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    I just read an article in a newletter called Medscape from WebMD about a new class of drugs being tested for depression that are called Substance P antagonists. Evidently people who are depressed or anxious have too much substance P also. They talked about how SP affects the thyroid also, and mentioned that there might be many uses for this type of drug.
    Maybe this will benefit us with FM.
    I read in another article that it is being tried as a treatment for pain and IBS.
    They are in Phase ll trials, which means it will be awhile before it is on the market.
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    Hi Coyote (love the name!),

    I, too, have come across this. Don't know if it's the same article/drug -- would be nice if there were actually TWO of these new drugs, but I'm guessing it's not likely. Here's a synopsis of the article I read:
    News Investigational Fibromyalgia Drug Successful in Phase II Study
    Cypress Bioscience Inc.s milnacipran, a norepinephrine serotonin reuptake inhibitor, significantly reduced pain intensity and improved overall pain in a phase II study of fibromyalgia syndrome, lead investigator Dr. Daniel Clauw reported Friday. (March 2003)

    If it's NOT the same, I'd love to read your article.
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    This drug is not an SSRI.
    Check my new post, and do some looking on the web. It's interesting.