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    Hi Sophi!

    Thanks and I read your bio. Funny how parts of each other resemble one another.

    I grew up in Scottsdale and my Dad still lives in the same house! I live in North Peoria and have been to several docs over the years - both conventional and Naturopathic. I can recommend Dr. Adam Kerievsky, N.D. - he's at 32nd st. & Greenway. Not sure if we're allowed to give phone numbers and such on the board, but you can also look him up on line. He is awesome! Plus his twin brother is also a doc there.

    I was dx with CFIDS first and was treating with him for that. Later dx with FM and treated with Rhuemy (did NOT care for him) and with my current M.D. However, I'm going to a new clinic next Weds. that deals with FM/CFIDS (Arrowhead Healthcare) to see if they can help more.

    If I can get info on docs in Scottsdale, I'll let you know.

    Glad to meet you!

    Live, Laugh, Love,

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