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    Hi Hopeful,
    You mentioned over in The FFC thread that your acurpunctist gave you something for sleep that worked better than Peaceful Nites. Is that something special from him, or is it something anyone can get?
    I'd be real interested if you can share.

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    Hi Kathe,
    I'm so glad you asked! I'm pretty sure you can find this somewhere, maybe through an ND, or maybe a health store or online. It's from Health Concerns and is called "Schizandra Dreams".

    The ingredients are: valerian extract, oyster shell, calcium carbonate schizandra fruit, amber resin, mandarin essential oil. Sounds simple, and these ingredients are found in a number of different sleep aids that I have used. So I don't know why this one seems to be working better for me, but it does.

    It comes in 90 tablets, take 2-3 before bed, and costs around $15.

    How are you doing with your sleep? Have you tried the Peaceful Nights, does it work for you?

    Good luck with this. I'll be interested to hear what happens.
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    I have been taking neurontin for sleep. It's the only pharma drug I take. I would like to ween off the neurontin. I don't know if it's actually possible. I have been cutting back on my dose.

    It really works well to quite my brain, which is my biggest problem with sleep. I have gone without the drug the last few nites and used other things trying to test how well I sleep without it.

    Boy, can I tell the difference! I'm awake 3-4 times a nite. I hate for my brain to be dependant on neurontin for sleep. Of course when you don't sleep well, the CFS/fibro go beserk. I would really like to find a strong natural anti spazmatic. I take GABA, and it helps, but it doesn't do the job as well as neurontin. So, I'm always in the market for intresting ideas.

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    normally for decades. Can't take melatonin 'cause I take an antedepressant. Is this true of Schizanda?