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    Hey Hopeful4,

    Just wanted to let you know I went to my family Doctor and he was very interested in my findings on Lyme Disease. He is ordering blood work and it is being sent to a Lab in the States called Ingenex. I guess this is the best testing for Lyme. He said he thinks its quite possible that I was bit by a tick four years ago. He was very good about listening to me. Again thank you for your posting....I would not be on this track had you not given me this information. Have you been tested for Lyme?

    Hope all is well with you and I will keep you posted.

    Oh I also saw one of your post about mushrooms. I have done a few cleanses and one was for candida. The diet I was put on by my Naturalpath was strict and mushrooms were not allowed as they are a form of fungus. I am still careful about not eating them often. I use Bio K quite often as it is packed full of good bacteria. Have you heard or seen Bio K?

    Thats it for now...will keep you posted.

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    Good morning Lesley,
    I'm still waking up, it's a.m. on the west coast.

    It's wonderful that your doctor was so open to discussing your Lyme findings. He sent you for the right test.

    Yes, I've got Lyme and am in the early stages of treatment for it.

    I can't remember if I've suggested the following to you, so I will just in case, hope you don't mind:

    Go to lymenet.org for a lot of good info on Lyme and forums.

    At lymenet.org go to Flash Discussion, Medical Questions, newbies. Scroll to and print: "Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease" by Dr. Burascano Make a copy for your Dr.

    Thanks for your input on the mushrooms. I do know they are a fungus and usually not good to have during candida treatment. I just wondered if taking medicinal mushrooms would be different.

    Some are indicated to actually help candida, so I'm confused. Maybe it's another one of those cases of differing info, research, and opinions. I'm going to ask my Dr. when I see her this week.

    I have not heard of Bio K. What is it? A probiotic? Thanks for the tip.

    Good luck with everything. Remember, the Lyme diagnosis is clinical, the test results are only part of the picture.

    Take care, best wishes,

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    Hi Hopeful4,

    Thanks again for the info on Lyme....I will be very interested it how this all turns out. How long did u go before u realized or tested positive for Lyme?

    As for the BIO-K it is a very condenced form of active acidophilus. This acidophilus is the good bacteria that gets stripped from your system when on antibiotics...I am sure you know this already. At any rate BIO-K comes in the form of kind of yogurt like cream that I add to my smoothies everyday. You can get it at most health food stores or at Super Stores in the organic section. It is quite expensive and comes in packs of six or twelve...i think you can get packs of twenty four as well. Each bottle is the same as taking 250 captules of regular acidophilus...so it is very good at keeping up the good bacteria. I also did a candida cleanse called " Candida Gone". I got it at the health food store as well. I try not to eat sugar because that is what feeds yeast...its hard at times but worth it in the end.

    Hope all is well with you. How long will your treatment be for Lyme? Will you have any lasting effects? Let me know and keep in touch...thanks again for all your good info!!


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    bump before i go to bed
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    Hi Lesley,
    Thank you for the info on Bio K. Right now I'm using a probiotic from Jarrow called "Jarrowdophilus". Also eat plain organic yogurt, and of course the candida diet.

    I was pretty clueless about Lyme, even though I thoroughly read the book "Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease"!! I had also noticed a lot of posts on this board about Lyme, but was sure they didn't apply to me!! I had misconceptions about Lyme, and am one who never had the known bite or bullseye.

    I was sick for over 5 years, DX w/CFIDS. Time will tell how long the treatment will be, or if effects are lasting. My worst symptoms are neurological. I've also had cancer, which I'm convinced is related to the low NK cells with the Lyme.

    Thanks for the BioK info, and for your support. Take care,