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    You wrote on FFC:

    As far as costs, I'm on Medicare as primary, and they have paid for all of my labs, thousands of dollars worth. My secondary insurance pays for 60% of the bio-identical meds. Also, my co-pays on the other RX meds is low. I pay out-of pocket for the office visits, but am going to try to get some reimbursement for those, too.
    I have often thought about going but we've had a lot occur finacially and I was afraid of over spending. What you wrote gave me a jolt of hope of going.

    Which one do you go to? Can you give me an idea on costs of going there and also supplements. I also would shop around and also get what I could from the store here...when I could.
    You might not be able to give me excatly cost on supplements but maybe a ball park figure? I would not hold you to it! LOL....

    ANY and ALL info would be appreciated. Blessings......Susan
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    Hi Susan,
    Sorry I missed this one a while back. I'll try to answer you.

    The most recent charges I found on a post from TwinMa:

    FFC costs going up 02/09/06 09:17 PM

    As of Feb 20, 2006 (I'm pretty sure that is the effective date):

    Office Consultation - Exclusive of any treatments, tests or supplies:

    1st Complex Visit New Patient $360.00 (previously $325.00)

    2st Complex Visit New Patient $360.00 (previously $325.00)

    3rd and Subsequent Follow Up Visits $185.00 (previously $165.00)

    This was posted at the Denver FFC front desk. I asked them if this was going to be across the country and they said yes.

    In addition, they have a variety of IV therapies. These are completely optional. They range from about $90-$120 per session. I had several IVs. The first two were very helpful, but have since been discontinued. I tried another one, but it did not help. So I haven't done these in awhile.

    Supplements are very individualized. I started out using their supplements. Some were priced very good, others were expensive. So, with time and research, I found many substitutes or comparable supplements online at a considerably reduced rate and have been using those.

    I think that quality supplements are very important, so I'm not skimping on that. I buy most of them at iHerb (now called papanature), vitacost, or here at ProHealth. Some specialty herbals I buy elsewhere.

    Since I'm being treated for Lyme Disease, the cost of my supplements/herbals has gone way up. For Lyme alone, and only the herbals I'm spending about $175/mo. For the rest, about $100+. I also have other conditions and buy supplements/herbals for those from other doctors.

    Then there are the labs. Mine are covered by insurance. The first labs were the most expensive at around $2000+. I've had subsequent labs, too. Also, Igenex Western Blot for Lyme, I've had that one twice, also testing for co-infections: I think it's around $400 each time.

    Hope this helps, sorry it took so long. By the way, I go to the Seattle FFC.

    Wishing you the best,

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