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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dalphia, Nov 3, 2005.

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    Just wondering if you had the brain surges during the course of your herxing..........just trying to check if this is common among some of you...........so how are you feeling, or have you had enough time to get through the FFC treatment????? P.S. Enjoyed your post, you sound very, very knowledgeable..........Regards, DD
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    Although I was miserable enough as it was with the herxing, I did not have "brain surges"...not even sure what you mean. Can you describe it, like what happened, when, how often, how intense?

    As far as my brain went during herxing, it was just very, very tired and foggy, much more than usual. It kind of felt like my brain does when I have the flu very badly...only this time it lasted 3 months...not good. It did not hurt, zap, or hiccup.

    Thanks for asking how I'm feeling. I started treatment in March, and am really not feeling better, but I always say YET. Dr. J told me it would probably take me a year before feeling better...it's 8 months now.

    I'm treating now for candida (again), and will treat for mycoplasma soon. Just got tested for Lyme's through Igenex. Also, I cannot take most of the hormones that are suggested for treatment, so that's another reason I'm not improving as much.

    Best improvements: sleeping very well (Chinese med. from acupuncturist), no longer napping 2 hrs/day (Provigil), and the Oxidatative IV, which is now discontinued, helped my energy, brain function and pain.

    I think our illness is a very complex syndrome, with many layers, and it will take some time and effort to get where we want to go with our health and healing.

    Best wishes always,

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