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    Hi, in a reply on another post you talked about 'self-Reiki'. What is that, and how do you learn it? I didn't know you could do it for yourself! Isn't it energy balancing?

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    Reiki is a safe and gentle form of hands-on energy healing using Universal Life-Force Energy. It helps to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit. It also has the benefit of increasing one's spiritual and personal growth.

    A practitioner can treat other people with Reiki and also treat oneself. It can also be used on animals, plants, and other living things.

    Reiki was passed on to me by a Reiki Master through the attunement process, and she taught me how to practice Reiki.

    Many Reiki Masters (this is the highest level of Reiki training) offer classes where you can also learn and be attuned. I found my Reiki teacher at a time when I really needed to bring healing into my life, just before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    I first called and talked to her on the phone to see if I felt comfortable working with her, and I did. Since I was unable to manage a whole day workshop format, she broke the training up for me into segments that I could handle. She was very caring.

    Your local library should have some books on Reiki. I just got one from my library that I really like called "Reiki for Life: The Complete Guide to Reiki Practice for Levels 1, 2, & 3" by Penelope Quest.

    I highly recommend Reiki. It's beautiful and gentle.

    Best wishes,

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    I'll talk to my Reiki/massage person about this, and will look for the book you recommended. I have a sense this is something that I'm ready for and need.

    Thank you!!!
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    Hi Beth,
    That's great that you have a Reiki/massage person to talk to about this more. Reiki is so gentle, and is simple, in the uncomplicated sense, to use.

    Many places have Reiki share groups that get together, to practice, to meet one another, and to continue learning. I haven't been able to do that, but it's in the back of my mind for when I am able.

    Having the sense that you are ready for it and need it is a good thing. Let us know where it takes you.

    Best wishes always,

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    I never heard of this. Thanks for the input.

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    what do you mean that you learned 'by attunement'?
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    Hi Pirt,
    Thanks for being open to learning about Reiki. It is used around the world. Many hospitals are using Reiki as an adjunct to western treatments.

    Hi Beth,
    This is from the internet:

    The Reiki attunement process is how one becomes a Reiki pracitioner. Being attuned to Reiki gives one the ability to easily access the Reiki (Universal Life Force) energy, for the purpose of healing a person or situation. Attunements can be given only by a Reiki master.

    The attunement procedure is a ceremony of spirit. In this ceremony the Reiki master uses the Reiki symbols and other gestures in a prescribed way.

    This ceremony creates an energy pattern around the recipient of the attunement which entrains (or attunes) their energy field to the energies represented by the symbols. The attunement is permanent, thus making the recipient a Reiki practitioner.


    Pirt and Beth:
    There is a lot of info "out there" about Reiki. Some is kind of junky and very commercialized, so you have to be discerning. Also, there are different "schools" and it can get kind of political.

    Here are two websites that might be helpful to you.

    One is reiki dot org This is a well-established author and practitioner. It will answer many of your questions. Has a free e-newsletter. It gets a little too commercial for me, but also is a valuable resource. (That is just my opinion.)

    Second is Penelope Quest's website. I just recently learned of her through her book which I'm reading right now. You can google her name, or try reiki (then a hyphen) quest / co dot uk (she's in the UK).

    Have a great day.
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    You write very well, thanks for the good info. When I can, I'll follow up on the Reiki sites.