hopeless in missouri

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  1. I have medicaid but can't use it. I have a 500.00 dectuble every month. I go to salvation army for medical services. My doctor is 79 and forgets things all the time. He is there 1 day a week from 9 to 11.I am so sick of this.I can't get any relief.

    Last month he ordered blood test because someone there lost my previous blood test results.He also said he wanted to put me on codiene but forgot he told me that and insisted I try soma.

    Instead of being on 1 medication for chronic pain I am on
    200 miligrams of zoloft
    900 miligrams of neurontin
    100 miigrams of trazadone
    750 miligrams of soma
    100 miligrams of mobic
    300 miligrams of ultram

    This is miligrams per day.I am just so sick of this!!!How can this be healthy? All People in chronic pain needs is something to stop the pain.You can't take these meds and after awhile be healed.Please someone just respond with any ideas.. Getting very hopless. Ruthie
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    Honey you need to find a new doctor, and I would look online for a site that tells you if any of these interfer with each other.

    A doctor who gives meds and forgets and loses med records needs to retire.

    He could make a fatal mistake, you don't want that.

    Look for a new one NOW!!

    luv you,
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    Is there someone else there that can see you?!I'm sure you don't feel comfortable with a Dr who has you on so much meds. and forgetful.Can you find another clinic that can help you.I wish I could help you.But I'm not from your area. Hopefully someone on the board can help.Or ask family or friends,someone is bound to know where you can get better help.Churches? Keep trying to find someone different to see. DO NOT GIVE UP!!We care. Robin
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    I wholeheartedly agree with Robin and those that have already posted. If you continue with him you could very well be in worse shape than you are in now. It sounds like he shouldn't even be practicing anymore.

    I am not sure that you need all those drugs either. Please check out this site for mor good doctors adn also possibly in your area, even if you hae to go somewhat out of your area, like I do it will be worth it. Howeve, I don;t travel half as far as many to see a half way descent doctor.

    Hope you find someone soon and let us know how you are doing, Sweetie.

    Hugs and blessings,
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    ruthie, some states, have a program that you have to ask about to help with a case such as yours. it is called HELP FOR THE MEDICALLY NEEDY.

    you have to ask for it at the human services office. it doesnt matter f you have medicaid. your state is my home state but i am not sure what the law regarding this plan is in mo. it is worth a try.

    you might also try going to columbia boone county. i am sure you know where that is . but give the other a try please. i hope they can help you. be sure to name the plan. i know that iowa has it, or at least they did. blessings, skikat
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    Just a question...how come there is a $500 deductible every month? My roommate is on medicaid and does not have any deductible ever. I am just wondering why yours is different, please excuse my ignorance.

    If you are uncomfortable with your doctor then you need to find a new one. You can probably look up clinics and state help in your area to see if there is anyone else you can see.

    I take many many medications as well but I do find that mine do help. You may need another doctor to check if you are on the right meds but don't panic just because you are on a lot. It took me a long time but I finally found a group of meds that makes a difference. Just for your reference I am on:

    Lisinopril 10mg – Once per day
    Zetia 10mg – Once per day
    Pantoprazole 40mg – Once per day
    Metoclopramide 10mg – 3 times per day
    Lyrica 300mg – Twice per day
    Doc-Q_Lace 100mg – Twice per day
    Oxycodone ER 20mg – Twice per day
    Triazolam .50mg – At bedtime
    Prochlorperazine 10mg OR Promethazine 25mg – As needed for nausea
    Diazepam 5mg – As needed for muscle spasms (up to twice daily)
    Hydrocodone/APAP 7.5mg/500mg – As needed for breakthrough pain (up to 3 times daily)
    Skelaxin 800mg - 3 times per day
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    I will leave you a message on your Myspace later when I get a bit of free time, so check back later on or tomorrow.