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    Thanks...again...so much...that is just what i was looking for about the cycle of lyme and it explains a lot concerning me...i am doing well and am making great progress in getting tested properly for lyme...my family doctor thinks there is a good chance that it is lyme i have...on tuesday i am having my blood taken and it is being sent out west in BC. I am also ordering a kit from Ingenex and having my blood taken here and the kit sent back....after some digging i got the cell phone number of one of Canadas best LLMD...i am calling him this week....he will give me a consult over the phone... This message board is the only reason i am on this track..i know i keep saying it but thank you...it has been a rough long road for my whole family and we remain strong...even my husband thinks this message board is great!!

    Hope you are doing well...How is your treatment going? How long will you be on it?

    If indeed I have Lyme...i will have very mixed emotions...anger...happy...uncertain...the works!

    Well i am sure i will be asking for more info so take care and talk to you soon.

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    So glad that you found a great LLMD in Canada, and that you are getting the proper testing done! I understand about the long, difficult road for you and your family...the one behind you and the one ahead. At least you have hope now for answers and treatment!

    The emotions, too, there are plenty of ups and downs. When I found out I had it, I was so shocked, in disbelief, scared, and relieved. I'm still sorting it all out.

    Treatment is going OK, slow and steady right now. Mild herxing, with increased fatigue, brain-fog, and a little queasiness. How long I'll be on it remains to be seen, I'm just in the early stages.

    Like Lance Armstrong says: Live Strong! Hope all your testing and upcoming appointments go well.

    Take care,