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    Have you ever heard the expression "The only day we have is today; yesterday's gone and tomorrow is not here yet?" Well, in 1981 Fibro took my life with a bam! Then, in 1989 CFIDS came in full blown and you know the rest of the story: Label after label of diagnosis.

    I really can't think a whole day at a time.... Energy became a luxury and cleaning my house or getting something done became a thing of the past. I would lay in bed and think of the dirty dishes or the bathroom that needed cleaning. So, I thought up " Hop's 10 Minute Plan."

    Get the whole family involved. Make a little list of 10 minute projects. I promise you, if you can find a way to do this, your life will be better !

    If you are in bed more than out, set the timer on the stove (sometimes I use my cell phone) for 30 minutes (an hour if you need to.) When the time is up and the bell rings, you got 10 minutes to complete a chore. Vaccum the livingroom, pick up the clothes, start a load, fold a load. I can wash my glasses in the kitchen in 10 minutes and come back to the the plates or silverware in the next segment. I can cut a portion of the grass in the back yard in 10 minutes and leave another for the next segment.

    In "chat" I've got several just cleaning and cleaning..... Others are using Hop's 10 minute plan! Let it become a household phrase.

    If honey comes home from work and sees some things done and others not, explain the "spoons" story to him but tell him you have been on "Hop's 10 minute Plan" all day.

    Sometimes getting out of bed with these weak ankles does not work. I can snap beans in bed for 10 minutes. Even peal potatoes in bed if needed. I can sort pictures, pay a bill, take care of some business on the phone. Spend 10 minutes of quality time with a child. Make lists that need to be accomplished, 10 minutes at a time.

    It works! Put Hop's 10 minute Plan to work in your life. Your accomplishments will make you feel better and 10 minutes might leave you some energy to spend later!

    Fight the Devil.... 10 minutes at a time !


  2. sturg1

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    Thanks Hopabout! I like your way of thinking! Taking it a "hop" at a time.

    Take Care,
  3. 3gs

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    thanks hop great idea and you made me lol
  4. Elisa

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    Hi Hops,

    Excellent way of making chores easier...thanks so much!

  5. Beadlady

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    won't let use this this plan.

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