told to be CFS/Fibro. All along, I felt in my heart there was a virus and/or bacterial ravaging inside my body, especially my brain.

    You know as for the cost of the FFC's, we can't put a price on our health. I just wish others would look into this option and find out realy what is going on in their bloodstream that is making them so sick.

    And, a for the people here who cannot afford the cost, I believe they have something like a payment plan.........if you pay in off in so many months there isn't any interest accuulated. Perhaps more people that feel thay cannot affore the FCC, this would be an option for them.........

    I'd also say to all CFS/Fibo diagonised patients, do not accept this diagonsis so readily.........keep seraching and looking for the real culprit causing the problem......

    Hope the message will get out to them............

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    You echo my sentiments, some thing or things had to be at the bottom of this unbelievable downward spiral. Previous Drs. and NDs were mostly treating the symptoms...like, here, take this, it will give you energy! That approach just didn't go deep enough.

    Now that Dr. M at the FFC has uncovered that I have Lyme Disease, I can begin to move forward toward regaining my health.

    Never give up!

    Take care,

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    I'm calling them on Monday. I'm sure I'm dealing with Lyme Disease and that I've had it a long long time.
    Yea I've got active EBV but..why? I think FFC can get to the bottom line and I'm guess it is going to be Lyme Disease plus what ever else the tests show.

    Take care
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    It's amazing that so many of us discover that we have Lyme Disease. Do you have any idea of when or how you may have gotten it?

    Be sure to tell them up front that you suspect Lyme, that way no time will be lost in your treatment. I started at the FFC in March in Cleveland, and the Quest diagnostic test came up negative.

    It was not until October, when I transferred to Seattle, that the Dr. suspected Lyme, because I had not been improving all those months, and have many Lyme symptoms, especially persistent neurological symptoms. So she had me re-tested with the Igenex Western Blot, and I tested positive. I suggest that you just ask for that test from the get-go. Also, keep in mind that the diagnosis for Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, the lab is only part of that picture, but it sure does help a lot.

    You asked why you may have an active EBV. If you do have Lyme, it down-regulates our immune system, so that our bodies cannot fight off infections and viruses. Most adults in our country have been exposed to EBV and carry antibodies, but the infection remains in-active. Those of us with immune problems find that older infections can become re-activated. The FFC will address these concerns with you, and much more!

    Take care and keep us updated!